Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Busy Week

Elder Rudd here it is -4 right now. Its not too bad. Its funnier the longer you are on your mission in the frozen tundra the less cold it becomes. All me and elder hilbun have on is just our suits. It really isnt too bad. I love it.
Well to start off our zone is doing amazing!!! We are so proud of everyone of them. They are awesome! This week we led the entire mission in about every category. YEs!!!!! We are so happy. Our area didnt have the best week, we were at the bottom of the zone. But hey! We are okay with that. As long as everyone is beating us we are so happy. Both sister areas who have been struggling of late now have someone on date for baptism. They are so excited. I love being able to help them out. They are doing wonderful.
This week I went on an exchange with elder vinneagas he grew up on the navajo reservation up north in az. I love the guy. He was elder hammonds MTC comp. But I learned alot of navajo language from him. It was way cool!! We were walking around all day and he taught me all this navajo it was way cool! But yeah!
Jason Wallace- Such a bummer. JAson was one of our best investigators but we had an appointment with him and we walked up to his door and there was a note saying not to come back. :( we were bummed. Oh well. He has his agency. But we hope and pray he changes his mind.
Elder Hilbun and I are now full time ward choir people. All the women in the ward think I have a great voice too. Telling me I am not musically talented. Hmmpf! :)
Me and Elder Hilbun talked in church yesterday. About missionary work. We talked with an RM and we talked last. I talked before elder hilbun and I took up about twenty minutes. :) he had about 4 minutes too talk. I tell ya If you get me going I dont stop. I will send a copy of my talk home. it went really really well.
Tomorrow we will have a specialized training with our entire zone. Me and elder hilbun, will intstruct them on how to be better missionaries and work hard. We will be talking about Finding, working with members and 100% obedience. It will be a good meeting.
Me and Elder Hilbun found a waffle Iron. I love waffles! Well actually its a sandwich toaster but I experimented and it works as a waffle iron!!!! So good! I call them puff pancakes.
Mom, I found a biscuit that is amazing!! The pioneer brand baking mix, They make great biscuits!!!! Very very good!!! But could you send me the recipe to the red lobster biscuits that you found. Someone wants it here. Por Favor.
I am so sad. I miss my cayden boy. I love that guy. Honestly I miss playing with him. Send him out here to me. I love him. Happy Birthday cayden
We had leadership in Gillette this past week so we packed up three elders in our pontiac vibe and headed about 200 miles to gillette. It was alot of fun. President layton and sister layton are so amazing! I love those two. Not this week but next week we will be driving to rapid city again for ZLC. Than the end of that week is transfers and elder hilbun could be getting transferred.
Sorry everything is so short. But I am trying to give as much info as possible.
Me and Elder Hilbun have been working on alot of former investigators. We met Lanashe was a seventh day adventist. That next day she was saying that her pastor was coming over so she can remove her records. It was funny. I told her I was like Lana come on now! Its not by chance the lds missionaries show up at your door. She is an AMAZING artist all up around her house is pictures she has drawn. She has one of the last supper that is so cool!!! And jesus knocking at the door but she made it a trailer home instead of a fancy door. It was soooo cool! WE are excited to continue to teach her.
I came up with some ideas for my bday. I guess. I dont need much but if people want to send me something here ya go:
- ties (i know i know i have a problem)
- little book of mormon I gave mine away
- frames to put pictures in. like 5x7
- church cds (men of motab looks awesome) anything would be appreciated. Also consider the lillies by motab would be awesome.
- any talks on cd that you would think would be good I would love.
- Any V-neck sweaters- I can do different colors and designs by the way. I asked the presidente
- Walmart gift card i guess
- Ctr rings
- any lds stickers
-oil vial
I dont know I appreciate all the love and support though. It means alot.
Thank you all so much. I want you to know How much I love you. I really do. Your heavenly father loves you. Ths is the church of jesus christ. I love this work so much. I love you all
Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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