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Well I can honestly say this has been the hardest week of my mission. Me and Dalton basically wanted to give up. The work has been really difficult this week. We were kicked out of 5 apartment complex's. Yelled at by our ward mission leader. Yelled at by one of our investigators (the yucky one mom) and to put the cherry on the top, "OH THE HUMIDITY!!!!" MY GOSH! This is worse than Kansas City!! It was 90 degrees today with crazy humidity. Our zone leaders came down and wanted to hang with us on p-day. So, we went and played frisbee golf at one of the golf courses here. It was fun. But oh my golly humidity was killing us. Some of the holes are straight up hill and straight down hill which was really rough on my knee. But it was a blast. I was winning there for a while but the 12th hole I had like a 15-shot. It was a bummer. But lots of fun. I want to find a couple in Mesa when I get back. Its fun. But the humidity is nasty. I think I might need more short sleeve white shirts. My gosh its nuts!!! Everyone is like "this is just the beginning!!!!" When people say that. i just say will you stop it!!! Dang! But yeah this past week has been rough.

Getting kicked out of 5 apartment complex's wasnt a big deal. Just normal. But five is alot. Just knocking doors and security came and esscorted us off. :) It was actually pretty fun. I tried to share a message with one of the security guards. He wasnt very interested :)

Ugh! I am so jealous!!!! I love the temple!!!! Yeah, all of you talk about going to the temple. How much of a blessing it is. But I cant go. Dang. Depending on where I am in december or if I ever serve in Bismark I can go to the temple weekly if I serve in Bismark. But if I am on the east side of the mission when december rolls around then I can go to the bismark temple at tri-zone. If I serve on the west side its Martins Cove. So yeah!

But the Gila Valley Temple Dedication sounds like it was wonderful. That is so awesome. I am excited that the whole state had that oppurtinity to go to that!! Im so thrilled to hear that. You know mom what you said made me think that President Monson is so proud of his missionary force. Which is wonderful. But even better, the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is so proud of his Missionary Force. I know that this is the greatest work on this earth. the best part is we all have an opporunity to be apart of it. Yes I am called for two years in full-time service. But we all are disciples of jesus christ. He needs each and every one of us. I know that there is atleast one or two or even more that are waiting to hear the message from us! From you individually. There is a couple in our ward going to be Mission Presidents in the phillipines cant remember what mission. But he native from there. Brenda & Rudy Carlos. They leave in two weeks. My gosh so awesome. its funny to think and how he explained it. Its not like most calls in the church. He said when he was a gospel doctrine teacher in Lake Oswego, Ore. He was interviewed by Bruce C. Haven. Didnt know why he was being interviewed when we wasnt part of the stake presidency or nothing. But yeah! That was 8 years ago!!! When he was in Omaha, Neb, 5 years ago he was interviewed by Earl C. Tingy when he was a primary teacher. They are watching and learning and following these individuals called as 70 and Mission President and all. What a amazing man. Has President Smith got called to be an apostle yet? We think when President Layton is done being a mission president he will definitly go GA. He is an awesome man. I tell ya. I love you mom and dad so much. Of course I miss you so much. But its great to have someone here who cares about you almost as much. They are wonderful. I was talking to pres. layton telling him I was scared to do anything with my knee. He said: "Elder Rudd, you are a worry wart!" I was like wow! He is right on! :) He told me to call Sis Layton and get it taken care of so I can bring souls unto christ. My gosh! What an awesome individual. I am so grateful to have a mission president who truly and honestly cares about me and the elders & sisters in this mission.

Sioux Falls is definitly the hardest zone in this entire mission. We cover such a big city and so many different people here and in so many different positions. Its a great place though. I am loving it here. The ward has been slow to accept us. Which it is getting better. About a year ago. There was another Elder Rudd in the mission. Weird I know! But he served in 2nd ward. He was a zone leader and he and his companion decided it would be a good idea to cancel a dinner appointment to go with a different member to watch the byu vs utah football game. Lets just say there was a van to pick them up the next day. It is bogus. So those elders have given us a pretty bad name. But yeah. we are working alot to gain the trust of the ward back!! :)

Rachel went back to Minnesota on thursday. She was really sad to leave. She calls us all the time and has some good questions for us. She will be baptized this summer for sure!! Her Ex Boyfriend. Not exactly sure what to call him is leaving on his mission on sept 8th to Consepcion, Chile South I believe. Not sure where CJ is but either north or south. But she is an awesome young woman.

I have some new recipes! :) My gosh I make some good taco's! :) Super spicy and exactly what I like. Dalton doesnt like cooking too much. The guy doesnt like cream cheese!! Jeesh!! But we are having a blast together. Last week we taught 23 lessons. We had 14 other lessons which is great but members need to come out with us a little more. But its okay. We are doing really well. We had 7 new investigators here this last week which was awesome. Some are very promising.

For the stories. I have too many to type out. But the yucky guy we basically have to babysit some days. we had to spend alot of our p-day today helping him get some assistance from the ward which isnt our job. But no one from the ward will help us out get him places. So, we are stuck. There are a couple families in our ward that are just awesome!!! The Thorins, Sis Thorin makes some awesome salsa (she is native of I cant remember but awesome fam) The makinsons (Less Active Family) But loves the elders. We are definitly working on them. Next P-day is the senor wiener challenge. oh my gosh. Okay CheeseBuger Cheeseburger. Member? Whatever you want on the hamburger. Senor Wiener whatever you want on the hot dog. They have a philly dog. Oh man! Yummy! They even dom flour tortillas and toppings and a dog in there. So good! But the challenge is 10 dogs in an hour with 2 toppings. like tomatoes, ketchup, relish, mustard. there is about 50 toppings to choose from. But so good. You have to be sitting at your own table and do it. But me and elder johnson from pipestone are going to do it. I think I can do it. Pictures will be taken no worries.

I love being a missionary. I dont think you guys will ever know how much I love it. To wake up everyday and get ready and put the missionary tag on is sooooo awesome. I am serving the lord, my redeemer, savior, and dear brother. I am part of the lords army. I am serving him. When I was in the MTC they switch the words around to "Army Of Helamen" from "We will be the lords missionaries" to "We are now the lords missionaries" I cry everytime we sang that song there. We sang "Called to Serve" on sunday I was getting ready to belt it out and stand up, but i forgot about the rest of the ward.

I want each and everyone of you to know that this is true. The true church on the earth today is The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Through the prophet Joseph Smith the lords church was restored. Today it is lead by Thomas S. Monson. What a great blessing it is to have a modern day prophet. Receive an unshaking testimony. Whatever you go through in your life the greatest thing you can have is your family and your testimony in the words of the best friend, my coach and my dad "This is the true church, what else matters" Satan gets at us in countless ways! But! We know what we know. Stand strong!! When you think like you can't take it anymore. Think of 1 cor 10:13 "I will not give you anything that you are not able to bear" We are on this earth for a reason. To create his kingdom. HE CAN NOT DO IT ALONE!!!! He needs each and everyone of us to kick it in to gear!! He needs me! He needs you! Everyone! Let us not be scared to open our mouths and share which has greatly blessed our lives and given us numerous blessings. the greatest feeling and experience you will ever have on this earth is to see someone make that change in there life and enter into the waters of baptism!! How wonderful it is to know that we are on the earth for a reason to help our lord and savior jesus christ!! Lets start now to help him.

I love you all so much and am so grateful for a family and friends who prays for me everyday and loves me soo much. Thank you, I know its because of the wonderful family I have that I am who I am today. The lord has greatly blessed me. I love you so much. Mom & Dad Happy Anniversary! I hope you got my card. I love you all so much.

rudd 1:1 "remember, remember that this is the true church of jesus christ of latter day saints. The only one on the earth and through it and the gospel of jesus christ we can gain eternal happiness."

I love you!
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
3008 Louise Apt. #304
Sioux Falls, SD 57106

(keep em coming)

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