Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Busy Week

Elder Rudd here it is -4 right now. Its not too bad. Its funnier the longer you are on your mission in the frozen tundra the less cold it becomes. All me and elder hilbun have on is just our suits. It really isnt too bad. I love it.
Well to start off our zone is doing amazing!!! We are so proud of everyone of them. They are awesome! This week we led the entire mission in about every category. YEs!!!!! We are so happy. Our area didnt have the best week, we were at the bottom of the zone. But hey! We are okay with that. As long as everyone is beating us we are so happy. Both sister areas who have been struggling of late now have someone on date for baptism. They are so excited. I love being able to help them out. They are doing wonderful.
This week I went on an exchange with elder vinneagas he grew up on the navajo reservation up north in az. I love the guy. He was elder hammonds MTC comp. But I learned alot of navajo language from him. It was way cool!! We were walking around all day and he taught me all this navajo it was way cool! But yeah!
Jason Wallace- Such a bummer. JAson was one of our best investigators but we had an appointment with him and we walked up to his door and there was a note saying not to come back. :( we were bummed. Oh well. He has his agency. But we hope and pray he changes his mind.
Elder Hilbun and I are now full time ward choir people. All the women in the ward think I have a great voice too. Telling me I am not musically talented. Hmmpf! :)
Me and Elder Hilbun talked in church yesterday. About missionary work. We talked with an RM and we talked last. I talked before elder hilbun and I took up about twenty minutes. :) he had about 4 minutes too talk. I tell ya If you get me going I dont stop. I will send a copy of my talk home. it went really really well.
Tomorrow we will have a specialized training with our entire zone. Me and elder hilbun, will intstruct them on how to be better missionaries and work hard. We will be talking about Finding, working with members and 100% obedience. It will be a good meeting.
Me and Elder Hilbun found a waffle Iron. I love waffles! Well actually its a sandwich toaster but I experimented and it works as a waffle iron!!!! So good! I call them puff pancakes.
Mom, I found a biscuit that is amazing!! The pioneer brand baking mix, They make great biscuits!!!! Very very good!!! But could you send me the recipe to the red lobster biscuits that you found. Someone wants it here. Por Favor.
I am so sad. I miss my cayden boy. I love that guy. Honestly I miss playing with him. Send him out here to me. I love him. Happy Birthday cayden
We had leadership in Gillette this past week so we packed up three elders in our pontiac vibe and headed about 200 miles to gillette. It was alot of fun. President layton and sister layton are so amazing! I love those two. Not this week but next week we will be driving to rapid city again for ZLC. Than the end of that week is transfers and elder hilbun could be getting transferred.
Sorry everything is so short. But I am trying to give as much info as possible.
Me and Elder Hilbun have been working on alot of former investigators. We met Lanashe was a seventh day adventist. That next day she was saying that her pastor was coming over so she can remove her records. It was funny. I told her I was like Lana come on now! Its not by chance the lds missionaries show up at your door. She is an AMAZING artist all up around her house is pictures she has drawn. She has one of the last supper that is so cool!!! And jesus knocking at the door but she made it a trailer home instead of a fancy door. It was soooo cool! WE are excited to continue to teach her.
I came up with some ideas for my bday. I guess. I dont need much but if people want to send me something here ya go:
- ties (i know i know i have a problem)
- little book of mormon I gave mine away
- frames to put pictures in. like 5x7
- church cds (men of motab looks awesome) anything would be appreciated. Also consider the lillies by motab would be awesome.
- any talks on cd that you would think would be good I would love.
- Any V-neck sweaters- I can do different colors and designs by the way. I asked the presidente
- Walmart gift card i guess
- Ctr rings
- any lds stickers
-oil vial
I dont know I appreciate all the love and support though. It means alot.
Thank you all so much. I want you to know How much I love you. I really do. Your heavenly father loves you. Ths is the church of jesus christ. I love this work so much. I love you all
Elder Michael Corey Rudd

Monday, January 24, 2011

Eventful Week

Hello hello

Well another week among the masses in the busy city of casper, wyoming. To start off for most of the week I received a visit from the flu bug. Me and elder hilbun both caught it from elder bowers. third time elder bowers has gotten me sick. I am glad he is going home!!!! Wow! But i am feeling alot alot better.

Well to start off. I wrote down things to talk about I am being very efficent these days let me tell ya!

Trina Birones- Her husband is david briones. David is literally crazy!!! He is not a member. Trina is. We have been working with david and all. But we found out that david got off his loopy pills and when he gets off his loopy pills, david goes NUTS he would go down to there attic crawl space and think that trina is hiding guys that she is having an affair with down there and now two days ago we found out that david thinks she is having an affair with us. This guy is way nuts!!!So needless to say trina needs to get out of there and we told bishop linford all about this and he is taking care of it but still it was hilarious to hear all this stuff this guy is thinking. But yeah, So david calls the cops all the time and says that there is someone in the house basically this guy it skitso. And the cops took him to the hospital and now he is been taken to treatment and now its trina's chance to pick up and just leave. And she plans on doing so. It will be good for her and all. She will be moving back to Nebraska. So david cant find her and be such an idiot. But yeah.

Jason Wallace- JAson is such an awesome guy. Our top investigator. We tracted into jason in about -15 degree weather he opened the door and said hey can you come back tomorrow. I'll be here so, we were kinda bummed but we did in turn come back and there he was and he said I was starting to think you boys were not going to show up! Since than jason has kept every commitment we have left him. He described to us in detail what happens in 3rd nephi 11. I have never had ANY ONE do that. he met us at the church to give him a tour and he will be coming to church on sunday! Yes!!! He is very very close!!!

The sanchez family- I love this family they are so awesome. Katrina is the mom. They have three daughters: 17, 15, 9 and Tony is not the member. But oh my so close with him. I love my man tony. He has been coming to church pretty much every week. loves the church but he thinks his baptism in the catholic church is fine. But I let them borrow my copy of Jospeh Smith: Prophet of the restoration and katrina came up to me on sunday and was like oh my gosh it totally changed tonys whole perceptive of joseph smith. She told me that tony was watching the part when jospeh was getting tarred and feathered and he started to cry and say did they really do that to him. They are keeping it another couple days to finish the whole disk. But tony is on the way!!

Me and elder hilbun met with the stake president President Hopkins. What an awesome guy. I love him. He is way nice and very very loving. Me, Elder Hilbun, President Layton and President Hopkins are thinking that its time to open up the town of Glenrock. Its a town of about 2700 people. It was so funny. everyone was asking well is glenrock too small. Last week we went to glenrock. HOLY MOLY compared to wright this is a hopin place. I was baffled why there isnt missionaries there now! But there will be.

Also in glenrock there is another food challenge!!!!! Hamburger! four 1/2 patties with 8 slices of amerian cheese, four strips of bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a thing of fries. There is about 15 missionaries pictures on the wall. Guess whos next!!!! :) I am so excited. I am getting way excited for it. Also, its owned by members but it will be alot of fun. Dalton is on the wall.

Tomorrow we head to gillette for leadership. We take our two district leaders and ourselves and head to learn more and more. :) It will be a good time. Lots of driving. But oh well. I am used to it. P.S. President wants to un black dot me soon. Muahahaha. I could realy care less though.

I am thinking about birthday. Definitly ties. Stamps and yeah. I am thinking.

I love you all so much. Happy almost birthday dad!! Your card is in the mail. I love you dad! I love you mom! I love you everyone!

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I love casper. It is amazing!!! Half of subway, half of bowling and all the good stuff. It is alot of fun to see missionaries all the time. Being a zone leader is alot of work but I really enjoy it. I am way tired all the time. But it is good. Next tuesday we will be driving to gillette again for leadership conference. Than the first of february will be specialized training. Me and elder hilbun and thats H-I-L-B-U-N not hilburn with an R. A hill with a bun. But it is good.

Wow. We have had some awesome days. let me begin with Brian.

Brian- he is a friend a a convery family who moved from couze bay oregon. The walters. OH MY THE walters are some of our favoirte people they are full of referrals and just plain awesome. I love them. But we were teaching their friend brian at their house and brian told his pastor that he was meeting with us so his pastor gave him a bunch of anti stuff and brian sat there for an hour and tried to tell us what we believe. Needless to say the walters and us werent very happy. I had to bite my tongue so bad. The things he was saying about what an evil man the prophet joseph was really broke my heart. At one point I got teary eyed when he talked about joseph like that. I was so sad. But we finally ended the bashing he was trying because it goes no where. We told him the only way you will know that joseph is a prophet is exactly what it says in the bible " by their fruits ye shall know them" You can know that joseph smith is a true prophet by reading the book of mormon and praying to god the eternal father. Fulfill the promise of moroni. He said that he would read from it. Elder Hilbun was over there last night for dinner at the walters ( i was on an exchange) But they told him that he asked for a triple. So we will see how it goes.
Today we had a lesson with Jim Wilson. Such an awesome guy. The way he found us was through Glenn Beck. He is a HUGE glenn beck fan and alot of members of the church he talked to sis. brummond in the ward and she referred us to him. He said he wants to know the truth. So we said this is how. He met us at the church building and we gave him a tour of the church and showed him the baptisimal font. (wink wink) But we challenged him to baptism but he said he would like to but would like to no more first. So, we said we will work with him. He loved the church though. The stake center is exactly the same as ours. Like to a T.
The Camerons- the have gone through so many missionaries all the way from pugmire to us. So, we are working with them to be sincere about their asking the truth about the gospel. So, we hope soon they can be on date for baptism. I love it. They have a family and all so we hope and pray that they will accept the gospel.
The bunns- Still working with them. But I love their family. Definitly one of my favorites. They would be such a great asset to the church. But we are working on them so hard. They know its true just are trying to get the initiative to change.
For the first time on my mission I almost lost it. We were at a part members house eating dinner. The dad is the one who isnt a member and he doesnt like us very much. But, he was hitting his children and cussing up a storm and throwing their two year old around cause she spilt some soap and he is crazy. He was being verbally and physically abusive to every one of them incluiding his wufe. But I seriously wanted to come across the table and beat him. We told him to please calm down though. He wasnt very happy he got up walked out of the room and never showed up again. But I was seriously about to beat this guy. Ugh!!! Worst night of my mission because brian was right after this.
I love this so much. Such a privilige in being a missionary. I love this gospel and am so grateful to be apart of the missionary force.
I love all of you so much. Know that I love all of you so much.
Elder Michael Corey Rudd

Monday, January 17, 2011

Pictures of Wright & Casper

A room for all of my ties

The Kitchen

The desk were all of the work gets done

The duplex we live in

The Daltons (missing Dalton & Tanner)
The Ott Family Sarah, Matt, Bill & Hollie

Gene & Nancy Hanson from Wright (Drama coaches)
Kevin & Amanda Hansen from Wright.
One of the days we were suppose to stay inside because it was -40.

The Wright District

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

White Out

Greetings from Gillette, Wyoming. Yes I did say Gillette. We had to drive through a white nuckle storm last night that happened to be a white out. For you Arizonans who dont know what a white out is. Its when there is so much snow that you can not see in front of you. Tempatures got down to -10. But we made it. In Casper we got about 7 inches of snow yesterday. The reason that we are in gillette right now is because it is our pit stop on our way to Rapid City. Every month we have Zone Leader Council in Rapid. Zone leaders from Fargo, ND; Rapid City, SD; Sioux Falls, SD; Bismark, ND; Gillette, WY and CASPER, WY go to Zone Leader Council. We spend two days at the Mission Home. Being instructed by our Assistants and President & Sister Layton. We get all home cooked meals from Sister Layton. All get to hang out and have alot of fun. I am very excited. It will be a blast. But in about two hours we leave for Rapid City with the Gillette Zone Leaders.

On our way up last night we drove right through Wright so, I got to stop by and grab a couple more things. Its not even the same place but its all good. Elder Hammond was happy to see me but was very sad to see me leave. I was welcomed with a Marshmallow in the face. Thanks by the way!!!

Casper is awesome though. The town of Casper is about 70,000 people. We cover all the way to Martins Cove. We cover everyone out at Martins Cove. We cover the Casper 1st Ward and we will be covering the Singles Branch. Me and Elder Hilbun have come to the conclusion that the singles branch needs to be covered by elders again. The sisters in the 8th ward here cover it right now. But they are having a hard time actually covering both. So, we have taken back the singles ward here in Casper.

I told you last email that our former ward mission leaders wife and daughter were hit by a snow mobiler on Dec 24th and the little girl was killed on instant. The wife is still in ICU but making lots of improvement. She is going to be transferred to a rehab in Denver to get better. But the day after I got to Casper we attended the little girls funeral. Elise Johnson was her name. The cutest little girl. She has a sister who is three and is having a really really hard time. But Chauncey is the dad and we have been able to be there for him alot. Do alot for him. It has been good. We always call him and have given him a blessing. What a wonderful man. He is so strong. He has no anger nothing at all. I admire him so much. His belief in the Plan of Salvation is PERFECT. I am sad to know that he has been released as our Ward Mission Leader but he has alot more on his plate right now. Keep the Johnson family in your prayers if you could. They are having a hard time.

Our du-plex in Casper is awesome. Its way cool. I have my own room for all my stuff. Huge bathroom, huge kitchen, garage and all. Its great. The driveway is slick and steep so we always slide but thats okay. We drive a brand new Pontiac Vibe, its all wheel drive and awesome car. This might be the car I get when I get home its really nice. Lots and lots of room.

Here in Casper 1st ward we have four people on date for baptism. Two are Kelly & Sierra Burke. She hasnt given up smoking and that will be hard but the date is January 29th. But it will be good. Kelly is the Mom and Sierra is here 9 Year old daughter. She asked her mom what baptism was when we were there and she said that baptism is what you do to come closer to Jesus Christ so her little daughter told us that she wants to be baptized.

Also, we have Tina & Ken Gleason. My gosh they are awesome. Bad news is that they live in 3rd ward boundaries which means... that we have now given them over to the 3rd ward missionaries. But darn! But we had 4 investigators at church on sunday which is awesome. ALOT ALOT ALOT ALOT BIGGER THAN WRIGHT I have never seen so much people in my life. It was close to our ward numbers. It was awesome. But this ward is awesome.

We have been very busy we thought one night we would be able to get to bed by 9:45 on our way home at about 9:05 we got a call and got the privilige of giving a blessing to a man who is working overcoming Mersa the staff infection that is so contagious. We had to run home and take off everything and wash it. But I gave him the blessing and told him through your faith in Jesus Christ be healed from all that burdens you. He is feeling loads better and is able to re inlist in the National Guard now. The miracles are out there for us to use. Will we use them? Will we let christ bless our lives.

Casper is 2 1/2 hours away from Wright and Three from Gillette. and 7 from Rapid City. But either way its a long drive. Basically to rapid is saying lets drive to Anaheim. But rapid is one hour farther. Crazy huh?

Me and Elder Hilbun decided to resolve a matter in Douglas, WY which is in our Zone. So we packed up and headed about an hours and a half to douglas, wy and went on a two day exchange with each elder and resolved the conflict. While we were there a recent convert had an original copy of the book of mormon and i was looking at it and HE GAVE IT TO ME! So now I have an original copy of the book of mormon. It is so cool! Everyone is so jealous. I would be too. It is so cool. But we have planned so many exchanges. We have one planned in every area in our zone except the sisters. But they will be alot of fun. I am excited to see how it goes.

Every sunday we have to fax in numbers so we got to buy our own fax machine!!!! It was lots of fun. We went on a hunt and found a fax/copier for 39.99 with ink cartridge and paper. It was awesome!! One of our district leaders didnt get numbers to us til about 5 and they are supposed to be in by 4. Then we faxed them in and they were upside down (which didnt make any sense) so I had to call them in, in the middle of the white out. It was scary!! But it was lots of fun.

I am very busy these days. I love it though. Time is just flying by. We have a new sister coming out or out I dont know. But she is from Mesa. I dont know if that is the one you told me about mom. But us from Mesa are excited. We have two zone leaders from Mesa me and elder foulger who went to mtn view. Way cool.

But we have a couple things we have to do around here and I got to get off. I love you all so much It really means alot to me. If you could. Could all of you write your testimonies down for me and make me a cool little booklet of them or something. I would really appreciate. Tell Ryan and Mark and Chelsey and Kirk & Dad that there Books have been handed out. Thank you all so much. I love you.

I love you!!!!!

The new address is

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
180 Columbine
Casper, Wyoming 82604

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
South Dakota Rapid City Mission (S.D.R.C.M.)
Zone Leader
Casper, Wyoming Zone

Monday, January 3, 2011

Transfer to Casper

Greetings from Casper, Wyoming.
I have arrived in Casper, Wyoming and have been here for about two hours. Very crazy! I have been called as a Zone Leader over the Casper Zone. We cover Casper 1-8, Douglas, Wyoming & Glenrock, Wyoming. I have been called into the Casper 1st ward. So i am sticking with Sheridan 1st, Sioux Falls 1st, Wright 1st (only) and now Casper 1st. I am very excited to be here and have alot of fun. Elder Hilbun is my companion he is from New Mexico. I served around him in sheridan. He served in the 3rd ward when I was in 1st. So we know each other and are very excited to serve together. it will be a blast. As a zone leader we get alot more responsibilities. We leave for rapid city next monday for zone leader conference. We spend two days at the mission home. Enjoy sister laytons cooking and have fun in rapid. We watch over our district leaders and each area, We are responsible to go on exchanges with every district leader every transfer and hopefully every area. So it is going to be VERY VERY busy.
Elder Hammond is very very sad. So was I. But he was not a happy camper. It was very hard to leave him. He was not happy. But he will do perfectly fine. It was very hard to leave wright though. The place I have loved so much. But thats okay. I love it but the lord needs me in Casper. I am just trying to stay positive because we have so much work to do here. Casper is awesome. THERE IS EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We will be attending a funeral tomorrow though, our ward mission leaders daughter was killed. They were skiing on Casper Mountain and a snow mobile came and hit her and his wife. His wife is in ICU but is doing better but his 5- year old daughter passed away and we will be attending that funeral tomorrow. Very sad.
All of bishop bertanogles family is here in casper 1st ward. We have four people on date for baptism. One of them is Bishop Bertanogles nephew. It will be awesome. I am very excited to get to work here in casper.
We live in a du-plex with our own garage and all. It will be way cool. We have a huge kitchen. My own room with desk and all. I have three desks. I am such a pack rat you all know that. But Its awesome!!!
I am very excited to serve here. I know this is short. But I have a feeling that my emails will be getting shorter. Busy, Busy , Busy. Pictures will be coming I promise!
Last week in wright it got down to -35 we have to stay in two days. My eye lids froze shut. There was crystals on my eye lashes. IT WAS AWESOME!
I love the work I have to do I am very excited about that! I am very grateful for my opportunity to serve a mission. I know it is flying by. But I am going to spend every second working with the lord. He needs all of our help. I love you all so much. I will hopefully get letters out soon. But I will be as good as possible. I love you all so much. The address is undetermined as of right now send all mail to the mission office:
Elder Michael Rudd
2525 W. Main St. Ste. 311
Rapid City, SD 57702
Next week I will get the home address for you. I love you all so much. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Zone Leader
Casper, Wyoming Zone
South Dakota Rapid City Mission