Sunday, January 29, 2012

Email 1.29.12

Mi Familia,
How are you? It has been yet another long trip a ton of driving again we spent the week up in Fargo, ND. We went to Gillette on monday and came back and went to sleep and woke up bright and early and took the trek to Fargo. I tell you what I am never so glad to be out of a car in my life. I do not care who you are that there is a looooooonnnnnnnggggggg drive. Woah.
Momma, That is Elder Kidman and yes he is in my apartment. And no we were not there. We were out of town. I would not drink raw eggs. Eggs are too good to fry up and eat :) But yes i love Elder Kidman. When we get home at nights me and him just talk forever. I love him. He is so sweet. Love that guy.
I am starting to figure out Elder Ellefsen. The lord has really blessed me with a ton of patience. My patience has for sure been tested but as soon as I opened up my heart the lord blessed me and filled me with that love for him and we are getting along really well now. We are teaching great together and our trainings go really well. So things are so awesome, I never want to go home. I know you have alot of questions for me so I will answer them. . . . .
What is Kendalls MRI for?!?!?!?! Someone might have told me but please tell me :) I must have forgot.
You got my travel papers!!! HOLY BUCKETS!!!! Thats is not cool. Why do I leave so late?!?!?! I dont know any of this. Sister Hawkes is goin to get a talkin to in the morning!!!
For dinner, I would really like to stay at home. And..... for dinner.... simple. Steak and Mashed Potatoes. I know you knew I was going to say that i am sure. But I love it. I have had some good taters out here but not my mommas :) and ROLLS!! :)
Birthday... Nothing yet dont have anythng set up. But who knows. i dont expect anyone to do anything. Its all good. its really okay. Its Valentines Day. Its all good.
I seriously can not believe that you have my flight stuff. Not cool. But oh well.
Our week was really short. We taught two lessons. Not cool. We were in our area for two hours. Oh well though.
Wendy Beaumont is so amazing. I love them so much. They are so wonderful. She came up to us and was like hey, I have someone for you to teach. Solid referral they are so converted to the gospel. I cant wait to see them flourish in the gospel. To be able to say that Me and Elder Pape had a part in that made my mission. I love them so much!!! :)
Kassi is doing so well. She is a normal member in the church. She doesnt sit by us no more and just is Sister Kassi Blue.
I cant tell you enough how much i love being a missionary. If there is a young man who is thinking about or doubting to go on a mission within these words.... DO IT!!! You will never regret it. it will be hard! But, It will be worth it. :)
I know this church is true with all of my being. I love you so much!!!
Lots more to tell you next week!! We will be in our area for a whole week!!!! :) YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Assistant to the President
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Email 1.22.11

Buenos Tardes,
I am super tired on the Sunday night. With it being Ellefsens first night on numbers we will be here a while..... But oh well. Its all good.
Elder Pape is officially not a full time missionary anymore. He is now Tyler Pape from Merridian, Idaho. Cool story. Elder Pape already found a new investigator when he went home. His mom committed to take the lessons and go with him to church every week. Its only a matter of time before she and her husband are dunked. :) So glad to hear that.
Yesterday, we took down all the Christmas Lights at a place called story book Island. Its a huge ole theme park playground. Usually the staff at Story Book Island puts them up and takes them down all by theirselves and it takes them usually about 4 months to do all of it. But since The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is so legit. We did it both in one day. It was so much fun. :) I was running around the park with a light spool and dominating the walkway lights. Me and Elder Kidman did them all ourselves. We must of done a couple million lights. So sweet. My arms are soooo tired. I crashed last night at 9:45. I loved it. Yeah, thats right the old Night owl cant do it no more. :)
The Beaumonts are doing so well. Today they had the whole Bishopbric over for dinner. How sweet is that. Ron and Wendy and Connor are so awesome. I can not wait for you to meet them personally you guys are going to love them so much. My favorite family of my whole mission. They loved Elder Pape they bought him a Kindle Fire for his going home Present. It was insane. I was like HOLY BUCKETS. But they are so amazing. I have met so many good people out here. I love the plains. :) This place is so foreign. I love it :)
Kassi Blue is doing so well. She is doing so awesome. She has a calling and all and so ready to roll :) She is so happy at church. Her family is doing well and nothing has changed and doing well.
Just so you know April 12th is my return date. Just so we are all clear. Because I thought I might have said the 13th on Christmas.
Tomorrow we take of for the glorious city of Gillette, Wyoming. Then on Tuesday we are off to Fargo, ND and we just keep rolling with this work. Nothing can stop this work from Progressing its so crazy. We are on the move. Next week is another Zone Leader Council. So that will be really good. Then in February are Zone Conferences. :( I love it. Whenever a missionary calls and asks me a question my respone is "I have not thought that far ahead" They are like oh okay.. Oh well. One day at a time.
Elder Hammond is now a District Leader. He is on his way up the chain. He has 6 transfers left though. its crazy. :) I told him my little boy is growing up so fast its crazy :)

So I am happy. I am great. I love this Work so much. I love being able to serve my heavenly father so much. I love him and he loves us never forget it :)
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Assistant to the President
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

Monday, January 16, 2012

Email 1.15.11

Wow. Thats literally all I have to say best weekend of my mission for sure. It has been such an amazing roller coaster we have been on and the tracks keep going the work moves forward.
The baptisms were amazing. I baptized Wendy. Elder Pape baptized Ron and Brother Blackhurst our ward mission leader baptized connor. Elder Pape baptized Kassi. It was such an awesome day the spirit was so strong and so many people came in support of them. We started the baptisms at 11 with Ron, Wendy & Connor and then We had a huge potluck lunch we probably had about 100 people there. The ward came out in support. We pushed so hard to get a ton of people there and were glad with the turn out. It made me feel so good to look back and see so many people. President & Sister Layton came too. It was amazing. Has been the highlight of my mission. Kassi Blue's mom came too. Her mom was the big hold up in the whole baptism and now she is the one who came to support her. It was so awesome. :) WOW. The Beaumonts daughter Jodan knows now so you can tell her congrats or whatever if you want. :)
The Lord blessed us so much with the opportunity to meet Kassi & The Beaumonts :) Ron was pretty ticked when we told him he had a wait a year to go to the temple. :) But he understands now. He was really hoping to be sealed to wendy as soon as possible :)
Today I had the privilige of Confirming Ron & Kassi. What a special blessing Heavenly Father had for both of them. People came up to me and said that was a very special blessing for both of them good job. I had to inform a couple of people I didnt do anything at all.
Since Elder Pape is going home... I do need a new companion and his name is Elder Ellefsen from Kaysvile, Utah. He will be officailly my last companion... really weird to say that. On monday we started Transfer Boards so I am the first one to know Presidents choice. That is the only transfer I have no say in. Other than that We sit down with President and Sister Layton and do the rest of the Transfers for the rest of the mission.
I report the 22nd huh. Alright whatever works for them. Why not the 15th? Just curious but whatever works.
Thats great that the No talking DJ can do some gigs. Nice work.
I have not heard from sister langford for ever I have sent a couple letters but never heard back.
Just so you know for the most part when I get home I just want to relax and hang out with the family. I am looking forward to the trip to WY & SD but I would really enjoy our usual hanging out playing cards and all that fun stuff. We dont have to plan everything. My schedule has been booked for almost two years. But whatever works. I would just enjoy to relax more than anything. Thanks :)
I havent really thought of anything for birthday. I really dont need anything honestly. But I will try and think but not much is coming to mind.
Elder Pape is outta here on thursday but the work moves on. Tomorrow new missionaries come in and we train them all day and tuesday transfers start and we do it all over again. Oh yeah. :) I have never been so tired and I have never been so happy. I love you all so very much. I love you :)
I love you :)
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Assistant to the President
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

Pictures 1.15.11

Me and Pape
Us & Kassi
All Dressed in White.
Us and the Beaumonts
eating some cheese with my stache :)
The Ostler Family & Siobahn
My new comp devouring a cake
The quorm of the Twelve and Me and Pape
Good ole ZLC

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Email 1.11.12

Mi Familia,

Elder Rudd would like to formally apologize before all of you that my emails have been horrible. I do apologize but today I would like to entitle this email AWESOME EMAIL.

Momma, I am totally down working a catering when I get home. I would love to do that. No better way of family bonding than what we do best. :)

I can not believe that Greg is enaged. So weird. Crazy stuff. That is way cool to hear that there is a SDRCM facebook page. I do know Josh Figeroa from sports and stuff. Super cool though. I will be able to see alot of friends there.

So this past week has just been the sweetest party ever. Me and Pape have told everyone if we had to describe our companionship it would be one word.... PARTY! :) We literally have so much fun together. It is really going to be hard to take him to the airport. Nonetheless, it will be Elder Horrocks and Elder Barker too. I am sad to see so many of my favorite companions go. I think Elder Pape has been my favorite companion though. I love him. But we have literally changed this mission and President is on board. He told us the other day, he said: "You elders just like to party huh?" we said oh yeah. Because we want to get away from being the robot missionaries! Lets go tracting for 9 hours. Not COOL! Missionary Work is so much fun. So President was like, just run with it Elders. So he gave us free reign on this portion of the mission. We are so stinking excited.

This week we had Zone Leader Council where President, Sister Layton and Us train the Zone Leaders. It was a ton of fun. The training went really well. We basically brainstormed how we could get away from being robot missionaries and #1 letting the spirit actually be involved in the work. #2 Having a stinking blast being a missionary. So we rebuked the zone leaders and told them hey, it starts with you. So it was really good.

This week President & Sister Layton and Us traveled down to Casper to have a Specialized Training like I did when I was there. Me and Elder Pape trained on the fun of missionary work. Told alot of experiences and had a ton of fun. President trained on Inviting Investigators to baptism and the real purpose of it. Went really well. President and Sister Layton took off to Rapid but we stayed behind and did a exchange with the Zone Leaders. Elder Pape went with the Zone Leaders and I went with the 1st Ward elders. We got to go and see Charly Unegsk who I taught when I was there. They didnt have dinner so, I called up the Cunninghams and we went over there and then went over to the Burgess family. It was awesome so much fun. Very happy to be apart of Casper still! :)

On the way home from Casper it was 76 degrees and guess what it was colder in AZ than it was in the SDRCM! It has been crazy weather. The weather is so abnormal here. It is back down to the 20's but right now its bright and sunny but tomorrow it could be 8 feet of snow. Its crazy! :)

Another Super Fun thing we did this week was Djaye and Joe Hansen's wedding reception. Djaye asked us a couple months ago to speak at the reception on why they chose to go to the temple since none of her family is members. So Elder Pape spoke on that but she was super stressed out about the whole deal and freaking out about the whole ordeal and was like I dont know what to do. And she was like I wish someone knew how to throw a wedding reception and I thought and thought and thought and thought and finally figured out OH WAIT I DO!!!!!!!!!!! So guess what Total Package Entertainment and the Total Package came out of temporary leave and you guessed it I was the DJ. Lets rephrase that I was the DJ voice. Someone else played the music. But, HOLY BUCKETS it was so much fun. Me and Elder Pape had to just sit on the stage and take pictures and all. But, yeah it was so much fun!!!! I loved it! I got to help Djaye and Joe with a Sand Ceremony which is the two sands coming together ordeal. They really wanted their family to apart of the wedding so it went really well. Want to know the really sneaky thing me and elder pape did though. For Elder Pape's talk on the temple we wanted people to see pics of the temple so they can see for themselves what it is about. So we put a Temple Ensign on each table and during his talk he said will you turn with me to page 12 of the temple magazine on your table. It was awesome. Like during the reception you could see about 5 or so people sneaking a peek at it trying to make sure no one was watching them. It was hilarious. We had about 4 people come up to us and ask us if they could take it with them and then about 5 just steal it :) Our devious plan worked muahahahaha :)

Best thing that happened this week for sure is what happened today at church. We had Ron & Wendy Beaumont there and they are doing so well. Ron has been having some trouble just focusing and figuring out some things about the gospel. So for Priesthood we grabbed a couple of members and I grabbed the key to the bishops office so we grabbed Bro. Blackhurst (Ward Mission Leader) & Sister Mclaws (Bishops Wife) and Ron & Wendy and just Spirit Bombed them. The gospel principles lesson was on The Lord Covenant People and for a investigator that is alot of info. So Ron was like explain it to me. So we went into the bishops office and kind of turned into a intervention which then in turn turned into a Testimony meeting in which Ron & Wendy both bore their testimonies and are now getting baptized on SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY BUCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So cool!!!! But we cant tell Jordan & Dallas her daughter and son in law. So, yeah. So dont tell them. But holy moly going to be the best Saturday ever!!!! So Ron, Wendy, Connor and Kassi Blue are all getting baptized on Saturday. Ron, Wendy & Connor at 11 and Kassi at 1. The whole ward is coming because there will be a luncheon in between. So sweet!!!! :) HOLY BUCKETS!!!. Me and Elder Pape have been so happy. We have been on Cloud 9 all day. :) Ron & Wendy started breaking down crying when they were talking about how much we meant to them. They said they adopted us as Sons. Meeting the Beaumont family has made my entire mission worth it. You say your whole life I know there is someone out there who needs to hear what I have to say someone who I have to meet who only I can connect with. So, that is the Beaumont family for me. They are so wonderful. And they said that they are planning a marriage in the temple on January 14, 2013 in Mesa, Arizona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) how cool is that!!!! I am so excited so Elder Pape is going to stay with me and all and holy buckets!!!! I am so excited!!!!! HOLY BUCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

I would be remiss at this moment in time to share with all of you my testimony of my savior Jesus Christ and of his true restored church. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that he has died for my sins but more important than that I know that he has risen from the tomb and lives today. I know that he will come again. I know that Heavenly Father is a gracious god who loves me and knows me and you and wants nothing more than for us to be happy. He has given us the ways to be happy. Because he loves us he has given us a Prophet for us to hear his sons words today so that we can be guided and shielded from all of the fiery darts of the advesary. I know that because he is a gracious god he restored his church back to the earth. After centuries of being lost original truths of Jesus Christ have been restored for us to learn more about him and to come closer to him. I know that a young boy namely Joseph Smith had a simple prayer and that simple prayer consisted of wanting to know how to best follow Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. He went into a grove of trees to pray and ask his question in that instance Joseph Smith was indeed visited by God the Father and his son Jesus Christ. I know that they live and they love us. I know that families can be eternal. On that doctrine alone I would join this church. I love knowing that no matter what happens I have an eternal family. I love this gospel and this church with all I have and will always proudly say that I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know who I am and I know gods plan, I will follow him in faith.

I love you all so very much. Be Strong and Believe

I love you,
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Assistant to the President
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

p.s. the only reason I have this signature is because we have to email people in the church and people in the stakes in the mission. But mom, I loved your signature. love you momma!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Pictures 1.9.11

Elder Rudd going Crazy
Me, Dahl, Kocherhans, Woods
So excited for some reason
Classic Hilbun
Beautify Black Hills
Long Drives take a toll
The Mclaws Boys
Alex & Taylor Ostler

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pictures 1.7.12

Me and The Cunninghams (Casper)

The wind was blowing so hard that my suit almost ripped off me
Me & Pape and the Beaumonts
My DJ skills to use. I was the voice, he was the music man.
Me & Pape and DJaye and Joe Hansen.
Me and the Burgesses (Casper)