Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This one is the MTC shot "The Map"
Our pile of trash, isn't it awesome. So my idea too. Don't worry we took it out after.
Me and Elder Anderson didnt have a dinner appointment so we sat down to a lovely cooked meal. I cooked the chicken and the vegetables and he did the rice. I did an hour and a half marinade with (Cajun, Crushed Red Pepper, Creole, Cholula Hot Sauce, Chicken Rub, New Orleans Kikin Chicken Spice and some more cajun. The flavor stuck to the chicken real easy. He made the rice and did a very nice rendition. He did a ginger rice with some garlic salt, ginger and pepper. Very good. We are pro's! :)

the laundry room the biggest blessing in our entire apartment.
the workout room/ bike room/ everything else room

the great and spacious wall every missionary that has ever lived in the apartment signs the wall.

The room. I am the bottom bunk. We are hardly there so it is spotless.
The stairway to Heaven! The only way to exhaltation!! The top is our apartment!

This is were we do our personal, companion and weekly study and planning.
The heavenly throne of yours truely. It is very comfortable. It is falling apart. But we got it for 3 bucks at Habitat for Humanity. I am the only one with a recliner. Oh I enjoy it!
The McDonald's Bench!!! It's awesome huh!!!

The kitchen the most used room in the apartment. I love it!

Yes the new missionary outfit! I am always going to be me! Apron Man!!! (Robe Man for the mission)

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