Friday, June 25, 2010


Everything went Great! The doctor ended up shaving the meniscus down where he tore it. The day of the surgery he was up and walking around. Three days after he was going to physical therapy. He says it doesn't hurt too bad but it is not his favorite thing. His least favorite thing about the surgery was that he had to have his leg shaved. I think it is quite hilarious and love to point it out to everyone who comes by to see him. (thats what sisters are for right)

(The three lines that look like a M, are permanent marker lines from the doctor)

Friday, June 4, 2010


There will be a pause in mission blogging for 3 months...Elder Rudd will be home next Thursday for surgery on his knee. It is a 3 month recovery time so that is why he is coming home. If you remember he hurt it in the MTC and just never fully recovered from it. He went to the doctor and they did an MRI last Thursday and it showed that he tore his meniscus. We don't know till he gets home and sees doctors here when his surgery will be but we are hoping soon so he can get back out there!

Keep him in your prayers!

*I will post updates of how everything is going!*