Monday, September 27, 2010

Another Week

Hey There!

Bro. Kleiner pardon me, Bishop Kleiner will be awesome. What a wonderful man. All the years of coaching me and being my young mens leader I have always felt such a close connection with Bishop Kleiner and what a wonderful man for the job. He will be wonderful. I am so excited to see the many wonderful miracles that they do as a group. What a wonderful ward the Grandview First Ward is. I really miss it on sundays. When you hope and pray that twenty show up for the meeting. But we got 62 this last sunday and we are on the rise. :) We had 5 less actives at church. People we have been teaching. I am so excited the work was great this week! We have three new investigators.
Chris Mott- He is in his late 20's. He was taught for three weeks by the spanish elders in Gillette and he moved to wright to work on the mine. He has a twenty month old daughter in douglas, wy. He is from texas. But him and his wife are divorced because they were both on hard drugs and alcohol and smoking. But, he wanted to make a change in there life and find a church. But, she didnt. So they are seperated. :( But he is an awesome guy. He is on track to be baptized. He wants to super bad. But we cant before all the lessons and all the good stuff. It will be good. Very excited for him.
Gantenbeins- Bro. Gantenbein is a member and so are his sons. But he is re married and his wife isnt. So, they both have a smoking problem. We will start the addiction recovery with them this wednesday and teach them the restoration. Bro. Gantenbein works at the mine and is just a wonderful family. They were making wendy's chili. And we had just eaten a huge dinner. But they fed chili too us too. I always tell families when you are set apart as a missionary you are blessed with two stomachs. But we will see much success from them.
Our new ward mission leader from Safford, AZ gave us an awesome refferal. A family where the mother is less active but there is four kids and the husband are not members. So alot of potential there havent met them yet. Very hard to get people home in wright though.
I am so excited for dad and the job he found. What a wonderful blessing from our father in heaven. GIVE THANKS!!!!! THANK HIM EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR LIFE. AND THE NUMEROUS BLESSINGS WE RECEIVE.

Soap Box-
The last time I was on here I was looking at my blog and decided to watch me open my call again. I want to let everyone know something....
Why did I go on a mission? Why am i back on my mission?
Its not because its the RIGHT thing to do. Its not because I would dissapoint my family if I didnt. Its not because my brother went. its not because my dad went. Its not because the prophet called me. Its not because my girlfriend wouldnt wait for me. its not for any other reason than the most important reason.
I am on a mission to: "Invite others to come unto christ." I am here to serve my savior Jesus Christ, every single second of every single day. I will serve my heart out til the end.
Was it hard being home for surgery? of course!!!
But why am I going back to Rapid City South Dakota??
Because the lord has need of me!
He needs me!!!!
So lets take a second here. The devoted all of his life to serving mankind. How much do we devote? Yes I am a missionary, yes I have been called to do it full time. THAT IS NO EXCUSE!!! If you say well, you know I think I have done enough missionary work. ABSOULETY NOT! You can never do enough! "we are ALL enlisted til the conflict is over" As much to my knowledge the conflict is not over and is only going to get harder. The world is getting worse and worse each day. People are falling each day to satans temptations. But hmmm... lets see how do we conquer satan? FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST AND THE ATONEMENT. The single most important thing that has ever happened on the face of the earth. The atonement of Jesus Christ is at our fingertips. We have access to it. ARE YOU USING IT? Are you letting satan get to you. You want to know the best thing? We know the outcome. Satan can have no power over us. Absolutely no power. But if we let him, he can.
Please help the missionaries WHEREVER you are. Please I beg of you as a missionary. We need the help of members. When you think of help, you think feeding us. Which is awesome. We appreciate it. But THATS NOT ENOUGH! We need you to share the gospel and find us people to teach. YOU do the finding WE do the teaching. What a wonderful way.
I have asked our bishop here to talk in sacrament meeting and I plan to share what I shared with all of you. There is no more important work in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints than Missionary work. That is the most important! Please! Please! Please! Open your mouth, share the gospel. There is much urgency. If you say, well not right now, I dont know what to say, pray for the guidance of the spirit. We are all disciples of Jesus Christ. All those people in the world. Our church is 14 million people. The world has 6 billion people. I wonder if there is any body we can share the message with, what do you think?
end of soapbox-
I know you guys want to here about everything going on in Wright. But! the most important thing I can tell I just did.
On saturday, we got to help the hansons pour cement and have a good time. It was a blast. This time they got a cement mixer. Im the cement pourer. I wouldnt think people would actually let me touch saw's and alot of power tools. :) But they do and I'm good at it gosh darn! :)
On tuesday we got to go on a mine tour of black thunder. The biggest open pit coal mine in the entire world. It took four hours to take the tour it was pretty crazy. We have pics. They have haul trucks that carrry the coal to the crusher. We had a big 15 passanger van our there and we were probably a sixteenth of how big the haul truck was. It could care 480 tons of coal. Its crazy!!!! It was very fun to see what goes on there. So massive.
Well, I struck out this week on letters in the mail. Kinda dissapointed about that. If ye love me, stuff my mailbox!!!!!!!! :) Please. Nothing starts the day better than getting a letter. So please write me. :) I would much enjoy it. I am loving wright though. I have had alot of connections with the seminary students. One of the kids asked me to help ordain him to the Melchizedek priesthood. What a wonderful ward. So excited.
Ask the elders about Elder Lancaster. He would be from Wyoming. He is serving in mesa and members from our ward know his mom is afton, wyoming. They are all drama coaches.
What a wonderful opportunity it is have conference coming up, what will we all be doing?? WATCHING EVERY SESSION. I know I didnt when I was growing up. But oh well!. Do it now. :) Love every second of the prophets speaking to us. Because we all know how important it is to listen to a prophets voice. I love it and am soooooo excited.
Mom, could you send me an apron I lost mine is sioux falls. I love to cook. Elder Hastings likes to eat my food. He is maybe a buck twenty. I will fatten that boy up. :)
I love you all very very much. I hope all is going well. Continue to love everyone.
BE strong,
Your elder,
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

Monday, September 20, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Hey There,
How are you all doing? How is the arizona heat? Its a winter wonderland here. The snow is on the horizon. Very soon we will be dumped on. On friday night we were at the football game and it was 30 degrees.


Today in Gillete is leadership conference. So all trainers, ZL's DL's from rapid, casper, and gillette are here. So, we get to go play frisby golf with all their greenies and corrupt them. Muahahaha. Just kidding but its a blast there are so many missionaries here. Got to see alot of elders I havent yet. President will be over here.

Ernie Nicholls- What an awesome guy. he got divroced 3 years ago. Really went through a hard time but worked his way back and is doing great. He has taken a job in Costa Rica. He was down there on a trip and saw that he could make a bunch of money doing a ferry business. So he teamed up with two guys from Phoenix who were already down there is a renting business. So he will be coming through phoenix in two weeks and fly out of phoenix down there. I told his about greg down there and he hopes to find him down there. I told him about Nicaragua and he wants to go swim in the lake now that I told him about the sharks. He has a cousin who is serving down there in Managua. Very cool. I got to talk alot about my brother.

Well, I didnt get to go to Stake Conference. President Layton wanted us to stay in our area. So, we did. But on sunday regional conference was good too. Elder Hallstrom from the 70. Elder L. Tom Perry and President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. It was for all stakes in Montana, Wyoming and colorado. We had to watch on a tiny TV. There was like 80 of us in the chapel. Its the only ward I have ever been to that doesnt have a projector. Crazy! But it was so good. Elder Hastings fell asleep. But I soaked up every word. President Uchtdorf cracked me up the way he said Wyoming. Hahaha. That awesome german. I love it. It was a wonderful meeting. President Uchtdorf talked alot about all the ranches and farms out here. It was funny. Elder L. Tom Perry is getting old. What a wonderful man. He did a fantastic job. So wonderful. President Uchtdorf talked about a new acronym for CTR (Current Temple Recommend)

Best thing this entire week, we were tracting and we saw a sign "No Solicting, Mormons Included" ahahahahahahahaha! I loved it! We took a picture. I was dying. I couldnt stop for an half an hour. I love it. The people are great here but sometimes they get grumpy. Haha. Oh well. Thats life. Basically the only way to find anyone to teach is to try different things. So, I have been writing letters to the seminary students and just been giving them advice about seminary and life its been going really well. I write them and put them in there boxes and I even get replies. So far we have had about 4 referals from that!! :) Then, On sunday afternoons we are going to be showing movies at the church and ask members to invite friends. Then, one night a week we will go play volleyball at the church and members invite there friends and all. So I got a whole bunch of ideas up here. It will be good. I am so excited to be back. Then once it starts snowing I plan to get my companion up and out at 7 to go shovel snow on a different street every day. But we will make that a daily thing. I have alot more but it will be good. I dont think elder hastings likes that I am going going going. But Oh well. Im not going to stop anytime soon!!! :)

Know of you saviors love. Please be an example to those around you at ALL times. I love you all and continue to serve the lord. The lord needs an army. He needs members who are ready to go now. Prepare yourselves now. He needs you. Love everyone around you. Everyone is a son and daughter of god. There is oposittion in ALL things. Be strong and serve.

Mom thank you for your effort for serving the elders in mesa. That means so much to me and I know to them. You are the mission momma now. Whats funny if you would of served 70 of our elders thats about our entire mission. Haha. There is an elder schnieder who is from Gilbert who serves in Gillete. He is a greenie. nice kid.

I would like my brush mom thank you. Yes I did get my MSF card working but thank you.Tell Elder Valentine much love. Props to his big mug. Clair is going to send me my shirts and one of these P-days we want to do up there. My Zone Leader served up there too Well its Oborn. So we want to run up there and have fun. Oh sweet sheridan. :)

I love you all very much!!
Your Elder,
Elder Michael Corey Rudd

Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 2 in Wright!

Hey There,
Another week! Back in action seems like nothing ever happened. Still having pains in the knee. But whatever the lord needs me to do I will do. I am excited to be back. I love it. ELDER CORREA IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!! That is so crazy. Man! What a stud. So awesome. Wright is an awesome little town.

The work here is alot of re-activation. Lots of less active. The mine is a troubled place. Lots of chew. Lots of alchohol. Lots of drugs. Tracting is also very tough because everyone is gone, asleep or in gillete. Every sunday night after night sacrament we head to gillete and stay with the ZL's and then have fun with the elders in gillete. It is a much needed break. Wright is a wonderful area, but the area has been plagued with quiet missionaries for quite a while and gosh dangit I am not quiet and I will not be quiet. I am shouting from the rooftops. Last week we spent alot of the week teaching members and working with them. The key to any area is the members but getting them to do missionary work is the key!!! We have a great ward here but, they are comfortable and dont want to go out of their comfort zone. Basically its another Sioux Falls it might take a while but the land will prosper! The field is white and already to harvest.

The Ott Family. Bro & Sis Ott (Josh 18, Matt 17, Sarah 16)
Awesome family. really great. Bro and sis ott were sealed in the Mesa Temple and are just awesome people. A little rough around the edges but still very awesome. Josh is very troubled. He is into drugs, alcohol, smokes and chew. He is a very outstanding kid. But needs some direction in his life! On saturday we started a fast for him with his family. So, we want to let them know of our love for them and josh. It went very well. Sometime this week we are thinking about having an intervention with Josh with his family to show him how much he hurts them and himself. Matt, basically a saint. Such an awesome kid. He cant wait to serve a mission. He is so excited and so ready. He is probably the best missionary in the ward. Doing a great job inviting people to church and doing awesome. Sarah is cool too. I decided to write a letter to every seminary student and put it in their cubby and just telling them to stay strong. Went well. We even got some letters back which was nice.

Hanson Family
Elderly couple who we helped roof with. They are in charge of the schools drama program. They have won 13 state championships. Very into the whole drama deal. Huge M&M collector. Very nice people. The first night I was there she made an amazing potatoes, beef stake and gravy. Oh man! The big thing in wyoming in antelope steak.

I got to talk to clair and she is sending me my shirts finally! Next week is stake conference and guess who is in our stake??????? SHERIDAN!!!! I will get to see all my sheridan people. Man! I am so excited. They are all excited to see me too.

There are alot more people here in wright to tell you about. But, I cant think of what to say.
The business cards look awesome by the way and thanks for the ice pack much needed. I think I left one of my books at home. If by chance could you find it and send it to me. It was a red cover and it was the one you send to me. Little Missionary book of inspirational stories.

I want you all to know that I love you. I want you to know of your heavenly fathers love for you. Dont let life get you down. If you say its not possible oh it is! It is possible! Be strong! Stand up to it and say I'm better than this. I am happy. To know what we know to see what we have seen. Why wouldnt we be happy. Stand strong in this latter day the lord needs his army. We are all here and all ready. I want to carry around a box to stand on and proclaim the gospel. I am here. You are there. But! We are all in for the same work. WE HAVE TO DO MISSIONARY WORK. OPEN YOUR MOUTHS! SHARE THE GOSPEL. Please I beg of you. Bless the lives with those around you. DO NOT BE AFRAID! I love you so much. How blessed the day when we meet them in the afterlife and with tears rolling down their cheeks they thank you with open arms for you sharing the gospel with them. I love you so much.

DC 18: 10; 15-16
"The worth of souls is great in the sight of god." EVERY SOUL

Let Riley and Cayden know how much I love them. I miss them lots. They have a letter coming. I love those two little midgets :) I miss those hugs.

Stand Strong
I love you all very much,
Your Missionary
Elder Michael Corey Rudd

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm Back

Hey There!!,
Well lots to talk about. Well to start i flew into rapid city about 11:30. Spent the day with president and sister layton. We went out to dinner at a "mexican" restaraunt then they sent me on a bus to Gillete, WY. It was a three hour bus ride. The bus was packed with people there wasn't one seat open. Then the people on those buses are NUTS! There was a guy next to me who sang "row row your boat for three hours straight. Another guy was flirting with this girl who wanted nothing to do with him. There were people who got kicked off the bus for smoking in the bathroom. Its pretty sad actually. But oh well. I want to tell President to never ever ever ever send me on a bus again. Its crazy! But it was alright. Wright is the smallest town I have ever been in my entire life. There is a subway and then a bar and one apartment building which we live on guess what? the 3rd level. My knee has been been getting pretty sore. Im making sure I dont do too much. I am taking care of it. Im now senior companion/designated driver. So, thats alot of fun. Elder Haskings is a good guy. I got calls so much. For about a day straight I got calls from all the elders in the mission wanting to say hi and tell me they love me. I love this mission. I am so grateful to all these elders. I love it all. But we arent teaching alot of people so far. We hope to improve that alot. The thing with wright is that the mine runs the town. about 80 percent of our ward is miners. So, one week they are off the next week they are on. So one sunday we see one group. The next sunday we see the next. So, its deffinitly a challenge. Then with tracting we usually run into angry miners who just got off graveyard shift. So, not much we can do there.
But, Elder Haskings says he cant keep up with me. He says that I am just what Wright needs. A boost to get it back on the map. The place has so much potential. We deal with alot fo divorces, affairs, people who feel they were messed over. The bishop isnt the most friendly guy. But he is okay. The ward really is great though. Great people. I know brother benedict told you but yes, I am a certified roofer. Me and Elder Hastings helped Brother Hanson roof his mud room. Next is the insulation!! :) its a blast.
We have been working hard. This morning we did weekly planning and had a great companionship inventory and got to talk to each other alot about what is going on in our lives. After that he asked me for a blessing. I am really starting to like him alot. He has been here for three transfers and will probably be leaving after this transfer. I just want to work hard and serve the lord! :) I am very happy to be back in the field.

Every p-day we drive up to Gillete which is about 50 miles away. We hang out with all the elders up there. Yesterday we had a blast up there. We drove up on sunday night after night sacrament. Yeah you heard me right. Our ward has night sacrament. The miners who couldnt make it to regular sacrament. We hold a night sacrament for them. It is really a special meeting.

So wright, nothing like sheridan. Its a small little town. It has one subway. A steakhouse. A gas station. "grocery store/mall/health clinic" Its pretty funny. On friday the whole town seemed to be gone because of the football game. The panthers were playing. High school football is a big deal here. They lost by one point to lovell. But we plan on getting ourselves noticed atleast here in wright by attending the football games every friday. In 2005 wright was hit with a tornado that destroyed about 200 houses. Seeing that there was 205 houses (just kidding) But it really devestated the town and really humbled the town.

The work will continue I will be a missionary and my savior has need of me. The work will prosper. Continue in each of our lives the zeal to serve. For my personal study this morning i was reading The Teachings Of Spencer W. Kimball. In there he stood strong on the face that. Missionaries are not RESPONSIBLE and again i repeat that MISSIONARIES ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE TO FIND PEOPLE TO TEACH. We have to because we would not have anyone other wise. But open your mouths share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Share the message that has changed your life FOREVER. People are searching to be as happy as each and every one of us. BUT!! How can they if they dont have a friend or a family member, employee, boss SHARE that with them. I will reiterate the words from Elder Bednar. "Missionary work isnt just temporary, ITS FOREVER. How great is it to have an eternal family. Pretty awesome huh? Yeah! Well let others have what you have. As a personal representative of Jesus Christ and an Annoyer of the Advesary (my favorite) STAND UP! AND ANNOY SATAN WITH US. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We have taken the name of Jesus Christ upon us at Baptism. Lets stay strong and serve him with all our heart, might, mind and strength. One of my favorite thing to tell Elders is we are 50,000 strong (missionary wise) Why not be 14 Million strong. The lord needs each and every one of us in his service. "we are all enlisted"

I love each and every one of you very much. for all who reads this recomit today that you will open your mouth and share the gospel of jesus christ today! I want to receive emails of you sharing the gospel. Please share this message. So many need and want what we have. They are hungering.

I love you all.
Your Missionary,
Your Elder,
Your Son,

Elder Michael Corey Rudd


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Time To Press Play

Elder Rudd LEAVES September 2nd (tomorrow) at 6:00 AM. He is getting set apart tonight at 5:00 pm. He is so excited he can't stand it. He can't wait till tomorrow. When he called President Layton he was told were he was going to serve. He will be in Wright Wyoming a town of 1600 people. We are so excited for him and can't wait to hear of his experience again.
Good luck Elder Rudd!
We Love you!