Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Week in Sheridan Wyoming!!

I am so excited for ALEC and Cameron! Oh man Cameron will chunk out!!! The Domincan Republic Huh?! That boy better be writing me! i Will not be a happy camper if he doesn't! That is awesome. Please tell alec to write me though he hasnt yet!!! The Lord will send his missionaries far and wide!! The work is to be done! And nothing can stop it from progressing!! Yes mom Elder PUG (Or Pugmire) We call him PUG did drive me to Wymonig. Him and Elder Emerson are my Assistants. Tell her that her son is awesome and that i love him. Its funny whenever we get off the phone with each other we always say "love you elder" and the people we are around look like we are crazy!! But its fantastic!

Wow! Where to begin! Elder Anderson did have to have surgery. So for the last couple days we have been splitting up because he has had to be at the apartment. He has surgery on friday. What happened is that a tumor (or bone) was growing off of his growth plate and it was sharp so everytime he would bend his knee it would stab into his muscle!! Yikes!! Monday was his doctors visit and friday they got him in for surgery at the hospital. He has been really bummed but the surgery went well. But he has made me his personal slave!! The surgery was hilarious. They put him on Vicadin (sp?) Morphean and alot of hard drugs. When i walked in from the waiting room he was teaching them the gospel. But he has no recollection of it at all!! It was quite funny!! We went to eat at a buffet today! Its called Kims Kitchen. The Perry family that i told you about told us about it. 3.95 for a lunch buffet!! Well lets just say they dont want us to come back.... :) The members are great here! I love them. Our Mission Leader Brother Anderson is lots of fun. They do take care of us pretty good. But we eat alone sometimes. We are so busy that dinners just dont work out. But thats okay. Sometimes they bring us food or whatever. Our apartment is awesome cooks. We plan on making chili this week as well as hush puppies!!!! We found out how to make them and WE ARE GOING TO!! We all love to cook. While Elder Anderson is laid up at the apartment. Second Ward has the car back so we are back to walking. Me and Elder Davis walked 10 Miles on Saturday. I was so beat at the end. Man i am so thankful to Pomeroy's and my Rockport Westgroves!! (Copyright 2010 Pomeroy's Wearing Apparel) Yeah sheridan is an awesome place. The gospel is being taught. There is a street called Coffeen here that is like the main road and we have to walk down it to get to places but not all the people of sheridan love the elders. They chuck beer bottles and spit on us and throw their cigarettes at us. Isn't it awesome!!!!!!!! :) I could care less. Its kinda like that movie madagascar "Just Smile and Wave Boys, Just Smile and Wave!" I got hit by a beer bottle the other day. The bishop thought we were drinking. I told him we were. :)

On Thursday we headed out to Ranchester to visit some people in the Branch. We taught Mary Witworth, she is about 62 and has been married 5 times. Her last husband just died. She hated him so much. He put her through physical and emotional pain for 12 years, it is so sad to see that going on. There is ALOT of it in sheridan. Our apartment is right smack dab in the middle of the city. So we hear everything that goes on! The gun shots and the drunks at the OK Corral the Drive thru bar next door to us. They are really funny actually. The other night one of them kept knocking on our door and saying "Frank i know your in there come out with the beers i dont think im wasted yet. He was so wasted. Oh and there is a lady who walks across the roof from us and knocks on our kitchen door and is drunk and wants us to go beat up her boyfriend for her. There is never one dull night in sheridan. Like none of the members live in the downtown part. They all live in the nicer neighborhoods. Its funny!
Oh yeah, Mary is VERY close to being baptized!!! AWESOME HUH! she will prob be our first baptism. Speaking of baptism. Ummm.... I think i left my temple, pants, belt, and tie in the MTC. I know i know. My bad. Do you think it would be possible to go down to pomeroys and get those for me. They have my measurements. Just get a nice striped tie. if you could! Im sorry!!! :) you can just take it out of my account. Please :) I love you! You cant blame a guy who just wants to baptize everyone in the entire state of Wyoming! It prob wouldnt be that hard all 400,000 of them!! They call it gods country! Because only god knows where it is! :) haha! I enjoyed that one!!

yesterday me and elder davis went to one of our investigators houses in the trailer park. Three days prior me and elder anderson fasted with her about her husbands license being released from the state of florida to the state of wyoming so that he could get back to work! So, we head over on sunday and sit down and start talking with her as she is smoking a cigarette! (I hate those things!!! Everyone smokes here it drives me nuts!!!!! And they all blow the smoke in your face!!! Ugh!!!! Anyways... We sit down and start talking and it is going really good. Then she starts to start crying and we sit there for a little while and she says "what is it with you mormons, why do you have an answer for everything!!! Why did you have to help me? She then told me and elder davis that because of her fast and our fast. Her husband had his license released and he has started working. She told us that they have been dealing with that issue for 2 and a half years. But just because of her faith and our faith in what we believe she was granted that wonderful blessing. I want you all to know that this gospel is true. This work that missionaries do everyday is so important. It is our responsibility to teach the gospel. BUT! The members play such an important role in the work. Just like elder bednar says: "missionary work isnt temporary ITS FOREVER!" Everyone please share the gospel. look back in D&C 31:3. Your tongue will be loosed and you can declare glad tidings and great joy unto this generation!" What a promise! We are all representatives of christ. There is nothing more important that we could do!!

Tonight we head to Gillete Wyoming and stay the night. Its about a 2 hour drive. then wake up and drive to Casper, Wyoming for Zone Conference. Its a Dual Zone so the Gillete Zone (My Zone) Then the Casper Zone (Elder Dahl's Zone) Then that night we drive back to gillete and get our car and head back to sheridan and we should be back about 9 that night. Every now and again I call the boys from the district. They are all doing well.

Yesterday, i taught the Stake Mission Prep. They told me to take an hour. I ended up taking an Hour and Forty Five Minutes. Basically the stake president got up and was like amen. I told him i was sorry. But they know now not to make me talk at all!!! :) That works! There was about 50 people at the mission prep from about 8 wards all over wyoming. It was lots of fun. On saturday i went on splits with Bro Anderson and we taught a 18 year old girl in our ward to share the gospel a little bit better. She has someone she wants to teach the gospel to and now she feels prepared and ready so that is good!!! She is also deciding between ASU and BYU. I love ASU and Elder Anderson went to BYU. We had some good arguements. There family used to live in Miami, AZ for a while so we get to talk about Arizona alot. I always joke with them that you can either be a devil or an angel?

I am glad to hear that everything is going well. No rocky mountain oysters yet. But branding season is coming up. Elder Anderson and Elder Hilbun will probably be gone this coming transfer at the end of April. So, they wont be here no more. But, me and elder davis will be here a will prob for 6 months. I wouldnt mind being here longer!! The bear cloud family is doing well. Tristan is baptized. The dad is coming to church and then Wyatt is still in jail but the family is doing well. They are in 3rd ward.

Well its time to get some work done. Mom, I love you!! Thank you for everything! The birthday is on the way Along with whitney and chelsey and kirk and gosh! Jeesh! Just kidding i love you all. Dad, im sorry i havent been writing back. But i love you soooo much. I miss you guys. But im doing well. My Knee is doing alright. Still really tender. After i walked the 10 miles my knee was in so much pain but it will be okay. No worries. I just want to let you all know i am like pro-clothes washer! I have major skills!!!

Everyday of my life I am so grateful to the family i have for i know i would not be the person i am today. Because of you i am here. Mom & Dad this world is a scary place but you have shielded my eyes from so much and you have kept me on the straight and narrow. I want you to know that i love you. Its because of your love i have such a great love for the people i teach. Because of you i want everyone to have and to feel what i have felt for 19 years!!

This church is true. Dont ever for one second forget it. The gospel in its entirety is here on the earth and we have been given tools to help us in our lives. Let us use them!!!

I Love you guys sooo much.
Thank you for the letters! I didnt get any today! Come on people! Come On!!!
Just kidding.

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

Oh P.S. Sheridan knows about the Total Package :) and the radio voice! Elder Anderson makes me do it at dinner appointments! Not cool! Love you!!

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