Monday, April 5, 2010


Wow what a week this week. I love to hear the words of our prophets and leaders. They are awesome. They are truly messengers of the lord Jesus Christ. Before I go into anything else. I want everyone who reads this to know. That beyond a shadow of a doubt. The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the ONLY TRUE church here on the earth today. Because of our faith and love of the savior. We know that the opportunity we have to be members of this church is wonderful. We are so lucky. We are so lucky to be shielded from many of the devils tactics. Because of our beloved savior who gave up his own life. We have been blessed to know our eternal destiny. We live in a very scary and twisted world. We know that because of our faith we know what will happen and what we can do to make it.

The lord knows that this is a very very very scary place and he knew it would be. But he gives us loads and loads of help. He gives us Modern Day Prophets to aid us through our life and to give us his counsel in the latter day. We have been given scripture to read and to understand and to help apply in our life. I can promise you that through each of our faith and love in the savior all is well.

General Conference was awesome. We got to watch it at the Ward Building all 6 of the elders watched it there. We had a blast. We were note taking fools. I have never wrote that quick in my entire life. I probably ended up about 30 pages of notes front and back for all the sessions. I went in to conference needed a boost and I had specific questions in which I needed help to answer. I promise you the messages we heard this last week are straight from the lord himself. D&C 1:37-38 The lord speaks through his prophets. I know that the Savior loves us. Because of his love he gives us help. All we have to do is listen to that help and apply it in our lives.


If we can all do these things in our life I can promise you we can all be happy and we can be ready for what lies ahead in our lives.

1. Pray night & day. Have an open relationship with heavenly father. Trust me that is the only way to get through things. Like it was said by Neil L. Anderson. "Two people can do anything, as long as one of them is Jesus Christ.

2. Read from the standard works. (Book of Mormon, Bible, Pearl of Great Price or D&C) for about 5 min a day. Be diligent and the lord will bless you. (2 NE 32:3)

3. Give service freely and the lord will bless you. (Mosiah 2:17)

4. Be kind to those around you. Tell someone hi, say please and thank you. Just be kind.

5. The most important one.... SMILE! The lord loves you. Why be sad?

We have been so blessed in our lives. We are given the chance to know the end from the beginning. I cant say enough how important it is to know what we know. Think for a second if you had know idea. In D&C 123:12 it says that many are kept from the faith because they know not where to find it. How sad is that? That brought me much sadness. Many other people are not shielded from much of Satan's tactics so they are crushed by his tricks BECAUSE THEY KNOW NOT WHERE TO FIND IT. They are kept from happiness BECAUSE THEY KNOW NOT WHERE TO FIND IT. The don't know that they have a loving Heavenly Father BECAUSE THEY DONT KNOW!!! They dont know!!!!! How sad is that?! Its been very hard for me with Elder Anderson down because it has slowed us down big time. We still teach as much as we can but we cant do very much because he has to rest. We cant go tracting because he cant walk without his crutches. It stinks. But it is working out.

My favorite talk during conference was President Uchdorfs during Priesthood. It was amazing. One of the quotes he said just was awesome. "Through Patience you can win mastery over your souls." How awesome is that. All of you know i need more patience in my life and quite frankly I think everyone does. That is one of the hardest things I struggle with in my life. But Patience is definitly a virtue and through it all things are possible.

Sorry I just keep babbling. But! This week went really well. It has snowed twice this week they thought it would be about 6 inches but it only was about 3 inches.

Good news we have our first two baptisms. May 15th Shawn and Ashley Becklund. They are 10 and 8 so one counts as a investigator and one is just normal. But it doesnt matter. It is awesome. Me and Elder Anderson have been teaching them for about 2 weeks now. Their parents are members but Less Active so, we need to teach them the discussions and get them to church before they can be baptized but! its going well. We should have two more dates this week one with Mary from Ranchester and another is an excommunicated woman and her daughter. The work is going forth.

Monday we headed up to Gillete and slept the night there, Stayed with 6 other elders in a tiny appartment. Then we woke up and headed to casper at about 6 in the morning. We got to casper at about 9. Long drive. Zone conference was awesome. President Layton is amazing. I love that man he is so amazing. Each week we write him an email. Great time there. We had the Casper Zone and The Gillete Zone it went great. Got to see Elder Dahl. Hasnt changed one bit. He will put on a couple pounds. I havent lost any more. If we didnt have the car then I would be but dangit Elder Anderson. Transfers are at the end of April I am pretty sure Elder Anderson will get transfered. But, who knows. He has been in sheridan for 6 months so yes.

I am cooking up a storm momma. We are having a district dinner and me and elder anderson will cook. We bought some ribs and mashed potatoes and asparagus and all. It will be good. We make alot of mexican. YUM! Sheridan has a Taco Bell, Walmart, Wendys, Arby's, Subway and a burger king and a really good steak place its kinda pricy but a member of the bishop brick took us there monday night. Super good!! So yeah basically Sheridan has the "Whitney Neccessities" :) (I will take a moment to pause for the laughter) Oh and it has two Mcdonalds. Who would of thought? Anyways.

We are working really hard though. Today we cleaned out our entire fridge. I cant tell you how nasty it was. Ugh!

What about Caseym Mack??! When does he get his call. Just to let you know their will be letters heading out today to Alec, Casey, Mom, Whitney, Kirk, Dad, Chelsey, Mark and The Lewis's. I have been really busy i am sorry its taking so long. Mom I loved the easter package! We are having lots of fun with everything. I also got chelseys and the Lewis's Package. Today I received my baptisimal clothes. I will need those. Oh and Wayne and Michel have letters coming too. Tell Douglas he owes me a letter!!!! I have had no letters the last two days. How does that make you feel? Your beloved Total Package in who knows where, Wyoming with no mail!! :) Just kidding but seriously mail is much appreciated :)

I know you all want pictures! I am working on it! I really am. Its been hard on P-Days we are working really hard and have no time.

BUT! Oh Yeah! People actually live in Wyoming!! Their is a place called Big Horn. Its South of Sheridan about 15 miles. Its 2nd wards area. Our dinner appt changed to lunch yesterday so we went with them upon invitation from them. The Gilbert Family really nice. But Big Horn is where all the big wigs live./ The owner of Coca Cola lives there!!! Atleast some of the company. Then Mr. Mars lives there. The owner of Mars Bar. (m&ms) He has a HUGE house. I will send pictures. Also, the owner of better home & garden lives there. They are gigantic houses and they all are at the bottom of the Big Horn Mountains!! Everywhere in sheridan, ranchester or big horn you can see the Big Horn Mountains its beautiful. I will send pictures.

I am very sad to hear about Bro. Degroff. He is in a much better place now. Also, Aunt Patty. I hope all is well with her. I hope she will be okay.

Again, I want you all to know that Jesus Is The Christ and he loves you as does your Beloved Heavenly Father. He knows you individually. All you have to do is ask with real intent and he will bless you through all your endeavours.

I have an unshaking testimony of jesus christ. This church is true.
If Satan comes against you dont let him in and dont serve him tea and crumpets!!! You shouldnt be drinking tea anyways!! Oh Elder Holland he brings me great joy.
Be bold and tell him to get the hence. Do not waste time with him.

I belong to the chruch of jesus christ of latter day saints i know who i am i know gods plan and I WILL follow him in faith.

I love you all so much.
Please Keep Me updated.
I am always there for each and everyone of you.
Please let me know what I can do for you.

I love you!
Your Missionary (Who is annoying the advesary with all he has)

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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  1. I am SO excited I have a letter coming to me!! YAY! Hopefully its longer than 5 sentences. My favorite part of the letter is the "Whitney Necessities". He knows you too well Whit! I am so proud of my little brother! He is growing up so much and I love seeing him be SO excited about the gospel.