Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Week Bites The Dust

Hello, Hello, Hello.

The storms are on their way to wyoming. This week the white stuff will fall and fall and fall and fall. They are expecting a blizzard here in gillette and wright. This P-day we decided to stay in our areas. So, I conducted a district meeting bridge call. Our mission has a bridge call service, so i had newcastle and gillette fourth get on and we had our hour long district meeting over the telephone. In this huge mission we have to do it. Some areas never have district meeting because they arent allowed to and they would have to drive about 250 miles for it one way. So, we are lucky we get to do it.

Well, as you know I had my exchange with the gillette fourth ward. me & elder wilkinson, from tuesday to saturday morning. It was alot of fun in gillette. But I brought something back that I did not want.......... Stomach Flu. Fun huh? No not really. So ever since I got back on saturday we have been stuck in the apartment with orders from Sister Layton. But the sad news is elder hammond got it to and he is really having a hard time. Whenever he is just sitting around he always thinks of home. He gets caught up real quick. But we get to talk alot and get things refocussed for him. I love him so much. I want the best for him. HE hates when I have to go on exchanges too. Then on wednesday I have to go to newcastle and do an exchange til saturday, so he is not very happy about that. I feel bad for him. I love him. I am just trying to make sure that he knows how much I love him and I am always there for him. He did a great job while I was gone but he doesnt like me leaving. He is not very excited if I get transferred. So, we will see how it goes. But he will do good. He is going through the normal missionary ups and downs. I think the biggest thing he needs to do is just give it up and stop fighting it. Until you give it up your in a constant battle with yourself and the lord. I wonder who will win that?

I am feeling a little bit better. But not much. I have thrown up quite a bit. I am not likin staying in. So much work to do. I cant wait around and get better when the lord needs me to be teaching the gospel. But sister layton has scouts in the area to make sure I am resting and not doing work. Bummer huh? We missed church yesterday but made it to night sacrament, so we could partake of the sacrament. But I was so out of it. I was so dizzy. But I am not doing real well.

Mom, I can not believe what I just read about that job. Thank heavens. Our dear kind gracious heavenly father has blessed our family so much. I thank him every night and every chance I get for the opportunity to be back on my mission. I am so happy for you mom. I know that must be such a relief. But, dont push yourself either. Make sure that you are doing okay. I love you, I am always worried about you. :) I love you by the way. Please, Please, Please, Please think of yourself and take care of yourself. I love you and I care about you and know you all too well. Be careful. But, I am very happyto hear about that. Yes! What a wonderful blessing that our wonderful father in heaven has given our family. Give thanks!

For my knee, my knee has had its ups and downs. President has been keeping a real close eye on me and making sure I am takin care of. Him and Sis Layton I think have a gps on me somewhere. I dont know where but they are always takin care of me. I have the best protection of all. My savior is watching out for me. He knows me and we are working side by side. So, how can I not be doing good when he is my constant companion!

There are so many of our brothers and sisters just waiting for us to talk to them. Everyone, remember EVERY day that "missionary work isnt just temporary ITS FOREVER" I know that we all have our struggles. Work, money, debt, sickness, ailment, family situation.... whatever it be. We need to recommit to help the lord in his work. I remember my first letter on my mission. I got was from Ryan he said remember you are a rudd and make the family name proud. When we are baptized we take christs name upon us and promise to keep his commandments. One day we will meet him and he will ask, "what have you done with my name?" He is our lord and savior and everything we have is because of him. Walk in his footsteps and love him.
Please pleaseplease never give up.

The exchange with gillette fourth was alot of fun! The zl's and fourth ward got kicked out of their trailer and moved into the spanish apartment. So we had six elders in one apartment with one bathroom . It was tiny. But alot of fun at the same time. I interviewed one of Gillette Fourth wards baptisms. Jean Spealmen. She had been investigating the church for a year and her daughter who is 18 was baptized and now jean is getting baptized. It was such a pleasure to interview her for baptism. Wow, what a zeal for the gospel. I was so happy to be apart of that. She got baptized on saturday night and 50 people showed up to her baptism. We werent able to be their. But I was so happy for her. Way way way awesome.

Tri-Zone conference & Leadership was in gillette monday and tuesday and was alot of fun. We met as trainers, dl's, zl's, ap's and president layton and sister layton. It was awesome to get that instruction from them. I love it. We have slept most of the day today. But we got laundry done. Yay. But I am way exhausted.

The work in wright is doing great. We love this message we have to share. We are wanting to share it with EVERYONE but cant when we are sick. Hopefully I feel better by wednesday to go to newcastle. So transfer calls are november 20th. We will see how they go. I hope I dont get mvoed. But I could. We will see. Elder Hammond will not be a very happy camper.

We will probably be at a families home for dinner on thanksgiving. I hope someone invites us over. Because alot of members dont want to have us over on holidays. It kinda makes me mad. I dont know we will see. But yeah...

But yeah, since I have been typing this email in the library I have thrown up. ( I made it to the bathroom) But I expect atleast one more day of staying in tomorrow. It is going to be a very slow week. But we will see. If you talk to elder hammonds mom anymore let her know how much I love her son and let her know I am taking care of him. He will do great.

Elder Christiansen, what a stud muffin. :) I love that elder. I am happy for him. I am excited and the work he is doing as an ap. What an ape. :) Tell him I love him. I think that our mission is more lovy dovy because we never ever see eachother. We might never see an elder our entire mission because they are twenty hours away in another state another time zone and all that jazz.

Could you get me betsy's address I would like to write her a letter. For my wonderful family. Whitney, you have a letter on the way. I mean it. It has been a little hectic sorry. Dad, on the way. Chelsey on the way. And for the two slackers cough... kirk.... cough cough..... mark...cough and for two missionaries to slack on a letter deprived elder. Not cool boys! You are both out of the band. Ya mark you were in the band but now you are out!! And for kirk, you cant even be my roadie. Your out of the band. Guess whos in the band, DAD! Oh yeah. We are jamming to some afterglow for sure!!! Dad is the best letter writer of em all. I love my dad. I am so glad I am named after him. I proudly shout my middle name.

Bishop Kleiner is so awesome. i cant believe that he is bishop and I am missing this. He and his bishopbric will work miracles! Wow! So awesome!

Martins Cove!!!!!!!!!! December 6th & 7th!!! I sure hope that I stay on the west side for this!!! I would love to go to the temple but I dont think I would ever leave. Thats the problem. :) But Martins Cove will be so much fun!!! Yes!! In less than a month now!!!

Dallas emailed me again and is going to start to write me. I have gotten a couple letters from rachel. My gosh I am so happy for her. She is doing so good in utah. Gosh I love the gospel. I wish I could flood the earth and baptize everyone. Imagine those weekly numbers :)

Now lets remember that letters are such a wonderful thing and when I dont get a letter I am sad. I received three letters and a package last week. One from dad, one from mom and one from the mission office. Then the package was from Kymber. But what is wrong with that picture. Its sad I have to count the mission office letter as a letter. Bummer huh? But, do a marvelous work and a wonder and write Elder Rudd.

Know my testimony. Know of my promise and blessing that each day. The lord will greatly bless your life as you continue to follow him. Notice how I say continue. We just dont stop. There is always need for us to become better. All he asks of us was put in the words of our beloved prophet president gordon b. hinkley "Be a little bit better today, than yesterday" Just a little bit better. Set goals to become better. Say, I will read for this long. I will make sure I pray morning and nights. The joy that you receive when you accomplish those goals is something that I can not express to you. You have to do it for yourself.

I love you all very much. Sorry for all the randomness. i am kinda a little bit loopy and very crazy. But know that I stand as a personal representative today for the lord to serve him and the people in the south dakota rapid city mission. I know I can do hard things. I know you can do hard things. Do hard things and serve the lord in all you do and say.

I love you all! So much.

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
District Leader, Wright, Wyoming District
Gillette, Wyoming Zone
South Dakota Rapid City Mission
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
P.O. Box 701
Wright, Wyoming 82732, you know you want to

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