Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I love casper. It is amazing!!! Half of subway, half of bowling and all the good stuff. It is alot of fun to see missionaries all the time. Being a zone leader is alot of work but I really enjoy it. I am way tired all the time. But it is good. Next tuesday we will be driving to gillette again for leadership conference. Than the first of february will be specialized training. Me and elder hilbun and thats H-I-L-B-U-N not hilburn with an R. A hill with a bun. But it is good.

Wow. We have had some awesome days. let me begin with Brian.

Brian- he is a friend a a convery family who moved from couze bay oregon. The walters. OH MY THE walters are some of our favoirte people they are full of referrals and just plain awesome. I love them. But we were teaching their friend brian at their house and brian told his pastor that he was meeting with us so his pastor gave him a bunch of anti stuff and brian sat there for an hour and tried to tell us what we believe. Needless to say the walters and us werent very happy. I had to bite my tongue so bad. The things he was saying about what an evil man the prophet joseph was really broke my heart. At one point I got teary eyed when he talked about joseph like that. I was so sad. But we finally ended the bashing he was trying because it goes no where. We told him the only way you will know that joseph is a prophet is exactly what it says in the bible " by their fruits ye shall know them" You can know that joseph smith is a true prophet by reading the book of mormon and praying to god the eternal father. Fulfill the promise of moroni. He said that he would read from it. Elder Hilbun was over there last night for dinner at the walters ( i was on an exchange) But they told him that he asked for a triple. So we will see how it goes.
Today we had a lesson with Jim Wilson. Such an awesome guy. The way he found us was through Glenn Beck. He is a HUGE glenn beck fan and alot of members of the church he talked to sis. brummond in the ward and she referred us to him. He said he wants to know the truth. So we said this is how. He met us at the church building and we gave him a tour of the church and showed him the baptisimal font. (wink wink) But we challenged him to baptism but he said he would like to but would like to no more first. So, we said we will work with him. He loved the church though. The stake center is exactly the same as ours. Like to a T.
The Camerons- the have gone through so many missionaries all the way from pugmire to us. So, we are working with them to be sincere about their asking the truth about the gospel. So, we hope soon they can be on date for baptism. I love it. They have a family and all so we hope and pray that they will accept the gospel.
The bunns- Still working with them. But I love their family. Definitly one of my favorites. They would be such a great asset to the church. But we are working on them so hard. They know its true just are trying to get the initiative to change.
For the first time on my mission I almost lost it. We were at a part members house eating dinner. The dad is the one who isnt a member and he doesnt like us very much. But, he was hitting his children and cussing up a storm and throwing their two year old around cause she spilt some soap and he is crazy. He was being verbally and physically abusive to every one of them incluiding his wufe. But I seriously wanted to come across the table and beat him. We told him to please calm down though. He wasnt very happy he got up walked out of the room and never showed up again. But I was seriously about to beat this guy. Ugh!!! Worst night of my mission because brian was right after this.
I love this so much. Such a privilige in being a missionary. I love this gospel and am so grateful to be apart of the missionary force.
I love all of you so much. Know that I love all of you so much.
Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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