Monday, August 1, 2011

Email 8.1.11


The work continues to just go on and on and on. i cant tell you how busy me and elder barker have been these past couple weeks. We hardly have enough time to sleep. Last night we were up to about 12 doing paper work for baptisms and for our zone. We finally crashed so hard. I think I hit the pillow, I am not sure. Me and Elder Barker get along so well. :) I love Elder Barker. Me and him are just so laid back we let the lord take the wheel and start to direct our paths. I love the work that we have to do so much. I have so much news to tell all ya'll.

Well holy buckets I have been way busy. We just had three baptisms this past week in our area and we had 6 in our zone we lead the mission and our mission baptized 19 people this past week. The work is doing so great!! :) We are so excited for all the good stuff we have done. I cant tell you how excited I am to be a missionary. It is really going to be hard to come home. But wow. the baptisms on saturday were just awesome. The spirit was so strong! I honestly felt like the lord himself was there. I have never felt his love so pure in a room before even in the temple I have not. I gave a talk on the holy ghost and I was really speaking for the lord in the fact that he loves them so very much. It was so beautiful to be there that night. In a year when they go to the temple they want me to come back and be adrians escort to go through the temple. I am so excited so it looks like we are taking a road trip!! Oh yeah! :) But the baptism was just awesome. Adrian and the girls were just beaming from ear to ear. Adrian will be getting the priesthood next week aleast the aaronic and will be able to be a priest for a little while and he is so pumped. Bishop met with him yesterday and he is so excited! :) Wow! I have never been so happy in my entire life.

Next week is Demy Lyons baptism she is way excited too. We are now baptizing fools over here in Gillette. She is way excited. we are way excited the lord is way excited and the work is going forward and progressing and soon gillette will be exhalted on high! Oh yeah! :)

So on saturday night I called bishop bertanogle in wright and asked him to set up any appointments that he would want us to teach and so we had a jam packed day in wright!! AND AND AND!! Tommy Mills in getting baptized on September 18th!! And, he wants to teach gospel principles now. :) The lord has seriously opened up the windows of heaven and we do not have room enough to receive it. Honestly, I am almost in tears right now. I love this work so much and we are being blessed sooooooo much and the lord is showing us the fruits of our efforts and we are helping bring our family back to the fold. I cant tell you how happy I am right now!! Honestly, I am just so happy. I cant explain it! :)

I honestly think my favorite family on my mission has been the Bertanogle family. Last night I called Bishop Bertanogle and he said he loved me! Sister Bertanogle said she loved me too. I am just apart of their family. Everywhere I have been there have been bertanogles and I just love these people with all my heart. When it comes down to it, I really think Wright has been my favorite place. I just love those people so much. You just cant replace a small town! :) Also, yesterday at church a lady came with a family to church in wright and we taught her at 3 at this member families home and it was just awesome. She said she knows the church is true and wants to make changes in her life and so... we talked alot about baptism. She is not on date yet but she will be very soon!!! :) Lyndia is her name. She is friends with Susan Heimdale who I skyped from at Christmas time.

When we were in wright we taught scott jordan too. I dont know if you remember him but we had just started to teach him before we left and he got baptized about a couple months after I left. it was way cool. I cant tell you again how happy I am. He told me I have been his favorite missionary.

Well we just had transfers and had a couple switches in the zone me and elder barker missed it! Oh yeah!

Gillette 1st- Sister Hunt & Sister Blackburn
Gillette 2nd- Elder Thomas-DL & Greenie
Gillette 3rd- Elder Rudd & Elder Barker
Gillette 4th- Elder Ezzell & Elder Holmstead
Gillette Spanish- Elder Roller-DL & Elder Arndt
Newcastle- Elder Williams & Elder Johnson (New)
Buffalo- Elder Lund-DL & Greenie
Sheridan 1st- Sister Hetling & Sister Adison
Sheridan 2nd- Elder Dahl & Elder Esplin
Sheridan 3rd- Elder Gardner & Elder Holmes

The gillette zone is on fire. We have just been leading by example as much a possible and the zone is following our lead. I am so happy again! Just so you know!

Whitney story had to be told about the quarter horse... But I got an equally stupid one. So we were sitting there talking with the jordans in wright and they started to talk about horses and their daughter saw a fake horse the other day and asked what type of horse it was and this horse was painted all over and the jordans said it was a "paint" and I started laughing that is so funny jsut because its painted and they said no actually a Paint is a breed of horse and I was like "Oh" How is a city slicker like myself actually know that. I will have to admit now that when whitney said that was a quarter horse it sounded logic to me :)

well, I love you all so very much. Always know of my love for all of you. Be strong Believe!

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Zone Leader, Gillette Zone
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

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