Monday, September 20, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Hey There,
How are you all doing? How is the arizona heat? Its a winter wonderland here. The snow is on the horizon. Very soon we will be dumped on. On friday night we were at the football game and it was 30 degrees.


Today in Gillete is leadership conference. So all trainers, ZL's DL's from rapid, casper, and gillette are here. So, we get to go play frisby golf with all their greenies and corrupt them. Muahahaha. Just kidding but its a blast there are so many missionaries here. Got to see alot of elders I havent yet. President will be over here.

Ernie Nicholls- What an awesome guy. he got divroced 3 years ago. Really went through a hard time but worked his way back and is doing great. He has taken a job in Costa Rica. He was down there on a trip and saw that he could make a bunch of money doing a ferry business. So he teamed up with two guys from Phoenix who were already down there is a renting business. So he will be coming through phoenix in two weeks and fly out of phoenix down there. I told his about greg down there and he hopes to find him down there. I told him about Nicaragua and he wants to go swim in the lake now that I told him about the sharks. He has a cousin who is serving down there in Managua. Very cool. I got to talk alot about my brother.

Well, I didnt get to go to Stake Conference. President Layton wanted us to stay in our area. So, we did. But on sunday regional conference was good too. Elder Hallstrom from the 70. Elder L. Tom Perry and President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. It was for all stakes in Montana, Wyoming and colorado. We had to watch on a tiny TV. There was like 80 of us in the chapel. Its the only ward I have ever been to that doesnt have a projector. Crazy! But it was so good. Elder Hastings fell asleep. But I soaked up every word. President Uchtdorf cracked me up the way he said Wyoming. Hahaha. That awesome german. I love it. It was a wonderful meeting. President Uchtdorf talked alot about all the ranches and farms out here. It was funny. Elder L. Tom Perry is getting old. What a wonderful man. He did a fantastic job. So wonderful. President Uchtdorf talked about a new acronym for CTR (Current Temple Recommend)

Best thing this entire week, we were tracting and we saw a sign "No Solicting, Mormons Included" ahahahahahahahaha! I loved it! We took a picture. I was dying. I couldnt stop for an half an hour. I love it. The people are great here but sometimes they get grumpy. Haha. Oh well. Thats life. Basically the only way to find anyone to teach is to try different things. So, I have been writing letters to the seminary students and just been giving them advice about seminary and life its been going really well. I write them and put them in there boxes and I even get replies. So far we have had about 4 referals from that!! :) Then, On sunday afternoons we are going to be showing movies at the church and ask members to invite friends. Then, one night a week we will go play volleyball at the church and members invite there friends and all. So I got a whole bunch of ideas up here. It will be good. I am so excited to be back. Then once it starts snowing I plan to get my companion up and out at 7 to go shovel snow on a different street every day. But we will make that a daily thing. I have alot more but it will be good. I dont think elder hastings likes that I am going going going. But Oh well. Im not going to stop anytime soon!!! :)

Know of you saviors love. Please be an example to those around you at ALL times. I love you all and continue to serve the lord. The lord needs an army. He needs members who are ready to go now. Prepare yourselves now. He needs you. Love everyone around you. Everyone is a son and daughter of god. There is oposittion in ALL things. Be strong and serve.

Mom thank you for your effort for serving the elders in mesa. That means so much to me and I know to them. You are the mission momma now. Whats funny if you would of served 70 of our elders thats about our entire mission. Haha. There is an elder schnieder who is from Gilbert who serves in Gillete. He is a greenie. nice kid.

I would like my brush mom thank you. Yes I did get my MSF card working but thank you.Tell Elder Valentine much love. Props to his big mug. Clair is going to send me my shirts and one of these P-days we want to do up there. My Zone Leader served up there too Well its Oborn. So we want to run up there and have fun. Oh sweet sheridan. :)

I love you all very much!!
Your Elder,
Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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