Monday, June 27, 2011


Holy Moly Cool!!! Phoenix & Arizona Streets!

The Hadsells

The Bertanogle Clan

David Pugmire & Me

Email 6.27.11

Good Morning!

Greetings from Gillette, Wyoming! "The nations energy capital" Half of the worlds coal comes from Cambell County (i.e. Wright & Gillette) It is the richest county in the nation. It is so crazy! All of the community buildings are just HUGE! They have the nicest stuff ever. But oh well! Only in Cambell County! I really am enjoying Gillette. Definitly not the Promise Land of Capser. But it is still a great town. We cover the Gillette 3rd Ward, Wright Ward & YSA Branch. On sunday we spoke in the YSA Branch there was 7 people there. It was hilarious. But I kinda had a vision!! I looked out at the audience and saw it full. It was the coolest thing ever. So, We got the work cut out for us!! We are going to take off!!
Last night was AWESOME! We drove to wright (about a 45 minute drive to the south towards casper) We visited a couple families and drove out to the bertanogles house half way to newcastle and had an awesome lesson with Tommy Mills. I taught tommy when I was in wright. He is doing awesome!! He is ready for baptism! All he needs to do is quit chew. So he is doing pretty good! He is on fire! He is having a hard time on how he is going to break it to his family that he is going to be baptized but he will do good! He has so much faith! He will do awesome!!! We are way way excited for that! So we have another appointment this thursday with him. I miss wright!

Next week is ZLC on July 4th and I have pretty much convinced president to go to Mount Rushmore for Fireworks! How cool would that be!!!! So we should be going to that. :) So we will have casper drive up sunday night and on monday hop on the I-90 and head to Rapid City, SD!!! :) I am really looking forward to Zone Leader Council. I love being with all the Zone Leaders. The Elders in Minot, ND Elder Hardwick and Elder Hilbun are there right now and they had to be evacuated I believe they are in Bismark, ND where the temple is. That is so cool that Candice and her family are there. Minot is such a cool town. I have been there once! Its way way cool. I really hope I get to go there. It would be such a party. Tell them they should totally come visit me!!! :) That would be awesome!! But If I am heading in that direction I will for sure try and see them! Minot has so so so so so much work. Guys are making about 25 to 40 dollars an hour. They make about 20,000 dollars a month. Its all oil field work. Tough Work but let me tell ya its great money. A ton of guys in casper would go to minot and all.

In two weeks guess where we are going. SHERIDAN!!! oH YEAH! I am so excited to head back to the promised land!!! :) We are going to drive up on sunday night and spend P-day with them and go on splits and Catch a District Meeting. I cant believe that I get to go back!! Yes!!!
I totally did get the package! The mr. big bar was melted but I threw it in the fridge and it wasnt too bad. When it was good. I have everyone try it. They fell in love like me! :) But I enjoy the socks. They work okay. if you get a chance. pomeroys sell some awesome brown socks that are gold toes. But if you get a chance. They are just a little bit thicker so the sweat doesnt go through so much.

No more Sisters. Yeah, that was real real quick. Any particular reason for the switch? Sister Blackburn was Boise, Idaho (from aunt betty's ward) is sitting right next to me. Her greenie area is Gillette, Wyoming. Her trainer is Sister Marinda Hunt (Mesa) So it was pretty cool. She has no idea who aunt betty is by the way. :) SHe asked me what her last name is. I said i have no idea. I just know her as Aunt Betty. :)

Well good news from Casper. Cherie Brantley got baptized!!! I was not able to go to the baptism. President would not let us drive our car so we tried to get a ride but couldnt. So Elder Horrocks baptized her. I was bummed but I am just glad that she got baptized! They are bringing me pics and a program! So that is good.

Yeah I am starting to think I have Legal Problems in Wyoming that I dont know about and they wont let me get transferred outside of the state! Crazy Crazy Crazy! I hope next time I get transferred I get to go somewhere else. But we will see! ( Next time I get transferred will be my last!!!! Yikes!!!!)

I seriously can not wait to show you all of the places I have been. It will be so much fun. it will be an easy trip really. We will be in WYOMING THE WHOLE TIME!!! :)

Story... We were tracting and knock on this trailer door and the lady comes to the door and stumbles out (as wasted as I have seen anyone) she starts yelling "I AM A LAMANITE, I AM A LAMANITE!! EVERYONE HEAR ME ROAR!!" she said that about three times and passed out on her porch so we just walked away and wrote her a note.

Story... Knocking doors again and this guy comes out in nothing but whitey tities and steel towed boots. He says "Elders, I am a drunk, I have been baptized! Come Pray with me!! We pray with him and during the prayer he falls asleep. So again we leave him a note. (drunk native)

Good times. I have alot of stories that I need to start sharing. :)

Well things are going so so good. I love being an Missionary. I love doing what I do. Simply I know this church is true. And no one or nothing can ever take that from me.

I love you all very much!!

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
1102 Stanley Ave #3
Gillette, Wyoming 82716

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Email 6.21.11

Well Hello

Sorry I didnt get my email off yesterday. It was a busy PDay. For some reason I had to get on a transfer train and GET TRANSFERRED DARNIT!!!! Yes the rumors and all the hype is true elder rudd has finally left Casper, Wyoming. President Layton called on Saturday and told me he needed to get me out of Casper before I apply for residency in casper or run for mayor. Me and Elder Horrocks were so bummed to leave each other we had such a fun time together. I really enjoying being companions with him. I am really going to miss it. But it will be alright.

Now the question.... Where Did Elder Rudd get transferred too? Is he still a ZL? Did he leave wyoming? What happened to Elder Rudd?

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
1102 Stanley Ave #3
Gillette, Wyoming 82716

Yes it is true.... Elder Rudd is still in Wyoming. I have now served in Every major city in Wyoming in our mission. Sheridan, Capser and Gillette. Woohoo! I will admit I really do want to get out and see more things and go to other parts of the mission but I do enjoy the work here in Wyoming. I really hope I get to go somewhere on the East side. But for the time being. Elder Rudd is now in Gillette, Wyoming. Cool stuff though.... We cover Wright!!!! I am going back to wright! YEs!!! It will be so much fun. Also! I get to go back to sheridan!! Oh yeah!!! :) I am so pumped! By the way my Comps name is Elder Barker from Payson, Utah. So yes Elder Hammond and Elder Barker are my only two utards. He was Elder Horrocks MTC Comp. He has been out about 18 months. He has been a zone leader for a month. I have so many great plans for the Gillette Zone. It has really struggled for quite some time. I remember being in Wright and just watch the zone really hurt. I cant wait to help change that. The work will be awesome. I can not wait to get out and do the work!!!!

Gillette 1st- Sister Hunt (mesa, az) & Greenie
Gillette 2nd- Elder Crossen & Elder Thomas
Gillette 3rd- Elder Rudd & Elder Barker
Gillette 4th- Elder Holmstead & Elder Ezzell
Newcastle- Elder Hall & Elder Williams
Buffalo- Elder Lund & Elder Beamis
Sheridan 1st- Sister Addison & Sister Hetling
Sheridan 2nd- Elder Dahl (MTC Comp) & Elder Esplin
Sheridan 3rd- Elder Gardner & Elder Holmes
Gillette Spanish- Elder Roller & Elder Ardnt

So cherie was supposed to be baptized on saturday in Casper. But we got a call from Cherie at about 1:30 in the morning telling us that she was in the hosptial and had gotten a yeast infection!!! So she could not be baptized. So it was a major bummer. But as soon as that is cleared up she will be baptized. Bad news was that Elder Pugmire and his parents had driven from Salt Lake to come up for the baptism and he was going to be baptizing her! So we had to call him and tell him the bad news! It was such a bummer. They were okay with it. They took us out to breakfast and all. But it was still a major bummer. But it was good. Cherie will get baptized and wants me to come baptize her in casper when it all clears up. Also Ashley Kahtala wants me to come baptize her in casper too. So I might be taking a couple trips to casper!

But yes mom we are always on the move. We are never stopping. In two weeks we have Zone Leader Council again. So, we are taking off to Rapid. Then next week we will be heading to sheridan. Just alot of crazy things. Lots of fun though.

Elder Gardner who is serving in Sheridan had to go home for knee surgery too. He went home from Sioux Falls too. He came out the transfer I went home and went home two transfers after I came back. Right now we are in a threesome until he gets a new comp so we have talked alot alot alot about our surgeries and all the good stuff. :)

I am really really really going to miss casper. But I already know the Gillette Area and Zone very well. I am excited to just go right too work.

But holy canoly so much fun!! I took like everything I had in casper to gillette. I filled the whole back of the trailer. :) I will start to send things home. But Man I dont travel light thats for sure!

I am so happy to do what I do and to serve the lord. The gospel is awesome. In the words of mi papa. "The church is true, what else matters?" So good! I love everything.

I love you all so much.

Happy Papas Day Dad.
I love you. You are my hero and you will never know how much I admire you. I love you you are the best.

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

Write to me!!!!
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
1102 Stanley Ave #3
Gillette, Wy 82716

Monday, June 13, 2011


Me & Elder Horrocks



Mr. Horrocks in the fridge

Email 6.13

Ello me Mother.
Top of the morning to you. Cherio! Ello Govenor. I am so british! :) I am doing absolutely wonderful. I never ever want to leave casper at all. I love it here. its such a party! :) I love all the missionaries. The casper zone has become like my baby. I never want to leave it. I dont trust anyone with it. :) But I am grateful for all the success that we have had in casper. The zone has been on fire. We have had two baptisms this past week. The lord has greatly blessed us so much. So much. Been awesome! The mission goal for a six month period January-June has been 150 baptisms. Never before have we had anywhere close at the beginning of june we had 120. We just need thirty more!!!!! This week we had nine and last week I think we had six. And our zone will have four this weekend. We are so excited!!! We are going to hit out goal! The lord is blessing us so much!!!! I am so grateful for all this work that we have to do!!
Cherie Brantley!!! She is totally going to get baptized on saturday!!! We are so pumped!!! She is so excited!! I cant wait!! We have been working with her the whole time I have been in casper! She has made some huge huge huge steps. She doesnt cross her self before and after prayer anymore. She gave me a box on thursday and told me how thankful she was more and showing her the light. She told me to open it up when I was alone. But I opened it up with horrocks and it was her cross that she wore around her neck. Her most valuable collectible. I was almost in tears. She is so ready to be baptized and the lord is blessing her so much. It is so wonderful. :) I love the gospel and I love the opporunity to serve the lord. YEAH!!
We went over and saw rosie again and she was so excited!!! She was like yeah yesterday I went visiting teaching for the first time and I now have a calling in the primary. Me and Horrocks did heel clicks when we got outside of their house. Because that is how it is to work. They get used to the ward and the ward just takes over and the fellowship and starts in on helping them in the gospel!!! :) So awesome! Yeah buddy!
Zone Leader Council was good but different. Me and Horrocks are now like the older zone leaders so it is way different. It used to be we were the ones teaching and learning from the older zone leaders now we are the older zone leaders and it is way weird. But I love helping all those missionaries feel the gospel and understand it and work hard to apply it!!
Tell that mom for him to get a sleeping bag like I did. Small and thin but still warm. He will regret having a huge one. You can always have more blankets and stuff. Have them get a smaller one it is so much more beneficial. :)
I am looking for some brown socks. if anyone can find some good brown socks. Send them my way if you would. That would be awesome! :)
I love this gospel. if someone started to bash with you, (DONT BASH!) It goes no where. We can prove anyone wrong but we cant help them be converted. I love this so much. I love to serve the lord and I love to share the gospel. I was just thinking. Many people say well its just too hard to do. How do missionaries do it? We just talk to people thats all we do. We dont do anything else. We just talk to people. Thats all it takes. OPEN YOUR MOUTH and let the lord fill your mouth with what to say.
I love you all so very much. You are awesome! Be strong Believe!!
I love you
Elder Michael Corey Rudd

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Email 6.6

Buenos Noches!!!

Busy Busy Busy.

We are in gillette again for Zone Leader Council we leave in a couple of hours to head to Rapid City for yet another great meeting. I cant tell you how well me and elder horrocks are getting along! I love Elder Horrocks. We are having such a blast. Our zone is yet again on top of the charts. Last week we topped yet another ton of records. The Casper Zone is on Fire! I am so grateful for our great work!!! :) I love it!!!

Sorry about the dead racoon! I thought it was funny. Thats wyoming for you. I could show you a whole lot of worse pictures! But, I wont! :) We found a dead mouse and a bunch of stuff but I wont send those pictures. the only reason I sent the racoon pic is because it was classic cartoon roadkill, you know? Feet up in the air, tongue hanging out. All that good stuff. We laughed til we were sick!! :)

Two weeks til transfers come down. It is still looking like elder foulger and me switch. I go to gillette and he goes to Casper. So we will see. But so far thats what it is looking like. I hope President throws a curve ball. But who knows? By the way I have an idea! Elder Foulger is from Mesa. He lives like right by MVT. I told him that I am going to have to cook something right before he goes home and then he can come over to the house and eat something of yours and be the judge of our iron chef cook off. Oh yeah. Your going down momma rudd. Elder Rudd is a crazy chef! :) But we will see. I told him to definitley come over to the house and see ya'll.

So great news. Cherie who we have been working with since I got to casper is being baptized on June 18th. Transfer call day. But Elder Pugmire is coming from Utah to baptize her and all. It is going to be way cool. Her hold up was joseph smith and a modern day prophet. We worked on it alot and finally I got the idea to show her on the lords errand. the movie of President Monsons life and she called us as soon as she got done with it which was 1130pm and woke us up. But it is a great thing to be woken up for. She told us she knows President Monson is a true prophet. We went over there at ten the next day and invited her to be baptized. So june 18th cherie is getting baptized. We are so excited!! She is way fun too. It will be a great day.

So Josh in the YSA branch who hasnt been to church since he was eight. We have been working with for a while. Thinks that the church is all brain wash and that god doesnt exist. But we have been working with him. Week by week he gets better. He has opened up and just doing awesome. He comes to church every week. Bought himself a white shirt and a tie and I tie the tie for him every week. He is doing awesome. He is 18 moved up from Durango, Colorado and was not keeping the word of wisdom so we invited him to and that night he went home tossed all his coffee and smashed all his bongs and his liquor. Way cool kid and he is getting back on track.

Chance Vance. So fast sunday on sunday. YSA branch we are sitting there and this random guy gets up and bears his testimony. He had just walked in to the church and he was baptized when he was eight in Rawlins, Wy about 2 hours away from casper. He is on probabtion but he gets up there and says "i dont know what the he** I am doing here" But I am here because the church is true, because the book of mormon is true. I forgot that a while back but I am here to figure that out again. So we are going to be meeting with him and teaching him. So great. So many people are coming out of the wood works! The lord is preparing and reparing so many to come to the church and recieve all of those blessings that the church has in store for us! I love it!!

Rosie is doing soooooooo good! We are so happy for her!! She just glows. She has such a solid testimony too. Sunday was great. We were in gospel principles and she was answering questions, pullin out scriptures, I leaned over to her and said "look at you, mrs. know-it-all" she is so awesome. She is on fire!!!!! I am so happy for her and her family and preparing themselves for all of the blessings that are in store!! :)

I got home for surgery on June 10th. I went back on sept 2. So Almost a year!! :)

I am sorry you didnt like the salad. Something had to of been different! I will ask sister layton today. But the salad I had was awesome!!!!!!

Hey just a couple wants not needs if anybody wants to get me anything everyone is always asking me.

-i really would enjoy being sent the mormon times and the church news.
-any ties. I know I know (i have a problem!)
-walmart gift cards
-subway gift cards

whatever. everyone has been asking me just thought I would throw some of those in there.

In glenrock wyoming. There is a two pound burger with a pound and a half of fries that I am taking on wednesday!!! :( Its going to be crazy!!! But I am doing it. I will take pictures! Crazy crazy crazy!

I just wanted to tell all of you how much I love you and appreciate all that you do for me. I love the gospel and I love the church! :) Be strong Believe!

I love you!!

Elder Michael Corey Rudd