Monday, November 29, 2010


Buenos Noches,
Elder Rudd reporting from Gillette, Wyoming the weather is snowy as can be. We drove up last night and the roads were perfect. I drove behind a semi the entire way. Me and Elder Hammond jammed to christmas music the whole way. It was lots of fun. I love being an elder. The weather right now is about ten degrees outside. The low for today is 1 degree. Usually I see two zeros after that one. Not in Wyoming.
I have not heard any more about my driving priviliges. i dont think they will be taken away though. We will see. But elder hammond will definitly be chauncey and have to wear a top hat. I will sit in the back and eat some bon bons.
So guess what two weeks ago me and elder oborn made a "missionary cribs" of our place in wright. Funny huh? I love it. Its funny. OF course I am the one giving the tour. Okay so I plan on sending it to you guys but take it with a grain of salt our apartment is funny. Especially our monkey in the bathroom. I think I told you about that. Sarah Ott in the ward was making a stuffed animal for mutual and put the monkeys tail on backwards. So yeah.... its now hanging in our bathroom. I think you will enjoy it though and all my craziness. But We had alot of fun making it.
Okay mom you will never believe what I heard how to make. A cake.... But wait for it. Cooked in the microwave!!!!!!!!!!!! So elder hardwick our ZL baked this cake but! He mixed together the cake mix and milk and eggs and just plopped down a whole thing of frosting right in the middle and put it on for 8 minutes in the microwave!!!! Me and elder hammond made a red velvet cake with chocolate frosting. It was the most moist cake I had ever had. Man it was good. But I could not believe it. You just mix the cake mix with its ingredients, milk butter and that jazz then you just dump a thing of frosting in the middle and put it on heat for 8 minutes. Then let it cool off for atleast 10 to 15 minutes then use a cookie sheet and flip it over and the cake will be in the shape of whatever bowl you make it in. make sure its microwavable off course. But wow!!! Amazing. I am a huge fan! I reminded me alot of chocolate molten lava cake from chili's. You can put whatever cake mixture or frosting you want. I sliced some strawberries and threw them on top. We cut a slice and took it to sis. ott on her bday on saturday. She loved it! It was bomb! Try it. Its way good.
Everyone is addicted to my chocolate covered sun flower seeds. I love them. Way good. I can only eat them so often because as you know I am not too crazy about the chocolate. But thats okay. I like them.
I went package crazy this week. Got a big box from you guys and the lewis's and great letters. Thank you for your support. It really means alot to me. It makes the day go so much better. please continue to send letters. They mean everything.
But this week we got to help a part member family remodel build walls for rooms in their basement. Way cool. We built three walls. I hate screwing nails into the studs. I am horrible at it. It would always strip on me. I am like fine! Give me some duct tape and I will take care of it! Dont you worry. But we had alot of fun. Gaylin Porter was the family that we were helping the porters are awesome people. Brenda is a member from Riverton, Wy and Gaylin grew up in nebraska. But has had the elders come over but has never really read and prayed about much so we will change that. I really like the family. But they hold alot of grudges. Their son got hit by Taylor Nicholls if you remember ernie who went to costa rica. And the Porters are taking Ernie and Taylor to court. Taylor is 18 and completely did it on accident. But the porters dont think so. Oren the porter kid who got hit didnt have one thing wrong with him. They think he had a torn acl but doesnt. Didnt have to have surgery. They make him wear a brace even though the doctors dont want him to just incase he hurts it again and cant use it in court. It really makes me mad to see someone do that. I loved the nicholls so much and to see them make that choice killed me. I wish these people in write would forgive. "I the lord will forgive, whom I will forgive, but to you it is required that you forgive all men!" It is a concept that the members in wright, wyoming need to understand.
Jeff Fritz- A less active member that we have been on the hunt for. MUahahaha we found him. I swear we are the best PI's in the world. We have the best system. He was like how did you find me. I said well the lord put us here on this door step because of that reason. We invited him in and had a great lesson with him, we hope for him to come back to church but we will see how he and his family are doing.
Cody Charon- Cody is a felon. She is our dear friend Randy Charon's daughter. She got out of jail about two years ago. Not sure what she did. But she has accepted to take the missionary lessons and we have a lesson with her next week. I am very excited about cody.
Guess what next monday is........ MARTINS COVE TRIP!!!!!! I am so excited. I cant wait. YEs!!!! So much fun. All the Rapid, Gillette and Casper zones will be heading their. Elder Dahl got transferred to Rapid City so I will get to see my skinny mtc comp. I hope he has gained some weight. I love it. Cant wait.
Do you remember Dani Litaba that I told you we were teaching and is matt ott's friend and we got a crazy call on tuesday night about 11:30 pm. Dani ran away. On monday night at 9:30 we were sitting right by her at the drama play. But she took off in the middle of the night on monday night. Crazy.. She is now in custody of the police in CHICAGO!!!!! She traveled all the way through S.D. and through minnesotta then down through wisconsin down to illinois and got in a fender bender in south chicago (yikes) so the cops ran her name and BAM! She was put in a juvenille delinquite center in south chicago. i can only imagine the kids that were in their. No one knows exactly why she went but she is safe now. On her way back from chicago with her parents. Crazy Crazy Crazy!
Turkey Day! On turkey day we went with Gene and Nancy Hanson. They took us to Gillette to eat dinner with their family. So good. i love sweet potatoe cassorole. Oh man!! So good. We had turkey, ham, gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoe cassorole. green bean cassorole, homeade rolls, about 15 desserts and so much fun. They rolled me and elder hammond out of there. The next night me and elder hammond came over to Lance Mowers house and ate with Jason and Angie jensen and lance's sister jennifer and her daughter chelsea. YEah that chelsea girl is crazy a little too flirty. Yikes. Since we do laundry at lances house chelsea is always there so we can only do it when lance is home now. They just moved in. We are not very happy. :(
We have eaten so much food. Me and Elder Hammond are sooooooo full. Its crazy. Oh yeah. Gene an Nancy bought us a blender too. They are so nice.
So we started gospel principles yesterday. It was awesome I loved it. I taught the lesson starting right from the beginning. I love teaching the gospel. it is my greatest joy in the world.
Josie-- Josie is Kalli Daltons friend who is interested in the church but doesnt know how to tell her mom because her mom doesnt want to have her listen but the lord will prepare a way. yesterday me and elder hammond fasted for her. I am excited for this next month of december.
Today I start my exchange with Gillette Fourth ward and Elder Richardson. In two weeks I start my exchange with Elder Boehme in Newcastle.Cant flip this time dont worry. Neither areas have a car so we will be doing alot of walking.
I have been recruited by the ward to host a Married Couples game night! It will be fun. I get to be my DJ again. Also, there are five churches in wright, LDS Church, Episcopal Church, Catholic, Baptist and Pentecostal. We are hosting a huge well "wright huge" christmas concert where all the congregations are invited to the building and I have been asked to host the event. it will be a great missionary opportunity. We are really excited to get people into the church and show them what it is.
I can not believe you guys went and did that black friday stuff. Holy Moly. Its insane, we had people in the ward leave to capser and left two days early just to get in line. Its crazy!!! Last year a guy was trampled to death. But I am glad you guys all had fun though. You crazy people.
Guess what I am definitly turning into Dad. I am not saying thats a bad thing dad I love you! But, I was telling someone the other day this happened and it happened two months ago!!! OH NO! I have grown to 5'11" though for sure! I cant wait to break 6' Ryan my friend you better watch out my friend.
It sounds like you guys had a great time at thanksgiving. Yes its true Derek couldnt of done a better job than elder rudd. Its impossible. Just saying. But I am glad you guys had a good time on thanksgiving. I am so thankful for so many things in my life.
Mom I am so proud of you and the missionary work you do. You are doing such a wonderful job. Keep it up. Dont ever give up!! I love you so very much!!
Dad, I am becoming like you and I would have it no other way. I love it. Thank you for all you insights and love and the long letters. I know that your father in heaven is very pleased with you and the way you have raised our family.
Whit and Chels- Thank you for having an email every monday for me I really appreciate all you do. Remember to not give into temptation. Raise your families in the gospel no other choice. Keep it up and let kirk and mark know how much I miss them and let them know how much I admire them. Whitney please give cayden and riley a big hug and kiss for me. I love them so much, Tell them I miss them and love them.
The kingdom of god or nothing. Sometimes it might be easier to not but please instill in their minds the gospel. We have been blessed with parents that have done that for us. We have been entrusted with the care of these little ones and families. Raise a generation. The lord needs them. They are here on earth for a reason. I can promise you something, the world will get even worse. But I can promise you something even better, the church will continue to get even stronger, will we be on board? Think aboout that for a while
Ryan and Shannon- I am so proud of you two and your efforts to raise your family to go to school to do all your work. Its alot of work I know but you are doing such a great job. Thank you for all you do for me. Tell raegan I love her.
Staci & Reed and girls- I really appreciated the books of mormon you sent me. I loved your testimonies and want to let you know how much i love you.
I want all my siblings to know how much i love them. Staci, April, Becky, Christian, Cami, Whitney and Chelsey and that guy named Ryan. I am so thankful for all of you and growing up with all of you and all of the great memories. For thanksgiving that is what I am most thankful for. My family my parents who taught me what I needed to, so that I could be out here in the S.D.R.C.M. to teach and preach and serve. I am thankful for my dad and brother and sister christian for their desire to serve a mission and to be the example to me to go.
One last thing I am thankful for is my lord and savior jesus christ. I would not be able to have an eternal family without him. I love you all so much.
Remember to never give up. Life gets sad and down. But the lord is always there. DO NOT GIVE UP OR GIVE IN.
I love you all soooo much.
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
DL, Wright District
Gillette ZOne

The concentration!!!

Walking through the snow in the wind.

Bridge call with the AP's. Kickin in my chair.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Staying in Wright

Hey ya'll, (I'm not in texas I just wanted to say that)
Well news news news. I bet you are all wondering. Is Elder Rudd staying in Wright, Wyoming? Is he? Is he? Transfer Calls were saturday morning about eight o' clock and the phone rang.... My zone leader was calling me to tell me he was getting transfered, because of course ELDER RUDD IS STAYING IN WRIGHT WYOMING ATLEAST TIL JANUARY 1ST!!! I am so excited. Me and Elder Hammond are way excited. I am very happy! So in two weeks we make the trek to Martins Cove down by Casper. We are way excited. I love wright and am very greatful to be here for my third transfer here. I love wright. I am so excited. Our district and zone got changed up a little bit. Elder Wilkinson went home from his mission and guess who is replacing him... Elder Cameron from Sioux Falls!! I am so excited now that Elder Cameron is in my district!!! I love elder cameron. Cameron was the elder that his comp elder gregerson left him. But now he is in Gillette 4th ward with Elder Richardson. I love it! Newcastle didnt change still Elder Boehme and Elder Cooper, elder cooper wasnt happy. Oh well. Sad news is that elder oborn got transfered :( But only to rapid city. But Elder Foulger replaced him, he's from Mesa and went to Mountain View. He's awesome. I am way excited that he is my zone leader. Because of course the best part of waking up is elder foulger, he is coming down from Sheridan. I am way excited. This transfer will be alot of fun.
Lets get to the weather. It is amazingly cold. My brother in washington has nothing on me. Last night for example it poured down SEVEN INCHES OF SNOW!!! Its crazy! We couldnt go to gillette we had to stay in wright. We helped Lance Mowers sister, Jennifer and her daughter move into lances place today we moved here from gillette. So that was our P-day! Thats why the email is a little late. We have been helping them move since seven this morning. The fushion got stuck in the snow at lances place too. We didnt dare try to drive it. I am very very cautious about that. Elder Hammond wanted to try it, I told him my dear friend, this is alot different than Utah snow. Lance drove us to Gillette today and we were passing so many little cars off the side of the road. I really wish the church would give us trucks or something to help with the snow. SO much black ice. Its crazy. But I drive no more than ten miles an hour through town. Or else we would be off the road. We had to shovel the car out today to go anywhere. I told elder hammond. Time for you to get some boots my friend. Because we will be walking most of these days. Man its crazy. Today the tempature the high is 14 and the low is -1 and wright now as I am typing it is seven degrees. This week it is going to get to about -25 with wind chill. Super cold. I cant wait til the snow goes. I like it for a while but when it comes seven inches at a time its not too much fun. So yes, weather cold. Snow stuff, I would like maybe some other gloves I have two but the cloth ones arent the best they do okay but maybe some gloves that our thin that are insulated of some sort. Both gloves are good. Just for dress some thin insulated would be nice. The boots are awesome. I love my boots. Everything from pomeroys is doing great. I am proud of my pomeroys. I am doing great with it all. I havent yet put my big coat on yet. But soon it will be time for it.
For the driving part. I am still allowed to drive since it wasnt my fault and there was nothing I could of done to prevent it. But, I am no longer going to court because it would have been such a hastle. The only reason I got a ticket was so that the county didnt get sued. But, I just paid the ticket because it was ridiculous. I just wanted to be done with it. I wanted to go to court I was pumped. But I have more important work to be done. I swear president layton is like this kid is trouble. Oh well. :) The funny part about you guys is that I wanted to send the pictures before the email. But I actually sent the email about four hours before the pictures. :) I love you guys. Okay what is with the "oh my gosh becky, look at those pictures." ?? Is it from the baby got back song? MAybe? I dont understand.
Thanksgiving, we have about 8 offers for thanksgiving. So, we might hit all of them. :) But Gene and Nancy Hanson are having us offer. We are excited for the holidays. They will be wonderful. Just to let you know we will have a WHITE christmas. Speaking of christmas. I will be able to Skype. The heimdales in the ward have two computers with skype so me and elder hammond both plan to skype. His family is going to get skype just for it. Way cool. If they have any questions let them know all about it.
I would like to commend my wonderful letter writers today for there blessed generosity. I was kinda bummed last week didnt do too well with letters, elder hammond has the greeny letter supply. But today I received a package from you guys, from kymber, letter from brynae and the lewis's and from my dear brother in washington. Elder hammond got two packages. We are so happy today. Havent opened them up so sorry cant tell you whats in them. We have decided to give service EVERY pday now. :) I love it.
We do have a carbon monoxide detector in our apartment we check it monthly. But more could not hurt. Thank you very much mom. I thought i told you that I got my sweaters, maybe not sorry. I got them. I might need a heavier one though they are pretty thin. But for now they do okay. I had to sew the grey one the pocket ripped. I plan on sewing a ER in it for elder rudd. I have become quite the sewer. I am proud of my work. Every gives me their stuff to sew. Suprising i Know. But i did a master job on one of my pants. I love it. The black pants I have had for like what 6 years they split and I sewed them up like 2 months ago have not had a problem ever. CTR Clothing. If any one who reads this wants to know where to go its all CTR clothing. I know I worked their. But more and more elders are having ctr because it withstands it all. I am not kidding.
The church will continue to persecuted and persecuted. We as missionaries will continue to be mocked and persecuted. But NOTHING can stop the work from progressing.
Remember the words from our dear prophet Joseph Smith:
“The Standard of Truth has been erected; no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing. Persecutions may rage, mobs may combine and armies may assemble BUT the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done.”
are we persecuted? Have their been mobs against the church? Hmmm. Nothing can stop it. DO NOT fear. Our savior is leading our church. "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear" Love it.
In the famous quotes of my father: "the church is true, what else matters?" I think many people in wright have heard that phrase. Live it and Love it.
I love talking to people from other religions its awesome. We are teaching catholics, seventh day adventists, jehoavahs witnesses, lutheran, methodist and a unitarian.
Mom, you will have success. Bear your testimony with the spirit. You are the lords instrument. You dont have to teach the spirit does.
We tracted into a guy named Jim Rodriguez. I know Jim Rodriguez i thought it was weird. But awesome guy an entire family. Let us right in and had a wonderful discussion. I love wright. Because everyone knows eachother! I swear its so cool. Everyone knows gene hanson and bishop bertagnole. We get into alot of doors thanks to them. :) I love it. But Jim and his wife loved our message. They are catholic and accepted a book of mormon. Jim made the mistake it was awesome. we were asking him about work and all he works in the oild fields but he was saying yeah, I have alot of time on my hands out there. I thought to myself and looked at elder hammond and in my head was like "Muahahahaha" But gave him a book of mormon and said he would read it. I love it. While we were over there some crazy pshycic lady sent them a picture of a crying blood mother mary and they were superstitous and all and didnt want to throw it away because on the back said "dont throw this away because it will be bad luck. I took it and ripped it up and threw it away. I told them I wasnt superstituous. I am the lords servant. :) But it was funny. They were so thankful to have me take it. It was creepy looking. But we replaced it with our pass along card. Its awesome. Everyone we see or less active has our pass along cards and book of mormons. We are flooding wright at least with the gospel. I love it!
I just want to let you all know, I am a wyoming cowboy. :) I love wyoming. Guess who else is coming to gillette to be a DL with me. Elder Dizzy Davis from Sheridan! Its a reunion. Elder Hilbun is in Capser as a ZL. And elder davis is in gillette. The church is true. :) I love this work so much. Today has been such an awesome day. Tonight is the high school play for the school. We are way excited. We get to see the real actors in wright. Way cool. I really love this place. I cant wait to show all you guys my little treasure. And I mean little. :)
I will be hear to the first of january. I am thinking that will be my move date. Just hearing the buzz around the mission. Sounds like that might be the day. But! I hope I can stay as long as they will let me.
I love you all so much and am so thankful for the prayers in my behalf. I know alot of us need to improve on our missionary work. We all know this is the true church. Please give others the chance to know too. I am thankful for all of you who are serving in your callings. Being in wyoming. Is such a blessing to know what is feels like to be in a ward with about 200 every sunday. We will be teaching gospel principles every sunday now to help some less actives come back. They hate gospel doctrine. So we will do it!
I know that satan is after every single missionary who is out serving. We are 53,000 strong.
Nothing will ever get me more choked up then to hear 3,000 missionaries sing loud and proud
"we are now the lords missionaries, to bring the world his truth"
I Am now the lords missionary to bring the world his truth" (Even if their is only 1300 people to bring it too) You better believe every one of those people will hear it.
I love you all very much. Know that this is the truth. If you dont. Read and Pray. Ask god the eternal father if its true. Its that simple. Know that the book of mormon is the word of god. It doesnt take away from the bible at all. Its another testament of jesus christ.
Know that I know of this work with assurety. I know this is the true church.
Be safe. And be thankful to have a testimony of the truth of jesus christ. Have a wonderful thanksgiving. I love you all. Can you put the smell of mom's rolls in a jar for me?
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
District Leader, Wright Wyoming
Gillette, Wyoming Zone
South Dakota Rapid City Mission
P.O. Box 701
Wright, WY 82732
Pictures next week hopefully if we can drive to gillette.

Monday, November 15, 2010



the orthopedic institute in sioux falls was still after me, i guess i still had two ten dollar co-pays. So i called them and paid it over the phone. Talked to sis layton about it and cleared it all up. So finally, i am 100% done with that place!!!!

Well this week has been crazy. Mom brace yourself, okay? On friday I was in a car accident. I was on an exchange in newcastle, wy with elder cooper. I was driving. We were driving out of town a little bit and we came upon this turn that was basically a 180. In wyoming they put this stuff called "Mag Water" on the ground/dirt to make the dirt not collect after a car drives on the dirt. But we turned the corner and hit a patch of loose gravel. No snow on the ground, no ice on the ground. This turn is the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. But we lost control because of the loose gravel and fishtailed out and the car actually flipped and we landed upside down in front of someones house. Me & Elder Cooper are perfectly fine. Nothing at all happened to us. We are healthy and strong. My knee is fine. Everything is good. No problems. But, it was the scariest thing ever. I was going under the speed limit. I had taken that dirt road corner atleast 3 times that exchange. But, this time. It wasnt our friend. We ended up on the hood of the car in an embankment next to someones house. There was gas leaking so me and elder cooper just wanted to get the heck out of there. Elder Cooper was laughing at me though... Because I just wanted to get out and was trying to help him out. But, i forgot I was upside down... When I took my seat belt off, I hit it hard. The best part of it all.... The officer in Weston County gave me a ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so mad. He said I was driving too fast for conditions!!!!!! Basically I have a court date in Newcastle on Nov. 24th!! And I have permission from President Layton & our Vehicle Cordinator to fight the ticket. Its either that or pay 60 dollars. Which isnt much. But still!!! I dont deserve a ticket!!! Oh yeah, the best part about it all actually. It happens about FIFTY TIMES A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AT THAT CORNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT HAVE THEY DONE ANYTHING!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO MAD!!!! Elder Hammond is sick of me complaining to everyone about how mad I am. But oh well!! I am so mad!!!! It could have been prevented. The only sign that is there is a right turn sign. There wasnt a slow down turn sign. There wasnt a guard rail. There wasnt jack squat!!!! Ohh momma rudd. Wyoming is about too get a little bit of elder rudd..... :) But just to tell you again. I am 100% fine.So is elder cooper. We didnt even get our suits dirty!! :) But yeah, so you will hear from me mroe about this matter. If you have any questions. I am sure you could call sis layton. But, I plan to be a lawyer next wednesday!! Pictures will be sent so you can see. The people who we landed in front of took us home and all but we were laughing when we got home. "wow that was sure a weird way to go tracting!" :)

But yeah besides that. It has been a great week. The snow is coming down like crazy. We have got a ton of snow. Right now we are in gillette and I am looking outside right now as I type and seeing the white stuff just keep falling and falling and falling!! :) Love it. It probably gets down to about 15 degrees with the wind chill. It isnt too bad. I love it. I love waking up to a brand new patch of snow. It makes me want to jump out of our window into a huge blanket of snow. Whenever me and elder hammond our walking he always gets a snowball thrown at him. :) come on I am from arizona! I need to throw a snow ball! I love it! I love playing with snow. I mad a snowman!! It was a small one but it was awesome!!! It was wearing my cowboy hat!!! :) Cool, I know!

Amazing story. Yesterday at church we had a linger longer (pot luck) but we all had some awesome food and all. Then one of the members daughters came up to us and told us one of her friends wants to be baptized!!! :) Her and Kalli Dalton (member) were talking about temples and everything and she said, "I basically feel that I am mormon, what do I have to do to become a member" and I said "Hello! I am elder rudd!" So awesome! We are so excited. We have a ton of work in wright!!

If me and elder hammond ever get a full week together. We have had tri zones, leaderships exchanges and all this jazz. Me and him have not yet had a full entire week. But It should be soon! I love elder hammond. He is doing such a great job. He struggles sometimes. But I always give him a big hug and let him know how much I love him. He is such a great missionary. Transfer calls are this coming saturday. I really hope I dont get transferred. I love wright. I love my companion. I love the district. But we will see. We are thinking I will stay for atleast one more! Fingers crossed!

This next week me and elder hammond plan to break the record for lessons in wright. We are teaching about 10 investigators right now!!! Michelle Gatenbein, Misty Clark, The Camphouses- Part Member, The Updikes, Tommy Mills, Dani Litaba, Josie (Kalli's Friend) The porters- PM, Chad, The Sutherlands. Jim. and not to mention the frye's.

So it is going really great! Not to mention the twenty less actives we go see. So me and elder hammond have really been having alot of success! We are so close to see people at church. Everyone we teach accepts what we teach. But! Its hard to get them to church. Everyone in that investigator list accepts our doctrine. But we are working hard on them.

The less actives are on their way too. I cant feel like they do. If they have been offended or whatever. It doesnt matter. The church is true right? What else matters? Thats what I think. In the words on my father.

But the members are so awesome in wright. I just love it there. Such a small town I know. But so much going on. I was not lying when I said there is sooooo much work to be done. There is more work to be done here than sheridan or sioux falls. Weird, I know. But the lord is greatly blessing our efforts. Mine and Elder Hammonds new slogan in 100% obedience. We know we will be blessed for our efforts. :)

I am so grateful to be a missionary. I guess I hit my six month mark and you are supposed to burn a tie and all. But, I am good. No worries. I have almost been back three months. I love it. Time flies with the lord on your side!

I have been eating up the book of mormon. I have a new subtitle for the book of mormon. The Testament of Jesus Christ. Not another testament of jesus christ. The testament of Jesus Christ!! Elder Bruce R. McConkie stated, “Men can get nearer to the Lord, can have more of the spirit of conversion and conformity in their hearts, can have stronger testimonies, and can gain a better understanding of the doctrines of salvation through the Book of Mormon than they can through the Bible. … There will be more people saved in the kingdom of God—ten thousand times over—because of the Book of Mormon than there will be because of the Bible.” We have more help. The bible is amazing, read from it, learn from it! The book of mormon is the word of god, read, study, pray about it. Know for assurety it is written to bless us every single day! It is all true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the gospel!!!

I am feeling wonderful. Perfectly fine. Alot better than last week. I am so good. I love it all. Today me and elder oborn start our exchange in wright. Elder Hammond will stay in gillette with elder hardwick. So it will be fun me and oborn. I love the guy.

Mom, I am so excited to hear how your new job is going. I thank heavenly father every second I get for the blessings he has bestowed upon my family. I am so grateful for my family and all that I have. For my Mom and Dad for their wonderful choices in life that brought them together and sealed for time and all eternity. I was thinking the other day. I think we are the only people who believe in fairy tales. Only we believe in forever. I love that!!! Keep living the fairy tale!! My brother and many sisters for all they are for me. For our strong family and the strength they are to me. I was brought up in a family from day one that had a "sure foundation" as it states in Helamen 5:12, "a foundation, whereon men build, they CANNOT FALL" What a promise. The lord is our foundation. I know that my family has been built upon that foundation. Have we ever fell? No. Has there been things thrown at us a few curveballs. You better believe it! But we built on christ. And we will not fall. What a blessing it is in my lfie to hear the counsel of my family. Especially my parents. For all they do for me. I know my mom taught me to care sincerely for those around you and I can look someone in the eyes and tell them, I love you and want the best for you. Because I do. From my dad i learned how to serve. I know I never did it like him, I will never do it like him. I wish I could be a quarter of the man he is. But, I learned the principle behind why? why do we serve? It doesnt get us anything mosiah 2:17 states: "when you are in the service of your fellow beings you are only in the service of your god"

What a wonderful blessing to know. I would be nothing without my savior jesus christ. What a wonderful blessing it is to know of his love and his support of the work. I work hand in hand with my savior. He is my redeemer and my helper. I love this work and am so grateful to serve. Elder Wilkinson goes home on thursday and it will be very hard to see him go. Thats one of the hardest thing to cope with is to see some of your best friends go home after you have been such good friends. But the gospel is still true and i love it all!

Be still and know that god lives and he is all powerful. Whenever life gets hectic. Slow down and look around and re focus. We all have alot going on. But fit the important things in first. What matters most?

I really do appreciate the letters I know its hard to sit down and write a letter to a deprived missionary who is in the middle of a blizzard in wright, wy. Dont worry about it I am fine. But if you get a chance. i always really enjoy a letter. nothing is better to see a envelope with your name on it and you know there is something good inside. So if you get a chance it would be great. But if you dont I understand as well.

The church is true. Simple as that. The book of mormon is the word of god. Read it. Pray about it. We have a prophet on the earth, listen to his counsel. Jesus Christ leads our church, why be afraid of what to come. If we are following the commandments and following the counsel of our prophet ye shall not fear.

I love you all very much.
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
DL, Wirght, Wy District
Gillette, Wy Zone
Rapid City, South Dakota Mission
P.O. Box 701
Wright, Wy 82732
The Dang loose gravel

Upside down

Right side up again...
Me and Elder Cooper where we landed
Our car outside our apartment. Lots of snow.

Me and Elder Hammonds

Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Week Bites The Dust

Hello, Hello, Hello.

The storms are on their way to wyoming. This week the white stuff will fall and fall and fall and fall. They are expecting a blizzard here in gillette and wright. This P-day we decided to stay in our areas. So, I conducted a district meeting bridge call. Our mission has a bridge call service, so i had newcastle and gillette fourth get on and we had our hour long district meeting over the telephone. In this huge mission we have to do it. Some areas never have district meeting because they arent allowed to and they would have to drive about 250 miles for it one way. So, we are lucky we get to do it.

Well, as you know I had my exchange with the gillette fourth ward. me & elder wilkinson, from tuesday to saturday morning. It was alot of fun in gillette. But I brought something back that I did not want.......... Stomach Flu. Fun huh? No not really. So ever since I got back on saturday we have been stuck in the apartment with orders from Sister Layton. But the sad news is elder hammond got it to and he is really having a hard time. Whenever he is just sitting around he always thinks of home. He gets caught up real quick. But we get to talk alot and get things refocussed for him. I love him so much. I want the best for him. HE hates when I have to go on exchanges too. Then on wednesday I have to go to newcastle and do an exchange til saturday, so he is not very happy about that. I feel bad for him. I love him. I am just trying to make sure that he knows how much I love him and I am always there for him. He did a great job while I was gone but he doesnt like me leaving. He is not very excited if I get transferred. So, we will see how it goes. But he will do good. He is going through the normal missionary ups and downs. I think the biggest thing he needs to do is just give it up and stop fighting it. Until you give it up your in a constant battle with yourself and the lord. I wonder who will win that?

I am feeling a little bit better. But not much. I have thrown up quite a bit. I am not likin staying in. So much work to do. I cant wait around and get better when the lord needs me to be teaching the gospel. But sister layton has scouts in the area to make sure I am resting and not doing work. Bummer huh? We missed church yesterday but made it to night sacrament, so we could partake of the sacrament. But I was so out of it. I was so dizzy. But I am not doing real well.

Mom, I can not believe what I just read about that job. Thank heavens. Our dear kind gracious heavenly father has blessed our family so much. I thank him every night and every chance I get for the opportunity to be back on my mission. I am so happy for you mom. I know that must be such a relief. But, dont push yourself either. Make sure that you are doing okay. I love you, I am always worried about you. :) I love you by the way. Please, Please, Please, Please think of yourself and take care of yourself. I love you and I care about you and know you all too well. Be careful. But, I am very happyto hear about that. Yes! What a wonderful blessing that our wonderful father in heaven has given our family. Give thanks!

For my knee, my knee has had its ups and downs. President has been keeping a real close eye on me and making sure I am takin care of. Him and Sis Layton I think have a gps on me somewhere. I dont know where but they are always takin care of me. I have the best protection of all. My savior is watching out for me. He knows me and we are working side by side. So, how can I not be doing good when he is my constant companion!

There are so many of our brothers and sisters just waiting for us to talk to them. Everyone, remember EVERY day that "missionary work isnt just temporary ITS FOREVER" I know that we all have our struggles. Work, money, debt, sickness, ailment, family situation.... whatever it be. We need to recommit to help the lord in his work. I remember my first letter on my mission. I got was from Ryan he said remember you are a rudd and make the family name proud. When we are baptized we take christs name upon us and promise to keep his commandments. One day we will meet him and he will ask, "what have you done with my name?" He is our lord and savior and everything we have is because of him. Walk in his footsteps and love him.
Please pleaseplease never give up.

The exchange with gillette fourth was alot of fun! The zl's and fourth ward got kicked out of their trailer and moved into the spanish apartment. So we had six elders in one apartment with one bathroom . It was tiny. But alot of fun at the same time. I interviewed one of Gillette Fourth wards baptisms. Jean Spealmen. She had been investigating the church for a year and her daughter who is 18 was baptized and now jean is getting baptized. It was such a pleasure to interview her for baptism. Wow, what a zeal for the gospel. I was so happy to be apart of that. She got baptized on saturday night and 50 people showed up to her baptism. We werent able to be their. But I was so happy for her. Way way way awesome.

Tri-Zone conference & Leadership was in gillette monday and tuesday and was alot of fun. We met as trainers, dl's, zl's, ap's and president layton and sister layton. It was awesome to get that instruction from them. I love it. We have slept most of the day today. But we got laundry done. Yay. But I am way exhausted.

The work in wright is doing great. We love this message we have to share. We are wanting to share it with EVERYONE but cant when we are sick. Hopefully I feel better by wednesday to go to newcastle. So transfer calls are november 20th. We will see how they go. I hope I dont get mvoed. But I could. We will see. Elder Hammond will not be a very happy camper.

We will probably be at a families home for dinner on thanksgiving. I hope someone invites us over. Because alot of members dont want to have us over on holidays. It kinda makes me mad. I dont know we will see. But yeah...

But yeah, since I have been typing this email in the library I have thrown up. ( I made it to the bathroom) But I expect atleast one more day of staying in tomorrow. It is going to be a very slow week. But we will see. If you talk to elder hammonds mom anymore let her know how much I love her son and let her know I am taking care of him. He will do great.

Elder Christiansen, what a stud muffin. :) I love that elder. I am happy for him. I am excited and the work he is doing as an ap. What an ape. :) Tell him I love him. I think that our mission is more lovy dovy because we never ever see eachother. We might never see an elder our entire mission because they are twenty hours away in another state another time zone and all that jazz.

Could you get me betsy's address I would like to write her a letter. For my wonderful family. Whitney, you have a letter on the way. I mean it. It has been a little hectic sorry. Dad, on the way. Chelsey on the way. And for the two slackers cough... kirk.... cough cough..... mark...cough and for two missionaries to slack on a letter deprived elder. Not cool boys! You are both out of the band. Ya mark you were in the band but now you are out!! And for kirk, you cant even be my roadie. Your out of the band. Guess whos in the band, DAD! Oh yeah. We are jamming to some afterglow for sure!!! Dad is the best letter writer of em all. I love my dad. I am so glad I am named after him. I proudly shout my middle name.

Bishop Kleiner is so awesome. i cant believe that he is bishop and I am missing this. He and his bishopbric will work miracles! Wow! So awesome!

Martins Cove!!!!!!!!!! December 6th & 7th!!! I sure hope that I stay on the west side for this!!! I would love to go to the temple but I dont think I would ever leave. Thats the problem. :) But Martins Cove will be so much fun!!! Yes!! In less than a month now!!!

Dallas emailed me again and is going to start to write me. I have gotten a couple letters from rachel. My gosh I am so happy for her. She is doing so good in utah. Gosh I love the gospel. I wish I could flood the earth and baptize everyone. Imagine those weekly numbers :)

Now lets remember that letters are such a wonderful thing and when I dont get a letter I am sad. I received three letters and a package last week. One from dad, one from mom and one from the mission office. Then the package was from Kymber. But what is wrong with that picture. Its sad I have to count the mission office letter as a letter. Bummer huh? But, do a marvelous work and a wonder and write Elder Rudd.

Know my testimony. Know of my promise and blessing that each day. The lord will greatly bless your life as you continue to follow him. Notice how I say continue. We just dont stop. There is always need for us to become better. All he asks of us was put in the words of our beloved prophet president gordon b. hinkley "Be a little bit better today, than yesterday" Just a little bit better. Set goals to become better. Say, I will read for this long. I will make sure I pray morning and nights. The joy that you receive when you accomplish those goals is something that I can not express to you. You have to do it for yourself.

I love you all very much. Sorry for all the randomness. i am kinda a little bit loopy and very crazy. But know that I stand as a personal representative today for the lord to serve him and the people in the south dakota rapid city mission. I know I can do hard things. I know you can do hard things. Do hard things and serve the lord in all you do and say.

I love you all! So much.

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
District Leader, Wright, Wyoming District
Gillette, Wyoming Zone
South Dakota Rapid City Mission
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
P.O. Box 701
Wright, Wyoming 82732, you know you want to

Monday, November 1, 2010

Busy Week

Hey There,

My conferences dont start til one o' clock. So, I have time to email. Me and Elder Hammond drove up this morning from wright. We have too many in town so we decided to stay in wright and sleep on our own beds. :) Last night was kinda a bummer. We had to be in at five o' clock because of halloween. It was sad. We couldnt open our door to pass out candy either. We basically just hung out. Haha. Elder Hammond seems to be doing better. But is really tense and nervous all the time. I keep telling him to just relax and have fun. i think he is forgetting to have fun. But he is doing good. This week was hectic and this next week will be even more. Having tri-zone in rapid really slowed things down. But thats okay! It was still good. This next week having leadership meeting & another tri-zone will be kinda crazy. But it will be fun. The transfer ends on november 15th. It was a short transfer because of thanksgiving. The elders go home on november 18th because they cant fly them out on thanksgiving that would be crazy expensive. So they go home a week early. Oh well. But I hope me and elder hammond stay together one more transfer at least. That is usually how it happens. So it should be okay. But we will see. Wherever the lord needs us.

This past wednesday we had the ward halloween party. Of course, we cant dress up. But we totally wanted to be sister missionaries! But oh well. But the halloween costumes were so cute. We had to cowleys in the ward, there are like 4 sets of cowleys. But one set dressed their boy up as bam bam and one other as pebbles. It was way cute. The cowleys are lots of fun. But the halloween party was fun. They had a pie eating contest. it was pudding pie with whip cream. ME vs elder hammond vs sarah ott (15) vs dakota dalton (18) Oh I smoked them. They were licking it. I told everyone you had to slurp it. I had it down in five seconds. Haha. It was fun. But the ward is so great. So awesome.

Ericksons- They are a couple from rapid city who is investigating the church and has had alot of good questions. But the missionaries stopped going over because they had anti material. So dumb! Thats when you need to go over. But they have been really awesome. We have just got in with them to start teaching them. They are very nice people. Lots and lots of potential. He is from rapid and she is from belle fouche.

Stacey Frye- Stacey frye is a member she has four kids. Erik, 9 austin, 6 emily, 4 and aaron, 2. Way cute kids. She is a member erik hasnt been baptized and her husband is not a member either. But they want to learn and want to get back into the church. I am very excited to continue the teaching with them. Lots of potential there too.

Justin and Michelle gatenbein, just makes me very sad to talk about them. Michelle if she doesnt quit smoking she is on the way to lung cancer the doctor has told them that. if that is not enough to get me to quit smoking thats crazy. Bro. Tefteller in the ward was talking to me last night at night sacrament and said yeah all these people who say yeah im on this to stop smoking and this and that. You dont need that crap. You have to put your mind to it to actually quit. Its all mental. I one hundred percent agree with him too. You can quit at anytime. You have to just QUIT. But we are not giving up on justin and michelle.

Zack- Wow, zack. Zack is such an awesome guy. He has been divorced twice. The last one just left him like 6 months ago. He has a nine year old daughter Cierra. Such an awesome guy. He is a little rough around the edges. But he is good. He actually went to embry riddle in prescott. He loves AZ. I told him to move back. He has a tobaccy problem and smoking and drinking. So he is going to be hard one. But so much potential there. So close to coming to church too.

Bro. Fred Farnsworth and his wife- Members of the church. Health problems make them less active. But we go and see them every sunday. Fred pitched in the major leagues!!!! HE played for the phillies. He tells me these stories meeting bob feller, whitey ford. Ted williams, all these people. I feel like the kid from sandlot. :) Man, can you say kid in a candy store. :) I love it. But we are always there to help them and just listen and know the ward still cares.

But the work is going so great here. Elder Hammond is such a stud. Wow, I am amazed with him. He is a great teacher. I am excited to hear how he is doing. I am so proud of my boy. :) He is doing great. Having hard time getting peoples names and all that.

Wow, the signs of the times tithing settlement alone. :) That is pretty crazy. Sounds like fun. :)

Oh man! CHICKEN GNOCHI! hOW DARE YOU CHEAT ON ME! (tEAR...) Hey speaking of food, can you maybe send some homeade salsa, elder rudd loves his salsa :) Also, maybe can you know that I love you all :) (aww moment)

Hey awesome idea!!! I was reading a talk by president ezra taft benson for tri zone and he was talking about this awesome idea.

Okay so you get a book of mormon and a family picture and write your families testimony in it and send it to missionaries and they give them out. Guess what! I am a missionary!! Wait let me check (checking.....) yup! I am! So, in retrospect of the thesis and hypothesis that I had just set up over the graph which in line with the linear and obtuse parallellagram. In turn means we should do it. Will you get families in the ward, you whoever. Dad maybe this can be part of the ward missionary program. Also, do you have a family mission plan? If not I will send you one. Have one! Do it! But I love the book of mormon idea. I want to share my families testimony with the people i teach. Who knows who can benefit. Let me know.

So, you guys are going to have some awesome pictures. ME and elder hammond were picture crazy. i wish I could of shot a video of him chasing about twenty antelope. :) it was priceless. He wants to catch one and keep it as a pet. Me and him make up our own music. We jam all the time. Oh yeah. I am a little bit hyper today.

Yesterday when we went over to the farnsworths they asked us how we were and we said "to know what we know and not be happy!!" I am so happy. I took Nick's obituary and put it in my white bible. Me and Elder Hammond decided to get stickers and write his name on it and stick it on the back of our name tags. He didnt get to complete his mission for the lord in oregon. But he is going to finish it in Rapid City South Dakota. :) I wrote them a letter and sent it. My bro has a letter coming too. :) I love my brother.

After zone conference I stay in gillette and start my exchange with elder wilkinson in fourth ward. Then next week I start my exchange to newcastle and their 8 bedroom house. :) haha. That should be fun.

I just want to let everyone know. To smile, enjoy life and simply "Be still and KNOW that I am god" know that heavenly father lives. He loves us. He wants us to be happy. Its called the plan of happiness for heavens sakes. We all have trials. We all do. But dont dwell, excell. Overcome those hurdles and be strong. The church is so true. The plan is perfect. The gospel is the most amazing thing in the world. We have the priesthood on the earth. The authority to act in gods name. He needs us all. Stand up today and recommit to serve him.

I enjoy the letters every one. They are wonderful. Do a marvelous work and a wonder, by sending me some letters. They will be marvelous! I love you all. Happy be lated halloween!!

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
District Leader, Wright District
Gillette Zone
Rapid City South Dakota Mission!
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
P.O. Box 701
Wright, Wy 82732 you know you want to :)

Picture Time....

The Ghosts The Tisdale's sent us.

Self explanatory....WOW!!!

The Walking pic. Yes I am wearing my cowboy hat....I am a Cowboy!!!

Jason Jensen's food he made. Collard greens, black eyed peas, corn bread, smoked roast. Oh Man! Oh Man! Oh man!