Monday, May 24, 2010



Well I can honestly say this has been the hardest week of my mission. Me and Dalton basically wanted to give up. The work has been really difficult this week. We were kicked out of 5 apartment complex's. Yelled at by our ward mission leader. Yelled at by one of our investigators (the yucky one mom) and to put the cherry on the top, "OH THE HUMIDITY!!!!" MY GOSH! This is worse than Kansas City!! It was 90 degrees today with crazy humidity. Our zone leaders came down and wanted to hang with us on p-day. So, we went and played frisbee golf at one of the golf courses here. It was fun. But oh my golly humidity was killing us. Some of the holes are straight up hill and straight down hill which was really rough on my knee. But it was a blast. I was winning there for a while but the 12th hole I had like a 15-shot. It was a bummer. But lots of fun. I want to find a couple in Mesa when I get back. Its fun. But the humidity is nasty. I think I might need more short sleeve white shirts. My gosh its nuts!!! Everyone is like "this is just the beginning!!!!" When people say that. i just say will you stop it!!! Dang! But yeah this past week has been rough.

Getting kicked out of 5 apartment complex's wasnt a big deal. Just normal. But five is alot. Just knocking doors and security came and esscorted us off. :) It was actually pretty fun. I tried to share a message with one of the security guards. He wasnt very interested :)

Ugh! I am so jealous!!!! I love the temple!!!! Yeah, all of you talk about going to the temple. How much of a blessing it is. But I cant go. Dang. Depending on where I am in december or if I ever serve in Bismark I can go to the temple weekly if I serve in Bismark. But if I am on the east side of the mission when december rolls around then I can go to the bismark temple at tri-zone. If I serve on the west side its Martins Cove. So yeah!

But the Gila Valley Temple Dedication sounds like it was wonderful. That is so awesome. I am excited that the whole state had that oppurtinity to go to that!! Im so thrilled to hear that. You know mom what you said made me think that President Monson is so proud of his missionary force. Which is wonderful. But even better, the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is so proud of his Missionary Force. I know that this is the greatest work on this earth. the best part is we all have an opporunity to be apart of it. Yes I am called for two years in full-time service. But we all are disciples of jesus christ. He needs each and every one of us. I know that there is atleast one or two or even more that are waiting to hear the message from us! From you individually. There is a couple in our ward going to be Mission Presidents in the phillipines cant remember what mission. But he native from there. Brenda & Rudy Carlos. They leave in two weeks. My gosh so awesome. its funny to think and how he explained it. Its not like most calls in the church. He said when he was a gospel doctrine teacher in Lake Oswego, Ore. He was interviewed by Bruce C. Haven. Didnt know why he was being interviewed when we wasnt part of the stake presidency or nothing. But yeah! That was 8 years ago!!! When he was in Omaha, Neb, 5 years ago he was interviewed by Earl C. Tingy when he was a primary teacher. They are watching and learning and following these individuals called as 70 and Mission President and all. What a amazing man. Has President Smith got called to be an apostle yet? We think when President Layton is done being a mission president he will definitly go GA. He is an awesome man. I tell ya. I love you mom and dad so much. Of course I miss you so much. But its great to have someone here who cares about you almost as much. They are wonderful. I was talking to pres. layton telling him I was scared to do anything with my knee. He said: "Elder Rudd, you are a worry wart!" I was like wow! He is right on! :) He told me to call Sis Layton and get it taken care of so I can bring souls unto christ. My gosh! What an awesome individual. I am so grateful to have a mission president who truly and honestly cares about me and the elders & sisters in this mission.

Sioux Falls is definitly the hardest zone in this entire mission. We cover such a big city and so many different people here and in so many different positions. Its a great place though. I am loving it here. The ward has been slow to accept us. Which it is getting better. About a year ago. There was another Elder Rudd in the mission. Weird I know! But he served in 2nd ward. He was a zone leader and he and his companion decided it would be a good idea to cancel a dinner appointment to go with a different member to watch the byu vs utah football game. Lets just say there was a van to pick them up the next day. It is bogus. So those elders have given us a pretty bad name. But yeah. we are working alot to gain the trust of the ward back!! :)

Rachel went back to Minnesota on thursday. She was really sad to leave. She calls us all the time and has some good questions for us. She will be baptized this summer for sure!! Her Ex Boyfriend. Not exactly sure what to call him is leaving on his mission on sept 8th to Consepcion, Chile South I believe. Not sure where CJ is but either north or south. But she is an awesome young woman.

I have some new recipes! :) My gosh I make some good taco's! :) Super spicy and exactly what I like. Dalton doesnt like cooking too much. The guy doesnt like cream cheese!! Jeesh!! But we are having a blast together. Last week we taught 23 lessons. We had 14 other lessons which is great but members need to come out with us a little more. But its okay. We are doing really well. We had 7 new investigators here this last week which was awesome. Some are very promising.

For the stories. I have too many to type out. But the yucky guy we basically have to babysit some days. we had to spend alot of our p-day today helping him get some assistance from the ward which isnt our job. But no one from the ward will help us out get him places. So, we are stuck. There are a couple families in our ward that are just awesome!!! The Thorins, Sis Thorin makes some awesome salsa (she is native of I cant remember but awesome fam) The makinsons (Less Active Family) But loves the elders. We are definitly working on them. Next P-day is the senor wiener challenge. oh my gosh. Okay CheeseBuger Cheeseburger. Member? Whatever you want on the hamburger. Senor Wiener whatever you want on the hot dog. They have a philly dog. Oh man! Yummy! They even dom flour tortillas and toppings and a dog in there. So good! But the challenge is 10 dogs in an hour with 2 toppings. like tomatoes, ketchup, relish, mustard. there is about 50 toppings to choose from. But so good. You have to be sitting at your own table and do it. But me and elder johnson from pipestone are going to do it. I think I can do it. Pictures will be taken no worries.

I love being a missionary. I dont think you guys will ever know how much I love it. To wake up everyday and get ready and put the missionary tag on is sooooo awesome. I am serving the lord, my redeemer, savior, and dear brother. I am part of the lords army. I am serving him. When I was in the MTC they switch the words around to "Army Of Helamen" from "We will be the lords missionaries" to "We are now the lords missionaries" I cry everytime we sang that song there. We sang "Called to Serve" on sunday I was getting ready to belt it out and stand up, but i forgot about the rest of the ward.

I want each and everyone of you to know that this is true. The true church on the earth today is The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Through the prophet Joseph Smith the lords church was restored. Today it is lead by Thomas S. Monson. What a great blessing it is to have a modern day prophet. Receive an unshaking testimony. Whatever you go through in your life the greatest thing you can have is your family and your testimony in the words of the best friend, my coach and my dad "This is the true church, what else matters" Satan gets at us in countless ways! But! We know what we know. Stand strong!! When you think like you can't take it anymore. Think of 1 cor 10:13 "I will not give you anything that you are not able to bear" We are on this earth for a reason. To create his kingdom. HE CAN NOT DO IT ALONE!!!! He needs each and everyone of us to kick it in to gear!! He needs me! He needs you! Everyone! Let us not be scared to open our mouths and share which has greatly blessed our lives and given us numerous blessings. the greatest feeling and experience you will ever have on this earth is to see someone make that change in there life and enter into the waters of baptism!! How wonderful it is to know that we are on the earth for a reason to help our lord and savior jesus christ!! Lets start now to help him.

I love you all so much and am so grateful for a family and friends who prays for me everyday and loves me soo much. Thank you, I know its because of the wonderful family I have that I am who I am today. The lord has greatly blessed me. I love you so much. Mom & Dad Happy Anniversary! I hope you got my card. I love you all so much.

rudd 1:1 "remember, remember that this is the true church of jesus christ of latter day saints. The only one on the earth and through it and the gospel of jesus christ we can gain eternal happiness."

I love you!
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
3008 Louise Apt. #304
Sioux Falls, SD 57106

(keep em coming)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sioux Falls & Sheridan Pictures

Sioux Falls

Elder Dr
Andrea & Justice & David Veit

Street Family

Sheridan District! Last Day Together!
Me & Anderson

Me & Clair Bouke

Perry family with out Heartly

The Bangerter Family from Sheridan

Me & Anderson with Kevin Bodily

Katchske Family

Bro. & Sis. Anderson (he was mad no white shirt)

Kara Jordan

Jahaira/Sis. Reyes/Carla/Jonathan

Me & Dalton The Reyes fam/Ryan Weber/Bro Hanavan
Sioux Falls Cathedrals

Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Week in Sioux Falls


I hope things are going well at home. This past week has been super busy me and elder dalton have been teaching crazy crazy. We taught 24 lessons last week. We have a goal of 30 this next week! Its a high number but me and dalton can do it. We are freaking super elders! :) We get along great. It's fun knowing so much about each other and all. Knowing where each other is from. We always talk about AZ. Its fun. HE plans on going to Yavapai community college when he gets home in four months. It's pretty crazy. He thinks after he leaves I am going to train. HA HA! He's nuts! He thinks that not only will I train but i will get called DL when my grand-pa Elder Correa goes home at the end of this transfer. He's nuts!

Rachel Biederman, She goes home on thursday, we are so bummed. Rachel is so awesome. She will get baptized in Minnesota!! She wants me to baptize her!!! But we asked President Layton when he came through Sioux Falls today and he laid down the law!! He said Elders "we can't leave the mission" Which is true UNLESS!! Given permission by your mission president. And last time I checked thats who he was!! But he wont let us leave. We called Rachel after he left and she was major bummed and so were we! dangit! But on wednesday is our last lesson with her and on thursday we are helping her move out. But we are doing our own version of Bro. Anderson's push-up lesson!! :) It's going to be good. I have dalton doing 200 push-ups every morning and every night. He is so excited to do it too. (You probably thought I was going to do the push ups huh?) :) I cant my max is like 5,000 I dont want to rip right through my nice white shirt! Come on now!

Exchanges! Last week was Zone Leader exchanges! Elder Shepard and Elder Maxfield are our Zone Leaders in Brookings, SD. An hour away. I went to Brookings with Maxfield and Shepard came down with Dalton. Brookings is a cool place. It's a little bit bigger than Sheridan but not much. Our stake president is President Steele and he lives there and thats why the Zone Leaders are in Brookings rather than Sioux. But brookings is where South Dakota State University is. Its an huge Party school. School just got out so its barren over by the school. I did not like the exchange. Elder Maxfield is super super trunky!! He leaves the end of the transfer and all he talked about was home. We were driving somewhere and finally had to tell him to zip it. He is a bum! But anyways. Brooking during the summer BARREN! I missed 10 appointments in Sioux Falls too! Super bummed! But it had to happen. Oh well!

But yes, back to Sioux Falls. We are teaching some great people. Don Soulek has came to church twice. We dont know what to think of him to be quite honest! He is a little nuts! He lives in assisted living and he is a little bit crazy. He got assistance from the ward for prescriptions and all. But we think thats basically all he wants. He talks to a member on the phone who lives in salt lake. they met over the internet and all and she told him he could get help from the church and he called us. I hate when members do that! Its happened three times on my mission already! I've been out three months dangit! We think he has other motives. But we will keep teaching him. He is a pretty nasty individual. His hands are always brown, we never shake his hand because of that. its gross. But yeah, ugh! Thats don for ya.

I sent out an email to the elders last week. Greg, Gus, Jake, Lucas and Elder Romero responded. he is loving Brazil. He is with three other elders and he says they are all leaving this transfer and super trunky. But he is so excited to have so much left of his mission as am i! He says he loves the food. the people are great and time is just blowing by. Me and him will get back very close to each other. Which is cool. I love it.

An Elder from Marshall, MN went home this week for medical reasons and he stayed the night with us last night and he is awesome. Super bummed. But I have been having some problems with my knee and im scared to tell sis layton and pres layton. But I just wrote him an email telling him. So, he will tell me what to do. But I hope its nothing serious. I dont think my LCL has every recovered. I am pretty hard on it. So i dont know? :( I sent a ton of pictures, i hope that you got them. :) I hope you enjoy as well. Sioux Falls is gorgeous I am sure you will see from the pictures. I have a surprise as well. But you will have to see it in picture rather than telling you. So yes.

Oh Yeah guess what game I played last night!! FARKLE!!!!!!! The makinson family is a less active family. We had dinner last night with them. They are from Mesa!! By the way they will be coming down to be sealed in the temple in the summer prob july. But yeah FARKLE! I got second!!! I rolled like 8 1,000's Oh yeah!

-Soap Box-
I know that my heavenly father loves me and he loves you. He is always ready and willing to hear and answer your prayers! Take time to listen after you pray.
Be like Enos. He prayed all day and all night and he got an answer. He cried unto the father and his soul Hungered. Does your soul hunger for an answer to your prayers? Do you put that much effort into your prayers? Do you use vain repetitions? What are you thinking about when you pray? Are you listening or just demanding an answer right away? Do you have faith that he will answer your prayers?

D&C 10:5 "Pray always that you might come off conquer"
2 Ne 32 8-9 "Pray always and not faint!" "the evil spirit teaches a man not to pray and teaches him that he must not pray"
Enos 1- The faith of enos is so strong that he did have his sins forgiven and his prayer answered.

-Soap Box Quote of the email-
"Heavenly Father is always listening for your prayers. Are you listening to his answers?" -Elder Rudd (copyright 2010 SDRCM)


I hope you all know how much you mean to me. I know there are tons of prayers offered in behalf on my name and the thousands of missionaries all over the world.

Let me tell you one thing before I close.

We are the ARMY OF GOD we will not give up! We will not stop tracting, we will not stop teaching and we will not stop serving the lord! We are his army! His army that can not be beat! He needs our help and we are helping!

"The standard of truth has been errected. No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing! Persecutions may rage, mobs may combine and armies may assemble (Nothing like OUR ARMY :) ) But THE TRUTH OF GOD will go BOLDY, NOBLY, AND INDEPENDENT til it has PENETRATED EVERY CONTINENT, SWEPT EVERY CLIMB AND SOUNDED IN EVERY EAR! Til the purpose of god shall be accomplished AND THE GREAT JEHOVAH SHALL SAY THE WORK IS DONE"

As a personal representative of my lord and my redeemer Jesus Christ, I can promise you blessings without end. The way to receive those blessings is through Faith in Jesus Christ. Sharing the gospel and serving mankind which is the crux of the gospel of jesus christ.

-end of soapbox now!-

I love you all so much. I am so grateful for the love of my eternal family. Know how important that is! know that heavenly father loves you so much, he gave his only begotten son. Jesus Christ loves you so much he laid down his life for you. All is well!

I love you!!

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
3008 Louise Apt. 304
Sioux Falls, SD 57106

(you know why I put that there!!!)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Skype

We were so lucky to be able to talk to Elder Rudd on Skype! It was so nice to see him. We talked for 4 hours. We all couldn't believe it was that long it felt like it wasn't even an hour. I took a few clips of him so everyone could see our Elder! He is so cute! We are so proud of him and the Elder he has become. In three months he has grown so much! Thank you Elder Rudd for sharing your testimony and personality with us, We love you!
Here he is talking to Ryan, Shannon & Reagan.

Here is our Elder Total Package!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Awesome Mother's Day

Mi Familia,
What a mothers day! Got to see my family! I love skype. its pretty cool. Not even kidding. Its got some cool things about it. It is weird being behind the technical curve. :) But oh well. I hope that you enjoyed your mothers day Momma. I love you so much. I am grateful everyday for the family that I have and their love for me. I know i am truly loved. I am so blessed to be a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Whats a blessing that is! What love I have for my father in heaven for blessing me with the opportunity to be a member of the church. But to know that I am out here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to bless and to work and to serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength.

Today, is p-day. We email from the wegner library. Its part of Sanford Hospital and is Part of South Dakota University. The Pipestone, Minnesotta Elders spent the night last night and we are going to celebrate Elder Oborn's year mark today. We dont know where or how, but boy will we celebrate of course the celebration has to include the burning of the HUMP mark shirt. I know that my time is just blowing by. Before I know it I will be there. Mom, im glad you liked your card. hopefully you dont burn the battery out too soon. :) How is the ward doing? Any news there? New calls? Releases? I hate to say it but nothing can compare to the Grandview 1st ward. I have alot of pride in the wards I serve in. BUT! Nothing can compare to our ward at home. Sheridan 1st ward is awesome too. Sioux Falls 1st awesome also. But then comes Grandview 1st. I tell ya. Wow. :)

Rachel Biederman, 18- year old from Maple Grove, Minn. She attends Augustana University here in Sioux Falls. Knows the church is true but cant convince her parents to let her get baptized. But she told us that basically no matter she is getting baptized. She will probably get baptized this summer in Minn. But no matter where she gets baptized she is an awesome, young woman and we are so excited for her. Her family is United Methodist. Very strong and devout. During High School she dated an LDS young man and he is leaving on his mission soon. She wants him to baptize her. So hopefully that works out for her. She has been accepted to BYU as well and her parents dont want her to go there either. But she plans on doing what she knows to be right. We are very proud of her. Elder Dalton's family is sending a nice triple and a nice bible so that we can write our testimonies in it for her and give it to her before she leaves back to Minn.

Debbie- we met debbie tracting and we were knocking doors and she had passed us while we were talking to people in the apartment complex. But we asked her "before we knock on your door, can we talk to you?" So we did and she was a little bit drunk but was cogniscent (sp?) but we went outside after about 15 minutes inside. We got to know her and she said she didnt feel important. She didnt think that heavenly father knew her or cared about her. At one point, she took off her glasses and said, what do you see in my eyes? Me and Elder Dalton both said "A Daughter of God" she started to cry and gave us big hugs. At the end of the lesson we said a prayer with her and she said the prayer she said: "Thank you for sending these two fine holy men to come see me, i know not by chance they were from you. Because i was on my way into my apartment about 2 minutes away from killing myself. But you sent them and now I know that you care and you are listening to my prayers." Debbie is an awesome woman she is in her late 50's and really wants and needs help. We have taught her about 3 times now. She is moving to washington to be closer with her brother but what an awesome woman.

Jon & Heather- They are an awesome family. We met them tracting also. Heather said we could come back and we came back and she said well this isnt a good time but we wiggled ourselves and were able to get inside and share a lesson with them. Jon does native american art work on blinds, paper, rocks, feathers, drums. Whatever it be. He is awesome. He was involved with alot of Native American gangs in Rapid City. But he quit them and also has been sober for 9 months. He sees what he needs to do in his life. They have two little boys. Very cute. They care so much about each other and there family. We are going to teach them how important families are to us. Again im going to ball again how important my family is to me. Dangit!

Jessica Kenegy- She is a recent convert of about 7 months. She is awesome. She is about 25. She works very hard. Has too little kids. Dante who is 5 and Sierra who is 2. Dante has a pet iguana. When we came over he wanted to hold "iggy" so much so he did. But! "iggy" got scared and pee'd all over Dante. Dante just chucked him. It was funny. He was very angry. Jessica has had a rough couple months. Her boyfriend is very abusive and it is very hard for her to just leave him. But she has gotten better the last couple weeks. Jessica is such an awesome woman. She is our Missionary Meal Cordinator. Cool Huh? She isnt doing a very good job dangit! :) But we will continue to work with her and strengthen her faith.

~Soap Box Time!~
Lets all think of the song for a second: "I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I know who i am, I know gods plan, I will follow him in faith." What a blessing that first line is. You belong to something so powerful, that it is changing to world every second of the day. You know what you know, why not share it. You have the happiness, let others have that. Let us be missionaries always!!! Yes, i am called and set apart as a full time missionary of the church. But! That doesnt mean those who arent cant be missionaries. Elder Bednar said: "Missionary Work isn't temporary its forever!" Stand together, stand resolute in your belief. Stand side by side. We are admist a battle every day of our life. Satan does not quit! HE WILL NOT QUIT! He wants us to sink down to his level. He wants us to be sad and miserable just as he is. He doesnt have a body he doesnt need rest. He is always working on our thoughts, our actions and everything we do. We are as the ARMY OF HELAMEN! We are called of god to be here in this latter day to fend off satan and create the Kingdom of God. Let us not fall. Let us not stumble. Let us stay on the straight and narrow path and hold to the Iron Rod, it is the word of god. Put on the whole Armor of God!!!. We can do this and we will do this. We know Satan can not win. He will not!!! He is trying to get every soul into his corner!! He is robbing them of the Celestial glory and giving them utter misery and eternal damnation. This work is too important! This church is too strong. This is the work of our saviour Jesus Christ. He is always with us. Hebrews 13:5 "I will never leave thee nor forsake me." I know for a fact that we are here on this earth at this time to create his kingdom. What a blessing it is to know that Jesus Christ Lives!! He lives!!! But most of all, he will come again to rule and reign. What a wonderful blessing that is. By pledge and promise to each and everyone who reads this letter is from President Hinckley: Be a little bit better today than you were yesterday." Work! Read! Pray! "Satan cannot be in the presence of righteousness. Everytime a righteous saint kneels to pray, satan trembles! Annoy the crap out of the advesary!!! Give him the utter misery and damnation he has put upon himself. Its a battle! He is real and he hates us! As a personal representative of Jesus Christ, I can promise you that you have the power to overcome anything. 1 cor 10:13 "he will not tempt you, more than you are able to bare." He will not give you more than you can handle. It might seem like that at times but! you have the promise from heavenly father that you can do anything you can handle all that comes in your way." I challenge you if you do not believe my words, to prove him. If you believe you are dealing with too much on your plate or with any promise heavenly father has in store for you. if you dont think that you are in store for that blessing or cant receive it. Prove him.

I know that this is the work of my lord and redeemer Jesus Christ! I know that he lives!! He lives! He is always with us. All we need to do is turn to him. When things get too hard in our life. Jesus Christ has been there before. He has suffered for our pains, our sorrows, our sadness, our weaknesses and all others. HE KNOWS! When people ask you whats wrong? You say "Oh you dont understand or you wont understand" I can tell you who does! Jesus Christ has walked in our shoes he knows what we go through each and every day of our lives. Turn to him. Have faith in him. Only through faith in Jesus Christ can we know these things for ourselves. Elder Anderson of the Quorm of The Twelve "Two people can do anything, as long as one of them is Jesus Christ! " You have help you arent alone!!. You dont have to go through life alone! Jesus Christ promises "He will never leave us nor forsake us!" He has us engraven upon his hands, his feet and he wrists. he knows who we are individually.

I know that my redeemer lives! I know that he is my savior and brother. I know he loves for me and suffered for my sins and sorrows. I know through my faith in him. I can do anything. I know that my Heavenly Father hears and answers my prayers. A song I sing in my head (thanks for the tip dad) "He lives, Oh He Lives and he's listening, He Lives, Yes! He Lives And He's wiping away my tears." I made that up and i love singing songs in my head. I love being a missionary. I know this is the true church on this earth. I have a testimony of satan and that he lives as well. He lives and he is waiting for his chance to get at him but we can not let him. I know that Joseph Smith was called as a prophet of god to restore The true church of Jesus Christ here on the earth today. I know that he kneeled and prayed in the sacred grove and that he was visited by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I know the Book of Mormon to be the word of god. I know it is another testament of Jesus Christ. If you dont believe me? Prove Joseph Smith? Read it and ask for yourself with sincere and willing testimony if this book is true, I can promise you that it is and you can know. We are given this knowledge to help others. To give them happiness we have each day of our live. JUST DO IT - (President David O. Mckay) "the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step"

~End Of Soap Box~

I know i get going and cant control myself. But yeah. I love you all so much i am so grateful for my great family and their love, prayers and sweet testimonies to me. Mom i love you so much. Your example of love and kindness helps me grow each and everyday. Knowing what I know from you has given me such knowledge and protection. Dad, i love you so much. I look at so many young men who dont have a dad and I cry. Because i look at my hero my coach, my partner in crime, my dad and i know that I have been blessed to learn and be strengthened because of you. Whitney & Kirk & Cayden & Riley Thank you for your love and support and testimony. I Love you all so much! Chelsey & Mark, thank you for your letters of love and support and encouragement. I love you so much! Ryan & Shannon & Raegan, Thank you Ryan for being the best big brother. I look to your example alot. Thank you for your example of serving a mission and showing me it is the best thing to do. I truly know that. Thank you three and all the letters and support that you show me. I love you all!

Know that I am doing great. The lord is with me everyday and I know all of you are as well. I appreciate all the prayers for all missionaries all over the world. We are part of this latter day army. Putting on the whole armor of god. We will do and Will work everyday to protect the lord's kingdom.

I love you so much!!!
Mom again Happy Mothers Day, I love you!
I think i knew your question, Yes the cookies you sent me in sheridan held up. they were a little crumbly but still yummy. Everyone died over them. Thank you!

I love you!

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
3008 Louise Apt. 304
Sioux Falls, SD 51706

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Well I can imagine you are not too happy with me. Since you havent heard from me in about 2 weeks. Im sorry. Been soooooooooooo busy. Being whitewashed is crazy.
Well, good news is i get to talk to you on sunday! What a day. Also, on monday we have Zone conference. So we had to drive to fargo, nd where it floods and all. It is about 300 miles from sioux falls it takes about four hours there and four hours back. It was alot of fun. president layton is the man. By the way. i am no longer a greenie!!!! A new batch of elders came out. So im no longer a greenie. Im big time now. :) I cant reply to everyone who wrote me emails. Im sorry. I havent emailed in about 2 weeks and i got on today and had 25 emails. So im sorry. i will get to all of you though. I promise.

But, I plan on calling you between between 1 and 3 your time. I am two hours ahead of you. Oh yeah when i got transferred i changed time zones too. I love this mission.

I am not going to go into alot of details. But there is alot. alot. To tell you but i will save most of it for mothers day. If you have alot of questions for me. write them down. I will answer all of them for you. But Im sorry i know i didnt really give you a set time. But I hope that works out okay. i dont believe we have a dinner appointment on mothers day. So i can probably talk for about an hour to an hour and a half. Im not quite sure. We will just have to roll with it. I love you all so much. I love being a missionary. Sioux Falls is awesome. Dont worry. its way cool. I love you all. I will talk to you on sunday. Momma, i love you so much. I cant wait to talk to you.

I love you!

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We Haven't Heard Anything

We have been waiting...waiting and some more waiting for an email this week but haven't gotten one yet. We are so excited to hear from him on Sunday but we have no idea when he is calling! Hopefully we hear something soon!