Monday, June 13, 2011

Email 6.13

Ello me Mother.
Top of the morning to you. Cherio! Ello Govenor. I am so british! :) I am doing absolutely wonderful. I never ever want to leave casper at all. I love it here. its such a party! :) I love all the missionaries. The casper zone has become like my baby. I never want to leave it. I dont trust anyone with it. :) But I am grateful for all the success that we have had in casper. The zone has been on fire. We have had two baptisms this past week. The lord has greatly blessed us so much. So much. Been awesome! The mission goal for a six month period January-June has been 150 baptisms. Never before have we had anywhere close at the beginning of june we had 120. We just need thirty more!!!!! This week we had nine and last week I think we had six. And our zone will have four this weekend. We are so excited!!! We are going to hit out goal! The lord is blessing us so much!!!! I am so grateful for all this work that we have to do!!
Cherie Brantley!!! She is totally going to get baptized on saturday!!! We are so pumped!!! She is so excited!! I cant wait!! We have been working with her the whole time I have been in casper! She has made some huge huge huge steps. She doesnt cross her self before and after prayer anymore. She gave me a box on thursday and told me how thankful she was more and showing her the light. She told me to open it up when I was alone. But I opened it up with horrocks and it was her cross that she wore around her neck. Her most valuable collectible. I was almost in tears. She is so ready to be baptized and the lord is blessing her so much. It is so wonderful. :) I love the gospel and I love the opporunity to serve the lord. YEAH!!
We went over and saw rosie again and she was so excited!!! She was like yeah yesterday I went visiting teaching for the first time and I now have a calling in the primary. Me and Horrocks did heel clicks when we got outside of their house. Because that is how it is to work. They get used to the ward and the ward just takes over and the fellowship and starts in on helping them in the gospel!!! :) So awesome! Yeah buddy!
Zone Leader Council was good but different. Me and Horrocks are now like the older zone leaders so it is way different. It used to be we were the ones teaching and learning from the older zone leaders now we are the older zone leaders and it is way weird. But I love helping all those missionaries feel the gospel and understand it and work hard to apply it!!
Tell that mom for him to get a sleeping bag like I did. Small and thin but still warm. He will regret having a huge one. You can always have more blankets and stuff. Have them get a smaller one it is so much more beneficial. :)
I am looking for some brown socks. if anyone can find some good brown socks. Send them my way if you would. That would be awesome! :)
I love this gospel. if someone started to bash with you, (DONT BASH!) It goes no where. We can prove anyone wrong but we cant help them be converted. I love this so much. I love to serve the lord and I love to share the gospel. I was just thinking. Many people say well its just too hard to do. How do missionaries do it? We just talk to people thats all we do. We dont do anything else. We just talk to people. Thats all it takes. OPEN YOUR MOUTH and let the lord fill your mouth with what to say.
I love you all so very much. You are awesome! Be strong Believe!!
I love you
Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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