Sunday, April 25, 2010


Elder Rudd went branding this past week. Doesn't look like something I would want to do but he said it was fun!
Here he is in the action!

bottom: Elder Anderson, Erickson, Davis, Me, Hilbun
Top: Elder Christiansen, Miller, Dean

It looks so beautiful there!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Hey Mi Familia,

Well the topic of this email is somewhat bitter sweet and prob should be weird that you get an email from me on a saturday but Elder Anderson is getting transfered to Casper, WY he will be a zone leader until the end of his mission. Man, i will miss him alot! Dang. So sad!!

But thats not the only news......... Elder Michael Corey Rudd is also being transfered. President Layton is WHITE WASHING SHERIDAN FIRST WARD!!!!!! How crazy! I have been in Sheridan for a month and I am already being transfered. Its pretty crazy. Everyone is 1st ward is really mad. They have called the mission office. They are really ticked. Me and Elder Anderson are really sad. But these people are really mad. They are whitwashing the area (taking both elders out of the area) and bringing sister missionaries into the Sheridan 1st Ward. Really weird because the 1st ward is the best performing ward but they whitewash us??! Whatever. The lord needs me in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. So there will i go! If you have sent some letters to Sheridan for me, the elders will send them to me. But i am pretty sad myself. I just am getting comfortable. Just met all the ward and now sent out. But its okay.

Sioux Falls, SD is the biggest city in the entire mission it has 175,000 people there. In my patriatichal blessing it states. "You will have an influence over many people, even though you might not visit there particular land." also it states "You will be given the gift of tongues, as you communicate with people not of your culture" Sioux Falls has has Swahili people there, Mexican, African Americans, Peruvian, Guatemalan (Dad!!) and Brazilian, Its a huge cultural melting pot. So here is my chance to maybe fulfill that promise from my heavenly father. Great people. There are two wards there. I will be serving in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota 1st Ward. So i am staying with the whole first ward thing :). You will be happy to know as am I. Arizona is taking over the mission. My new companion is from Prescott, Arizona!!! His name is Elder Dalton. He leaves the same time Elder Anderson does. But he is awesome. I met him when I was in Rapid City. An awesome guy. So I will probably be in Sioux Falls for a while. Crazy I Know!! But the lord has need of me in SIoux Falls and to Sioux Falls I will go. Oh yeah by the way. They whitewashed Sioux Falls First Ward as well. So we are both going in cold to an area we have no idea about!! It will be hard but it will be good!! :)

I am called to serve the lord for the next 22 months. Happy two month mark today. It seems like so much longer. I love the lord. I love you sooo much. I know this will probably come as a big shock. But no worries I am where i need to be. Tell Kymber & Ryan I am mucho dissapointed in the letter flow. Shannon gets a thank you. She sent me a letter and raegan sent me a letter too. I am loving the mission. I am really going to miss sheridan. Amazing people. We had 4 Baptisms planned and they will all go to the sisters!!! Bummer huh!! Oh well, we helped them along there journey.

Heavenly Father loves each and every one of you so much. He knows your name individually and wants to talk to you. Please talk to him. Always keep that bond between you and him. Nothing is more powerful.

"Be steadfast and immovable, ALWAYS abounding in good works!" (Mos 5:15)

I have scripture study for all of you to do!! :) yay!!

Jeremiah 29:13, Alma 32, Alma 37, Helaman 5:12, DC 82, DC 123

Keep those letters coming people, COME ON!

Psalms 25:25 : As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country."

New Address

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
3008 Louise Apt. 304
Sioux Falls. SD 57106

May the lord bless you each day of your life. May you have a strength and a bond with him that can never be broken. I promise you as you do these things in your life, you will be strengthened and will grow so much. The lord is the way and the only way that things can be done. All things are possible through him! I love you

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Sioux Falls, SD!!

Monday, April 19, 2010


We had a great week today. Worked alot. Didnt make any progress with either Manuel or Mary so we just have the Becklunds still on date but they still arent coming to church. So, they cant get baptized unless they do come to church, So that is a tough one. Here in sheridan there is the VA Hospital and we cover it in the area so we get about 10 referrals a week from there. Its crazy. And they all want to be taught. They are all really different and all suffer from some disease or distraction. It is tough to teach them but most of them come to church and all. So they are really liking church and all.

Wednesday- The youth MTC. We had our whole district there. 2 buffalo elders. 6 sheridan elders. 5 Gillete Elders. I taught the restoration all the youth liked my class the best. :) The group is really awesome here. The ward is awesome. HOW COME NO ONE TOLD ME DAD WAS THE NEW WARD MISSION LEADER!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!! Really cool. I am so excited for him. Please tell him to write me and tell me even though he is the best writer. :) I am way excited for him.

Tuesday- We got a call from one of our investigators who works at the girls school out of town its for troubled young woman and all. But she gave our number to a woman who wanted us to give a blessing to her 16 year old grand daughter (The woman is a member, the grand daughter is a member but not active.) Our church doesnt come up to the school but, her grandma wanted her to have a blessing. So we got a call and set up an appointment at bro anderson's house (ward mission leader) and the young woman just poured her heart out to us. She is involved with Heroine, Cocaine, Anphetatmines, Smoking, Alcohol, Choking herself, sex, everything you can think of she did. The girl told us these things and it was just killing me. But, we cleared up alot of her issues and she has had just an amazing cleansing go through her and its awesome to see. You can see it in her spiritual being. She is a great young woman and have cleared alot of things up with her. Me and Elder Anderson gave her the blessing and everything went good. She seems to be doing better but she will be coming to church every sunday now. We have arranged a ride for her and all. So, she is doing good. She is on the right path.

Saturday- We went branding!!!!! Bro Trembath, (Bro. Wessels Grandpa-in-law?) He has a ranch about 30 miles out of town. We had alot of fun. Our whole district headed out there at about 8 in the morning we got pretty red. But what happens with branding. Is there are the small calfs and they are in the pen and you go in and pull one out and another missionary is waiting to flip it over and stabalize it so it wont go anywhere. Then the missionary who pulled in out would hold on to both legs and sit and lay on its legs so it couldnt get loose. Then, someone would give it a shot, then they would castrate it, then they would apply the brand. We did about 150 calf. It was a huge workout. I am still so sore. But it was fun. (Pictures are being sent)

Sunday- I spoke in sacrament meeting without elder anderson just myself and I spoke on Joseph Smiths first prayer. It went really well i thought but. I enjoyed it. The ward is great here. Its going great.

We will be spending a little more time in ranchester so that we can get to know the people a little more. But the work is going really well. Transfers are at the end of this week and Elder Anderson could be leaving or could be not. He is almost back to about 100 percent. So, I am glad we are a little more mobile. But its still limited.

We now have a booth at sheridan college the sheridan elders do. We each spend time there and answer alot of questions so its good. We also will be showing a movie here in the sheridan movie theater so that will be fun and exciting. We are either thinking Joseph Smith: Prophet Of The Restoration or The Testaments. We arent sure.

But, All is going well. Nothing can stop the work from progressing. Persecutions may rage, mobs may combine. Armies may assemble, calumny may defame but the truth of god will go forth boldly, nobly and independent. Til it has penetrated every land. Swept every country and sounded in every ear. Til the purposes of god shall be accomplished. The great Jehovah shall say the work is done.

Sorry this one is a short one. But everything is going really well. enjoying the work alot.

I love you all so much. Mom I am glad you enjoyed the rose and the name tag. My name tag got trashed because of my recliner. It slid in there and got ate up.

Happy Almost B-day Kirk.

I love you guys so much, I miss you lots.

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This one is the MTC shot "The Map"
Our pile of trash, isn't it awesome. So my idea too. Don't worry we took it out after.
Me and Elder Anderson didnt have a dinner appointment so we sat down to a lovely cooked meal. I cooked the chicken and the vegetables and he did the rice. I did an hour and a half marinade with (Cajun, Crushed Red Pepper, Creole, Cholula Hot Sauce, Chicken Rub, New Orleans Kikin Chicken Spice and some more cajun. The flavor stuck to the chicken real easy. He made the rice and did a very nice rendition. He did a ginger rice with some garlic salt, ginger and pepper. Very good. We are pro's! :)

the laundry room the biggest blessing in our entire apartment.
the workout room/ bike room/ everything else room

the great and spacious wall every missionary that has ever lived in the apartment signs the wall.

The room. I am the bottom bunk. We are hardly there so it is spotless.
The stairway to Heaven! The only way to exhaltation!! The top is our apartment!

This is were we do our personal, companion and weekly study and planning.
The heavenly throne of yours truely. It is very comfortable. It is falling apart. But we got it for 3 bucks at Habitat for Humanity. I am the only one with a recliner. Oh I enjoy it!
The McDonald's Bench!!! It's awesome huh!!!

The kitchen the most used room in the apartment. I love it!

Yes the new missionary outfit! I am always going to be me! Apron Man!!! (Robe Man for the mission)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Almost Two Months

Isnt it crazy. The Total Package has almost been out for two months. I have been in sheridan for almost a month as well. The work is going great! The Becklund Family (Shawn & Ashely who are on date for May 15th) they were supposed to come to church yesterday. But they did not come. They will receive a stern rebuking! :) Also we have a less active Tiesha Abeyta she got baptized about a year ago and started not coming to chuch we had a really powerful lesson with her and she was in tears and promised us she would come to church and we even stopped by an hour before church and she said she would come but! did she!! NO! oh by golly wolly she will receive a super stern rebuking! :) Mary Witworth in Ranchester. She is doing great! She is still smoking which is ugh! but anyways. She doesnt want to seem like a hipocrit about being baptized and smoking which we were going to address anyways so! It will be good. We are going over there on Thursday and give her, her very own stop smoking plan and set a date with her to work towards. So we will have three on date and also we will probably set an date with Manuel Merange. Manuel's sister is Sis Byington, she was baptized about a year ago. She married a member he went on a mission and all. Awesome family but her brother Manuel lives with them and now we are teaching him and got him to really really pray to know. Elder Anderson went to Ranchester last thursday night and i stayed in Sheridan and went on splits with Brother Anderson. But Manuel is real close he is 14 by the way. Elvin Slack. wow! So, Elvin is about 48 he is a hippy basically. We went to his house this week and when he opened the door the smoke just billowed out. He was high as a kite. He told me he loved me like 5 times. But we came back on friday when he was actually able to talk to us. His big problem is that he doesnt pray for himself he thinks he doesnt need anything else in his life. But he is so lonely and he smokes, drinks, chews and drinks coffee and tea so he is 5 for 5 which he doesnt see the need to change anything. He has been taught for a year. We are working really hard on him, it looks like we will have to drop him which is really hard because he is such an awesome guy! :( But we will work real hard on him. The Perry family they are a part member family Troy the husband is a member. Evon & Chancelor & Heartly are not. Evon is troy's wife an chancelor just turned 17 and heartly is 16. The whole family loves us. We are so close with them they have taken us out to eat and fed us like 3 times already! Troy is an amazing chef. Me and Elder Anderson made Chancelor a birthday cake and brought it to them and chancelor whenever he see's us gives us huge hugs. Heartly tried to once but we were like ahhhh.. hahaha. SDRCM Missionaries are the best (South Dakota Rapid City Mission) Troy is an awesome cook he made bacon wrapped shrimp and deep fried. oh man! so good. elder anderson freaked when he found out that they were in beer batter, dont worry mom I cleared it up :) but elder davis doesnt see a problem with buying beer on a mission. Oh elder davis what a crazy. But to fix that elder anderson bought soda today and made a soda batter which was actually really cook. We fried Okra, Cheese, Brownies and leaks. Really good. Clair Bourke basically the missionary mom of sheridan. especially 1st ward though. She was baptized about a year ago and she is awesome. Next week we are going to make shirts at her house that say "I served in sheridan" on them. She is so awesome. She has a major rocky past and me and elder anderson go and see her like 2 times a week because we are worried about her and want to make sure that she is doing okay. She started a new job at the holiday inn here and hasnt been able to come to church. But we are working it out so that she can. She is awesome.

Today we had district meeting we have it once a week. There is a town about 30 miles from here called buffalo and there is a set of missionaries there (elder dean and elder christiansen) they are in our district. But today i taught district meeting. It was really good we talked about when it was necessary to drop someone and to use the spirit of discernment. District Meetings get really heated sometimes. But its good. To drop someone it is really really hard but! it's necessary! Also, our district is putting on a youth MTC this wednesday. President Layton will be coming from Rapid. The gillete spanish speaking elders will be here. So the youth will learn how to teach in spanish and english. We made real call letters and all. We delivered them to our youth yesterday there should be about 70 youth there on wednesday. it will go real good. I will be teaching the restoration and how to teach it. After they will go through and teach it. president will be one they teach it too and we are bringing people from the wards to act like people. It will be real good we are really excited for it. Me and elder anderson are putting on a member mtc for the 1st ward in may. (Transfers are at the end of this month. he thinks he is getting transfered i highly doubt it! he has doctors appt's and physical therapy here, i dont think that president will transfer him, but the lord is the one who will do it so idk.)

Me and elder anderson are getting along so well we love being here. Elder Erickson (2nd ward) goes home at the end of the month and elder anderson has 4 months left. I know my time will just blow by. I have already been gone for 2 months! (basically) Its insane!! Mom, you should be getting something from me today check the door step and also something left today for you. I hope you like it.

The work here in sheridan is great. I am so excited to work. I am so excited that i have time and to get the lords work done. I made a missionary pledge for myself.

"For i am a missionary, I am called as a personal representative of jesus christ. he has entrusted me with his work. As a missionary I will work everyday and every night. I promise to work with all my heart, might, mind and strength. the lord has called me to do his work and his work i will do. I will live worthily to be lead by the spirit to teach and preach in his name. I will keep an upstanding image with me every day i work. For i work for the lord. I will be all that i can in the time that i have FOR I AM A MISSIONARY"

The church is true i am so excited to work in the lords errand. I can promise all of you as you follow the savior he will not lead you astray. Follow him.

I love you all so much. Happy Birthday Mom, Whitney, Chelsey, Brylee and Kirk.
I am so thankful each and everyday that i grew up in my family.
I am so thankful for all of you and all the letters they are much appreciated!

The Total Package
(It just needs to be there)
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Sheridan, Wyoming (Or God's Country) :)

Monday, April 5, 2010


Wow what a week this week. I love to hear the words of our prophets and leaders. They are awesome. They are truly messengers of the lord Jesus Christ. Before I go into anything else. I want everyone who reads this to know. That beyond a shadow of a doubt. The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the ONLY TRUE church here on the earth today. Because of our faith and love of the savior. We know that the opportunity we have to be members of this church is wonderful. We are so lucky. We are so lucky to be shielded from many of the devils tactics. Because of our beloved savior who gave up his own life. We have been blessed to know our eternal destiny. We live in a very scary and twisted world. We know that because of our faith we know what will happen and what we can do to make it.

The lord knows that this is a very very very scary place and he knew it would be. But he gives us loads and loads of help. He gives us Modern Day Prophets to aid us through our life and to give us his counsel in the latter day. We have been given scripture to read and to understand and to help apply in our life. I can promise you that through each of our faith and love in the savior all is well.

General Conference was awesome. We got to watch it at the Ward Building all 6 of the elders watched it there. We had a blast. We were note taking fools. I have never wrote that quick in my entire life. I probably ended up about 30 pages of notes front and back for all the sessions. I went in to conference needed a boost and I had specific questions in which I needed help to answer. I promise you the messages we heard this last week are straight from the lord himself. D&C 1:37-38 The lord speaks through his prophets. I know that the Savior loves us. Because of his love he gives us help. All we have to do is listen to that help and apply it in our lives.


If we can all do these things in our life I can promise you we can all be happy and we can be ready for what lies ahead in our lives.

1. Pray night & day. Have an open relationship with heavenly father. Trust me that is the only way to get through things. Like it was said by Neil L. Anderson. "Two people can do anything, as long as one of them is Jesus Christ.

2. Read from the standard works. (Book of Mormon, Bible, Pearl of Great Price or D&C) for about 5 min a day. Be diligent and the lord will bless you. (2 NE 32:3)

3. Give service freely and the lord will bless you. (Mosiah 2:17)

4. Be kind to those around you. Tell someone hi, say please and thank you. Just be kind.

5. The most important one.... SMILE! The lord loves you. Why be sad?

We have been so blessed in our lives. We are given the chance to know the end from the beginning. I cant say enough how important it is to know what we know. Think for a second if you had know idea. In D&C 123:12 it says that many are kept from the faith because they know not where to find it. How sad is that? That brought me much sadness. Many other people are not shielded from much of Satan's tactics so they are crushed by his tricks BECAUSE THEY KNOW NOT WHERE TO FIND IT. They are kept from happiness BECAUSE THEY KNOW NOT WHERE TO FIND IT. The don't know that they have a loving Heavenly Father BECAUSE THEY DONT KNOW!!! They dont know!!!!! How sad is that?! Its been very hard for me with Elder Anderson down because it has slowed us down big time. We still teach as much as we can but we cant do very much because he has to rest. We cant go tracting because he cant walk without his crutches. It stinks. But it is working out.

My favorite talk during conference was President Uchdorfs during Priesthood. It was amazing. One of the quotes he said just was awesome. "Through Patience you can win mastery over your souls." How awesome is that. All of you know i need more patience in my life and quite frankly I think everyone does. That is one of the hardest things I struggle with in my life. But Patience is definitly a virtue and through it all things are possible.

Sorry I just keep babbling. But! This week went really well. It has snowed twice this week they thought it would be about 6 inches but it only was about 3 inches.

Good news we have our first two baptisms. May 15th Shawn and Ashley Becklund. They are 10 and 8 so one counts as a investigator and one is just normal. But it doesnt matter. It is awesome. Me and Elder Anderson have been teaching them for about 2 weeks now. Their parents are members but Less Active so, we need to teach them the discussions and get them to church before they can be baptized but! its going well. We should have two more dates this week one with Mary from Ranchester and another is an excommunicated woman and her daughter. The work is going forth.

Monday we headed up to Gillete and slept the night there, Stayed with 6 other elders in a tiny appartment. Then we woke up and headed to casper at about 6 in the morning. We got to casper at about 9. Long drive. Zone conference was awesome. President Layton is amazing. I love that man he is so amazing. Each week we write him an email. Great time there. We had the Casper Zone and The Gillete Zone it went great. Got to see Elder Dahl. Hasnt changed one bit. He will put on a couple pounds. I havent lost any more. If we didnt have the car then I would be but dangit Elder Anderson. Transfers are at the end of April I am pretty sure Elder Anderson will get transfered. But, who knows. He has been in sheridan for 6 months so yes.

I am cooking up a storm momma. We are having a district dinner and me and elder anderson will cook. We bought some ribs and mashed potatoes and asparagus and all. It will be good. We make alot of mexican. YUM! Sheridan has a Taco Bell, Walmart, Wendys, Arby's, Subway and a burger king and a really good steak place its kinda pricy but a member of the bishop brick took us there monday night. Super good!! So yeah basically Sheridan has the "Whitney Neccessities" :) (I will take a moment to pause for the laughter) Oh and it has two Mcdonalds. Who would of thought? Anyways.

We are working really hard though. Today we cleaned out our entire fridge. I cant tell you how nasty it was. Ugh!

What about Caseym Mack??! When does he get his call. Just to let you know their will be letters heading out today to Alec, Casey, Mom, Whitney, Kirk, Dad, Chelsey, Mark and The Lewis's. I have been really busy i am sorry its taking so long. Mom I loved the easter package! We are having lots of fun with everything. I also got chelseys and the Lewis's Package. Today I received my baptisimal clothes. I will need those. Oh and Wayne and Michel have letters coming too. Tell Douglas he owes me a letter!!!! I have had no letters the last two days. How does that make you feel? Your beloved Total Package in who knows where, Wyoming with no mail!! :) Just kidding but seriously mail is much appreciated :)

I know you all want pictures! I am working on it! I really am. Its been hard on P-Days we are working really hard and have no time.

BUT! Oh Yeah! People actually live in Wyoming!! Their is a place called Big Horn. Its South of Sheridan about 15 miles. Its 2nd wards area. Our dinner appt changed to lunch yesterday so we went with them upon invitation from them. The Gilbert Family really nice. But Big Horn is where all the big wigs live./ The owner of Coca Cola lives there!!! Atleast some of the company. Then Mr. Mars lives there. The owner of Mars Bar. (m&ms) He has a HUGE house. I will send pictures. Also, the owner of better home & garden lives there. They are gigantic houses and they all are at the bottom of the Big Horn Mountains!! Everywhere in sheridan, ranchester or big horn you can see the Big Horn Mountains its beautiful. I will send pictures.

I am very sad to hear about Bro. Degroff. He is in a much better place now. Also, Aunt Patty. I hope all is well with her. I hope she will be okay.

Again, I want you all to know that Jesus Is The Christ and he loves you as does your Beloved Heavenly Father. He knows you individually. All you have to do is ask with real intent and he will bless you through all your endeavours.

I have an unshaking testimony of jesus christ. This church is true.
If Satan comes against you dont let him in and dont serve him tea and crumpets!!! You shouldnt be drinking tea anyways!! Oh Elder Holland he brings me great joy.
Be bold and tell him to get the hence. Do not waste time with him.

I belong to the chruch of jesus christ of latter day saints i know who i am i know gods plan and I WILL follow him in faith.

I love you all so much.
Please Keep Me updated.
I am always there for each and everyone of you.
Please let me know what I can do for you.

I love you!
Your Missionary (Who is annoying the advesary with all he has)

Elder Michael Corey Rudd