Monday, January 3, 2011

Transfer to Casper

Greetings from Casper, Wyoming.
I have arrived in Casper, Wyoming and have been here for about two hours. Very crazy! I have been called as a Zone Leader over the Casper Zone. We cover Casper 1-8, Douglas, Wyoming & Glenrock, Wyoming. I have been called into the Casper 1st ward. So i am sticking with Sheridan 1st, Sioux Falls 1st, Wright 1st (only) and now Casper 1st. I am very excited to be here and have alot of fun. Elder Hilbun is my companion he is from New Mexico. I served around him in sheridan. He served in the 3rd ward when I was in 1st. So we know each other and are very excited to serve together. it will be a blast. As a zone leader we get alot more responsibilities. We leave for rapid city next monday for zone leader conference. We spend two days at the mission home. Enjoy sister laytons cooking and have fun in rapid. We watch over our district leaders and each area, We are responsible to go on exchanges with every district leader every transfer and hopefully every area. So it is going to be VERY VERY busy.
Elder Hammond is very very sad. So was I. But he was not a happy camper. It was very hard to leave him. He was not happy. But he will do perfectly fine. It was very hard to leave wright though. The place I have loved so much. But thats okay. I love it but the lord needs me in Casper. I am just trying to stay positive because we have so much work to do here. Casper is awesome. THERE IS EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We will be attending a funeral tomorrow though, our ward mission leaders daughter was killed. They were skiing on Casper Mountain and a snow mobile came and hit her and his wife. His wife is in ICU but is doing better but his 5- year old daughter passed away and we will be attending that funeral tomorrow. Very sad.
All of bishop bertanogles family is here in casper 1st ward. We have four people on date for baptism. One of them is Bishop Bertanogles nephew. It will be awesome. I am very excited to get to work here in casper.
We live in a du-plex with our own garage and all. It will be way cool. We have a huge kitchen. My own room with desk and all. I have three desks. I am such a pack rat you all know that. But Its awesome!!!
I am very excited to serve here. I know this is short. But I have a feeling that my emails will be getting shorter. Busy, Busy , Busy. Pictures will be coming I promise!
Last week in wright it got down to -35 we have to stay in two days. My eye lids froze shut. There was crystals on my eye lashes. IT WAS AWESOME!
I love the work I have to do I am very excited about that! I am very grateful for my opportunity to serve a mission. I know it is flying by. But I am going to spend every second working with the lord. He needs all of our help. I love you all so much. I will hopefully get letters out soon. But I will be as good as possible. I love you all so much. The address is undetermined as of right now send all mail to the mission office:
Elder Michael Rudd
2525 W. Main St. Ste. 311
Rapid City, SD 57702
Next week I will get the home address for you. I love you all so much. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Zone Leader
Casper, Wyoming Zone
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

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