Monday, September 27, 2010

Another Week

Hey There!

Bro. Kleiner pardon me, Bishop Kleiner will be awesome. What a wonderful man. All the years of coaching me and being my young mens leader I have always felt such a close connection with Bishop Kleiner and what a wonderful man for the job. He will be wonderful. I am so excited to see the many wonderful miracles that they do as a group. What a wonderful ward the Grandview First Ward is. I really miss it on sundays. When you hope and pray that twenty show up for the meeting. But we got 62 this last sunday and we are on the rise. :) We had 5 less actives at church. People we have been teaching. I am so excited the work was great this week! We have three new investigators.
Chris Mott- He is in his late 20's. He was taught for three weeks by the spanish elders in Gillette and he moved to wright to work on the mine. He has a twenty month old daughter in douglas, wy. He is from texas. But him and his wife are divorced because they were both on hard drugs and alcohol and smoking. But, he wanted to make a change in there life and find a church. But, she didnt. So they are seperated. :( But he is an awesome guy. He is on track to be baptized. He wants to super bad. But we cant before all the lessons and all the good stuff. It will be good. Very excited for him.
Gantenbeins- Bro. Gantenbein is a member and so are his sons. But he is re married and his wife isnt. So, they both have a smoking problem. We will start the addiction recovery with them this wednesday and teach them the restoration. Bro. Gantenbein works at the mine and is just a wonderful family. They were making wendy's chili. And we had just eaten a huge dinner. But they fed chili too us too. I always tell families when you are set apart as a missionary you are blessed with two stomachs. But we will see much success from them.
Our new ward mission leader from Safford, AZ gave us an awesome refferal. A family where the mother is less active but there is four kids and the husband are not members. So alot of potential there havent met them yet. Very hard to get people home in wright though.
I am so excited for dad and the job he found. What a wonderful blessing from our father in heaven. GIVE THANKS!!!!! THANK HIM EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR LIFE. AND THE NUMEROUS BLESSINGS WE RECEIVE.

Soap Box-
The last time I was on here I was looking at my blog and decided to watch me open my call again. I want to let everyone know something....
Why did I go on a mission? Why am i back on my mission?
Its not because its the RIGHT thing to do. Its not because I would dissapoint my family if I didnt. Its not because my brother went. its not because my dad went. Its not because the prophet called me. Its not because my girlfriend wouldnt wait for me. its not for any other reason than the most important reason.
I am on a mission to: "Invite others to come unto christ." I am here to serve my savior Jesus Christ, every single second of every single day. I will serve my heart out til the end.
Was it hard being home for surgery? of course!!!
But why am I going back to Rapid City South Dakota??
Because the lord has need of me!
He needs me!!!!
So lets take a second here. The devoted all of his life to serving mankind. How much do we devote? Yes I am a missionary, yes I have been called to do it full time. THAT IS NO EXCUSE!!! If you say well, you know I think I have done enough missionary work. ABSOULETY NOT! You can never do enough! "we are ALL enlisted til the conflict is over" As much to my knowledge the conflict is not over and is only going to get harder. The world is getting worse and worse each day. People are falling each day to satans temptations. But hmmm... lets see how do we conquer satan? FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST AND THE ATONEMENT. The single most important thing that has ever happened on the face of the earth. The atonement of Jesus Christ is at our fingertips. We have access to it. ARE YOU USING IT? Are you letting satan get to you. You want to know the best thing? We know the outcome. Satan can have no power over us. Absolutely no power. But if we let him, he can.
Please help the missionaries WHEREVER you are. Please I beg of you as a missionary. We need the help of members. When you think of help, you think feeding us. Which is awesome. We appreciate it. But THATS NOT ENOUGH! We need you to share the gospel and find us people to teach. YOU do the finding WE do the teaching. What a wonderful way.
I have asked our bishop here to talk in sacrament meeting and I plan to share what I shared with all of you. There is no more important work in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints than Missionary work. That is the most important! Please! Please! Please! Open your mouth, share the gospel. There is much urgency. If you say, well not right now, I dont know what to say, pray for the guidance of the spirit. We are all disciples of Jesus Christ. All those people in the world. Our church is 14 million people. The world has 6 billion people. I wonder if there is any body we can share the message with, what do you think?
end of soapbox-
I know you guys want to here about everything going on in Wright. But! the most important thing I can tell I just did.
On saturday, we got to help the hansons pour cement and have a good time. It was a blast. This time they got a cement mixer. Im the cement pourer. I wouldnt think people would actually let me touch saw's and alot of power tools. :) But they do and I'm good at it gosh darn! :)
On tuesday we got to go on a mine tour of black thunder. The biggest open pit coal mine in the entire world. It took four hours to take the tour it was pretty crazy. We have pics. They have haul trucks that carrry the coal to the crusher. We had a big 15 passanger van our there and we were probably a sixteenth of how big the haul truck was. It could care 480 tons of coal. Its crazy!!!! It was very fun to see what goes on there. So massive.
Well, I struck out this week on letters in the mail. Kinda dissapointed about that. If ye love me, stuff my mailbox!!!!!!!! :) Please. Nothing starts the day better than getting a letter. So please write me. :) I would much enjoy it. I am loving wright though. I have had alot of connections with the seminary students. One of the kids asked me to help ordain him to the Melchizedek priesthood. What a wonderful ward. So excited.
Ask the elders about Elder Lancaster. He would be from Wyoming. He is serving in mesa and members from our ward know his mom is afton, wyoming. They are all drama coaches.
What a wonderful opportunity it is have conference coming up, what will we all be doing?? WATCHING EVERY SESSION. I know I didnt when I was growing up. But oh well!. Do it now. :) Love every second of the prophets speaking to us. Because we all know how important it is to listen to a prophets voice. I love it and am soooooo excited.
Mom, could you send me an apron I lost mine is sioux falls. I love to cook. Elder Hastings likes to eat my food. He is maybe a buck twenty. I will fatten that boy up. :)
I love you all very very much. I hope all is going well. Continue to love everyone.
BE strong,
Your elder,
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

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