Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Week in Sioux Falls


I hope things are going well at home. This past week has been super busy me and elder dalton have been teaching crazy crazy. We taught 24 lessons last week. We have a goal of 30 this next week! Its a high number but me and dalton can do it. We are freaking super elders! :) We get along great. It's fun knowing so much about each other and all. Knowing where each other is from. We always talk about AZ. Its fun. HE plans on going to Yavapai community college when he gets home in four months. It's pretty crazy. He thinks after he leaves I am going to train. HA HA! He's nuts! He thinks that not only will I train but i will get called DL when my grand-pa Elder Correa goes home at the end of this transfer. He's nuts!

Rachel Biederman, She goes home on thursday, we are so bummed. Rachel is so awesome. She will get baptized in Minnesota!! She wants me to baptize her!!! But we asked President Layton when he came through Sioux Falls today and he laid down the law!! He said Elders "we can't leave the mission" Which is true UNLESS!! Given permission by your mission president. And last time I checked thats who he was!! But he wont let us leave. We called Rachel after he left and she was major bummed and so were we! dangit! But on wednesday is our last lesson with her and on thursday we are helping her move out. But we are doing our own version of Bro. Anderson's push-up lesson!! :) It's going to be good. I have dalton doing 200 push-ups every morning and every night. He is so excited to do it too. (You probably thought I was going to do the push ups huh?) :) I cant my max is like 5,000 I dont want to rip right through my nice white shirt! Come on now!

Exchanges! Last week was Zone Leader exchanges! Elder Shepard and Elder Maxfield are our Zone Leaders in Brookings, SD. An hour away. I went to Brookings with Maxfield and Shepard came down with Dalton. Brookings is a cool place. It's a little bit bigger than Sheridan but not much. Our stake president is President Steele and he lives there and thats why the Zone Leaders are in Brookings rather than Sioux. But brookings is where South Dakota State University is. Its an huge Party school. School just got out so its barren over by the school. I did not like the exchange. Elder Maxfield is super super trunky!! He leaves the end of the transfer and all he talked about was home. We were driving somewhere and finally had to tell him to zip it. He is a bum! But anyways. Brooking during the summer BARREN! I missed 10 appointments in Sioux Falls too! Super bummed! But it had to happen. Oh well!

But yes, back to Sioux Falls. We are teaching some great people. Don Soulek has came to church twice. We dont know what to think of him to be quite honest! He is a little nuts! He lives in assisted living and he is a little bit crazy. He got assistance from the ward for prescriptions and all. But we think thats basically all he wants. He talks to a member on the phone who lives in salt lake. they met over the internet and all and she told him he could get help from the church and he called us. I hate when members do that! Its happened three times on my mission already! I've been out three months dangit! We think he has other motives. But we will keep teaching him. He is a pretty nasty individual. His hands are always brown, we never shake his hand because of that. its gross. But yeah, ugh! Thats don for ya.

I sent out an email to the elders last week. Greg, Gus, Jake, Lucas and Elder Romero responded. he is loving Brazil. He is with three other elders and he says they are all leaving this transfer and super trunky. But he is so excited to have so much left of his mission as am i! He says he loves the food. the people are great and time is just blowing by. Me and him will get back very close to each other. Which is cool. I love it.

An Elder from Marshall, MN went home this week for medical reasons and he stayed the night with us last night and he is awesome. Super bummed. But I have been having some problems with my knee and im scared to tell sis layton and pres layton. But I just wrote him an email telling him. So, he will tell me what to do. But I hope its nothing serious. I dont think my LCL has every recovered. I am pretty hard on it. So i dont know? :( I sent a ton of pictures, i hope that you got them. :) I hope you enjoy as well. Sioux Falls is gorgeous I am sure you will see from the pictures. I have a surprise as well. But you will have to see it in picture rather than telling you. So yes.

Oh Yeah guess what game I played last night!! FARKLE!!!!!!! The makinson family is a less active family. We had dinner last night with them. They are from Mesa!! By the way they will be coming down to be sealed in the temple in the summer prob july. But yeah FARKLE! I got second!!! I rolled like 8 1,000's Oh yeah!

-Soap Box-
I know that my heavenly father loves me and he loves you. He is always ready and willing to hear and answer your prayers! Take time to listen after you pray.
Be like Enos. He prayed all day and all night and he got an answer. He cried unto the father and his soul Hungered. Does your soul hunger for an answer to your prayers? Do you put that much effort into your prayers? Do you use vain repetitions? What are you thinking about when you pray? Are you listening or just demanding an answer right away? Do you have faith that he will answer your prayers?

D&C 10:5 "Pray always that you might come off conquer"
2 Ne 32 8-9 "Pray always and not faint!" "the evil spirit teaches a man not to pray and teaches him that he must not pray"
Enos 1- The faith of enos is so strong that he did have his sins forgiven and his prayer answered.

-Soap Box Quote of the email-
"Heavenly Father is always listening for your prayers. Are you listening to his answers?" -Elder Rudd (copyright 2010 SDRCM)


I hope you all know how much you mean to me. I know there are tons of prayers offered in behalf on my name and the thousands of missionaries all over the world.

Let me tell you one thing before I close.

We are the ARMY OF GOD we will not give up! We will not stop tracting, we will not stop teaching and we will not stop serving the lord! We are his army! His army that can not be beat! He needs our help and we are helping!

"The standard of truth has been errected. No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing! Persecutions may rage, mobs may combine and armies may assemble (Nothing like OUR ARMY :) ) But THE TRUTH OF GOD will go BOLDY, NOBLY, AND INDEPENDENT til it has PENETRATED EVERY CONTINENT, SWEPT EVERY CLIMB AND SOUNDED IN EVERY EAR! Til the purpose of god shall be accomplished AND THE GREAT JEHOVAH SHALL SAY THE WORK IS DONE"

As a personal representative of my lord and my redeemer Jesus Christ, I can promise you blessings without end. The way to receive those blessings is through Faith in Jesus Christ. Sharing the gospel and serving mankind which is the crux of the gospel of jesus christ.

-end of soapbox now!-

I love you all so much. I am so grateful for the love of my eternal family. Know how important that is! know that heavenly father loves you so much, he gave his only begotten son. Jesus Christ loves you so much he laid down his life for you. All is well!

I love you!!

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
3008 Louise Apt. 304
Sioux Falls, SD 57106

(you know why I put that there!!!)

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