Monday, August 29, 2011

Email 8.29.11

Familia & Friends,
Well we have had a busy week this week. Been walking all over the town of gillette. Been really busy and loving the work. We have yet another busy week ahead of us. In a couple of hours we will head to Rapid City for Zone Leader Council and we will get back tuesday night from that and then Wednesday Afternoon we take off for Sheridan for an Exchange and their District Meeting. Then we get back from Sheridan Friday night and Saturday Morning are Transfer Calls either me or elder barker could be getting transferred. Who Knows?!

The cold is starting in parts of our mission. It is pouring down rain here in Gillette Right now but, it is humid. About Mid-October is when the snow and the cold will hit hard. But we are looking forward to the cold so much. The heat has been killing us! Momma, I dont want to move anywhere stay in Mesa. It is such a safe haven. I love it there. Sorry about the picture. I didnt even think about that.

Typical dad about moving all the junk out of the primary closet and all that junk. I am such a pack rat. I am waiting to hear someone traveling to mesa so they can take like ten boxes home for me. I have a ton to send home. I have been carrying around gifts and stuff for a while. It is so dang expensive to ship stuff home though. That is way cool about the new door instead of the pocket door. I hated that pocket door.

I continue to say the hardest part of being away is when my neices and nephews are bordn and I do not know them! :( I am excied for the blessing though. Dont let mark freak out. Just let the lord speak.

I have full confidence in my leadership capabilities and all but the problem is if others follow it. Me and Elder Barker just cant get areas to step up to the plate and work. So it has been a tough transfer but we have been seeing small brights of success. Certain areas are giving me more grey hair. I have a pretty good patch on the top of my head. :(

I have started to make my own salsa. A couple weeks ago when president and sister layton came through for interviews. The missionaries in gillette had a mexican lunch for them. I made Carne and Pollo Asada and lots of other things others made. Then I made some homeade salsa kinda like yours except I added jalapenos and lime and sugar. It was awesome. Very chuncky and just awesome.

I am way happy for mateo and happy for him to start his mission. Its the greatest calling in the world. I love being a missionary so much. I am going to be so sad when I go home.

I am glad that you and aunt patty are happy with working together. I am sure that it is a huge blessing in her life to have a steady job.

I love you all so much. Have to hit the road.

Whom the lord loves he chastens. Love the lord with all of your heart and know that he loves you and is always their for you.

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

Monday, August 22, 2011

Email 8.22.11

Well Hello There

Minot was literally the hardest work I have ever done and you are absoultely right that the pictures do not to the justice at all. I really wish that we could of done more than what we did. The church had over 1000 work orders. Meaning 1000 houses to do. Since we could not get enough help up there the church only finished about 800 of them. So their are 200 homes in Minot that are not cleaned up and that people are going to have to destroy because of the mold and junk. It is so sad. I feel really bad for these people.

About the gillette gazzette. It was awesome huh? But president shut it down... Because we are the only zone who is doing it. When a missionary gets transferred he doesnt want them to complain that their new zone doesnt do it. I was pretty upset. I know this would of helped our zone. But oh well..

Tri Zone conference was two weeks ago. Remember we went to tri-zone then we went up to minot? It was way awesome. With Elder Bruce D. Porter. I mentioned it in last weeks email.

Oh how disgusting how did they let you win. They are making me sad. Tell Kirk he is out of the band! Man! how sad. But dont worry. I will win in cowboy pictionary! Sounds Like a ton of fun. Those always are way fun.

But we have had some cool experiences this week. Tommy Mills is definitly getting baptized next month we went over last night to Bishop Bertanogles house in Wright and taught him he is doing way good. Oh yeah. Yesterday we got to go to Wright for Church. It was awesome to see everyone. I was coming back home. Everyone was saying how does it feel to be home? It happened to be Dakota Daltons Farewell too! He is going to Johanasburg, South Africa. Cool Huh?! He flies from casper to denver and from denver to new york, from new york to london to South Africa. Like a 26 hour flight! Crazy!

We were contacting a Former investigator. She wasnt home but Piper happened to be home. Piper's ex husband was a member and was horrible. but she doesnt have any bad feelings towards the church. So good. But, she invited us right in and we sat down and talked with her and she wants to be taught and she had been living with this former investigator for a week. I told her that it was not by chance that we came in contact with her! She is so awesome. We are going over tomorrow with a member. It will be awesome! :)

The work continues to go forth. Our biggest struggle has been the zone. Its just not happening. We will continue to fast and to work through this but its a struggle in gillette right now.

I love you all so very much

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Zone Leader, Gillette Zone
South Dakota Rapid City Mission


Awesome Tunnel!


I traded the Fusion for the Camaro

Monday, August 15, 2011

Email 8.15.11

I have never been so tired in my life you ready for this..... Monday- Pday Tuesday- District Meeting, District Leader Meeting, A.P. Bridge Call Wednesday- District Meeting and Weekly Planning, Wednesday Night- 40 missionaries from casper and gillette zones stayed in gillette and we had to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable. Thursday Morning off to Rapid City for Tri-Zone. Right after tri zone we met our Caravan in Spearfish, SD in between rapid and gillette. and headed straight up to MINOT, ND it is a 9 hour trip to minot. We went through three states and two time zones but we arrived at 3 am in Minot and we crashed hard but to wake up and 6 am and get some breakfast and head out to work. We were in minot from Friday morning from 3 am to Sunday afternoon at 2 pm. We arrived back in Gillette at Midnight sunday night. We had to correlate all the zones numbers from a cram packed car in between cell service and good spots. I will kinda break all of that down..
Tri-Zone- It was so awesome. Elder Bruce D. Porter of the 1st Quorm of 70 is just amazing. He has a kidney deficiancy and has basically zero imunity and no one could touch him shake his hand, hug him nothing. So it was kinda a bummer as soon as he was done he took off and we were not able to talk to him.. darn. But he did the coolest thing. He did a Q & A for about 70 missionaries. All we basically did was ask him doctrinal questions like deep doctrine and missionary related and he would answer them. He taught on the doctrine of christ and went through the god head like I have never heard before! He went through god the father and all of his names and his orgins and everything and christ and why it had to be him and all of his names and what they mean and then finished up with all three of them together and explained more of their purpose and why its related to us. It was a spiritual feast. Tri Zone was awesome. I got to see Elder Hastings again. Havent seen him since he left wright. It was way fun though.
Minot- Honestly it was the hardest work I have ever done. I have sent some pics and basically what happened is imagine if our house was under water and everything in it got soaked and was water logged and the whole house had to be gutted. Thats what is happening in minot. We had to clean out sewer systems, carry out everyones lives basically and toss it into a huge trash pile outside so that a trash guy can come and scoop it up. Most of the piles were about ten feet high with debree. We even had to take down sheet rock, insulation roofs, some stairs, all of the kitchens. The only thing that was left was the studs. Everyone has to start at square one. Some of these houses that people pay people to help them do they charge about 16,000 dollars to clean it up. We cleaned it up in one whole day and it costed them nothing. Zero Zilch! I know alot of you had seen I am Legend. Basically thats what it looked like everyone just left their houses and left them deserted. It was way way sad! But These people are so strong and doing so good. Elder Hardwick and me talked and he said that these peoples hearts have softened so much. So awesome! :) They are teaching them. The Church had 400 Volunteers from all over the nation up there when we were there. I got to see people from all of my areas there. It was way cool. :) We all broke into groups and hit the ground running! :) Basically every house was a referral for the elders there. When I was there we had done like 100 houses that weekend. Our team did four.
I sat our missionaries down and opened up zions camp in the doctrine and covenants and talked with them about these being our zions camp and how awesome opportunity we have. It was just wonderful. Another testament to me of the pure love of christ and the truthfulness of the gospel! :)
I have never been this soar before. Man! Wow every part of my body just aches and when we got in last night I laid on the couch and did not wake up til 10 am. Good thing its pday today :)
Tomorrow we have interviews starting from president. On thursday we have another meeting with the new missionaries and their trainers. Us and President will be able to instruct them. It will be good. Then the beginning of next week we head up to sheridan for three days and the week after that we head to rapid again for ZLC. It never stops. I long for the days that I am a normal missionary.
It has been way great though. I am so grateful for my package mom. That is so cool. I have never seen that before. Its awesome!
I cant believe my brother in thirty years old. I cant believe I am almost 21! Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has a letter coming and a card. DOnt let him worry! :) I was sitting on a step in minot and one of the young men came up and was like man you have a ton of gray hair. uh oh! Since it was crazy conditions up their I didnt shave and this morning I had my full beard again. :)
I have never heard of a sister mcray. the only one I know was the one in my MTC district.
I love all of you so much.
Elder Michael Corey Rudd


Beautiful North Dakota

Headquarters! We slept in these tents for a few days.

The Mormon Helping Hands Crew
Trash outside every house
House that caved in

Elder Rudd hard at work
House #1 before
House #1 after
The dots on the window frame are mosquitos and nats

The Mangy Crew

Monday, August 8, 2011

Email 8.8.11

Chello Mi Familia,
Well holy moly! The story that I sent you is in the church news!! Elder Barkers mom sent him a copy of the church news and it is a whole page spread "The work rolls on in the South Dakota Rapid City Mission" Cool Huh?! But yeah, some crazy conditions up there in minot and guess who gets to go on Thursday Afternoon! :) Elder Rudd & Elder Barker are on their way up to Minot, ND to help with the horrible flooding. So as the article said its about 119 in those houses its going to be super humid and super hot. But we are excited for the experience to be there in minot and to help all those who stand in need of help. Only about 375 of the people had flood insurance and their is about 4000 houses that were damaged. So sad. But guess who was first on the seen and the biggest force in Minot. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! So Cool! I love to be able to help!!
So I had an awesome experience yesterday. In sacrament we confirmed Demy Lyons since she was baptized yesterday. Then I got to pass the sacrament and then I got to ordain adrian to the aaronic priesthood! It was a powerhouse priesthood day!! :) SO awesome!! I loved it. I am so excited. SPeaking of adrian. You know how we have a Rudd plaque that says families can be together forever or whatever can you make one for the Munoz family and send it to me por favor, if not its okay but I was just wondering and if anyone would like to. Also, scriptures if anyone wants to do that too, the three of them need scriptures like the bonded leather ones are pretty cheap, I know everyone always asks me but I am just throwing out some ideas. If anyone wants to. But adrians ordination was so cool. I loved it. It was such a powerhouse circle. It was me, elder barker, bishop, president tew. It was so awesome. :) I am so happy.
By the way the demy who got baptized on saturday. We met with her on tuesday me and bishop and she asked us a question "what happens if I am in love with a missionary?" She hardly knew barker so we thought it was me and we were like dangit! But now we find out its barker. YAY!! :) But she got baptized for the right reasons! DOnt worry. But yeah. its pretty dang funny.
This thursday 40 missionaries will be in Gillette staying the night! The whole casper zone and the whole gillette zone will be staying in gillette. We will all wake up and head to rapid at about 6:30 in the morning. So we will have about a ten car convoy driving to rapid city its going to be sweet and we will be leading the convoy! Oh yeah! :) But the funniest thing is that we will be driving right through Sturgis. Sturgis MotorCycle Rally is the biggest rally in the world. Sturgis is a town of about 5,000 people and it is invaded by 500,000 people every year. Its so funny. Its so crazy and wild that we have to pull our missionaries from Sturgis and Spearfish and put them in Rapid. So its pretty funny. But insane! But we will be driving through the heart of the lion!! :) Even Gillette is pretty bad, its pretty close to rapid and all of that.
It will be a really fun Tri-Zone conference! Yay! It will be my last one! THAT IS SO WEIRD! Elder Bruce D. Porter of the Seventy will be there and we will be instructed by him and then next month ELDER RUSSEL M. NELSON will be here!! SO cool. We are being so blessed. Its just awesome. I cant wait to be there with everyone. I love this gospel so much! :)
I got like the coolest call yesterday! DO you remember Clair Bourke in Sheridan? She was like my favorite in sheridan. Me and Elder Barker were building some shelves for a lady in the ward and we got this call I answered it and she said elder rudd its clair! I freaked! Its so cool. So she moved back to sheridan and she was like well I decided to go on a mission!!! SHe is a single lady about 35 and she decided to go on a mission! How cool is that!!!She is so pumped. So next monday we are heading up to sheridan for district meeting and all that jazz. SO we are going to meet up and go to lunch. I taught her daughter in casper and her daughter just had a baby and her daughter isnt a member yet.. she wants me and some former elders to help bless the baby. Holy buckets I love being a missionary! Its such a party!! I never want to go home. :)
Wow, I am with you mom. Lets all move to Wyoming. Its great. Ya'll will love it! I promise. I cant wait to show you all of my kingdom. I think when I come back and see all the people I am not going to like it. But lets all move out to wyoming Yeah! :)
I know this church is true with all my heart. I want to share a simple testimony. I know its true. I know the book of mormon is the word of god. I know Joseph Smith was a Prophet and that he did Restore this church by the power of god. I know thatMy savior jesus christ lives. We have all of these things and so much more because... Heavenly Father wants us to be happy! So...BE HAPPY! You are a member of the lords true church. I love you all so much!!
I love you.
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Zone Leader, Gillette Zone
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

Pictures 8.8.11

Demy Baptism

I found the only cactus in Wyoming
The haybell picture

My BIG green Tractor

Monday, August 1, 2011


Elder Clinger & Elder Rudd

Spanish District

Us & The Munoz Family
Epic Pic
Cleaning the font

Another Epic pic

Email 8.1.11


The work continues to just go on and on and on. i cant tell you how busy me and elder barker have been these past couple weeks. We hardly have enough time to sleep. Last night we were up to about 12 doing paper work for baptisms and for our zone. We finally crashed so hard. I think I hit the pillow, I am not sure. Me and Elder Barker get along so well. :) I love Elder Barker. Me and him are just so laid back we let the lord take the wheel and start to direct our paths. I love the work that we have to do so much. I have so much news to tell all ya'll.

Well holy buckets I have been way busy. We just had three baptisms this past week in our area and we had 6 in our zone we lead the mission and our mission baptized 19 people this past week. The work is doing so great!! :) We are so excited for all the good stuff we have done. I cant tell you how excited I am to be a missionary. It is really going to be hard to come home. But wow. the baptisms on saturday were just awesome. The spirit was so strong! I honestly felt like the lord himself was there. I have never felt his love so pure in a room before even in the temple I have not. I gave a talk on the holy ghost and I was really speaking for the lord in the fact that he loves them so very much. It was so beautiful to be there that night. In a year when they go to the temple they want me to come back and be adrians escort to go through the temple. I am so excited so it looks like we are taking a road trip!! Oh yeah! :) But the baptism was just awesome. Adrian and the girls were just beaming from ear to ear. Adrian will be getting the priesthood next week aleast the aaronic and will be able to be a priest for a little while and he is so pumped. Bishop met with him yesterday and he is so excited! :) Wow! I have never been so happy in my entire life.

Next week is Demy Lyons baptism she is way excited too. We are now baptizing fools over here in Gillette. She is way excited. we are way excited the lord is way excited and the work is going forward and progressing and soon gillette will be exhalted on high! Oh yeah! :)

So on saturday night I called bishop bertanogle in wright and asked him to set up any appointments that he would want us to teach and so we had a jam packed day in wright!! AND AND AND!! Tommy Mills in getting baptized on September 18th!! And, he wants to teach gospel principles now. :) The lord has seriously opened up the windows of heaven and we do not have room enough to receive it. Honestly, I am almost in tears right now. I love this work so much and we are being blessed sooooooo much and the lord is showing us the fruits of our efforts and we are helping bring our family back to the fold. I cant tell you how happy I am right now!! Honestly, I am just so happy. I cant explain it! :)

I honestly think my favorite family on my mission has been the Bertanogle family. Last night I called Bishop Bertanogle and he said he loved me! Sister Bertanogle said she loved me too. I am just apart of their family. Everywhere I have been there have been bertanogles and I just love these people with all my heart. When it comes down to it, I really think Wright has been my favorite place. I just love those people so much. You just cant replace a small town! :) Also, yesterday at church a lady came with a family to church in wright and we taught her at 3 at this member families home and it was just awesome. She said she knows the church is true and wants to make changes in her life and so... we talked alot about baptism. She is not on date yet but she will be very soon!!! :) Lyndia is her name. She is friends with Susan Heimdale who I skyped from at Christmas time.

When we were in wright we taught scott jordan too. I dont know if you remember him but we had just started to teach him before we left and he got baptized about a couple months after I left. it was way cool. I cant tell you again how happy I am. He told me I have been his favorite missionary.

Well we just had transfers and had a couple switches in the zone me and elder barker missed it! Oh yeah!

Gillette 1st- Sister Hunt & Sister Blackburn
Gillette 2nd- Elder Thomas-DL & Greenie
Gillette 3rd- Elder Rudd & Elder Barker
Gillette 4th- Elder Ezzell & Elder Holmstead
Gillette Spanish- Elder Roller-DL & Elder Arndt
Newcastle- Elder Williams & Elder Johnson (New)
Buffalo- Elder Lund-DL & Greenie
Sheridan 1st- Sister Hetling & Sister Adison
Sheridan 2nd- Elder Dahl & Elder Esplin
Sheridan 3rd- Elder Gardner & Elder Holmes

The gillette zone is on fire. We have just been leading by example as much a possible and the zone is following our lead. I am so happy again! Just so you know!

Whitney story had to be told about the quarter horse... But I got an equally stupid one. So we were sitting there talking with the jordans in wright and they started to talk about horses and their daughter saw a fake horse the other day and asked what type of horse it was and this horse was painted all over and the jordans said it was a "paint" and I started laughing that is so funny jsut because its painted and they said no actually a Paint is a breed of horse and I was like "Oh" How is a city slicker like myself actually know that. I will have to admit now that when whitney said that was a quarter horse it sounded logic to me :)

well, I love you all so very much. Always know of my love for all of you. Be strong Believe!

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Zone Leader, Gillette Zone
South Dakota Rapid City Mission