Monday, August 22, 2011

Email 8.22.11

Well Hello There

Minot was literally the hardest work I have ever done and you are absoultely right that the pictures do not to the justice at all. I really wish that we could of done more than what we did. The church had over 1000 work orders. Meaning 1000 houses to do. Since we could not get enough help up there the church only finished about 800 of them. So their are 200 homes in Minot that are not cleaned up and that people are going to have to destroy because of the mold and junk. It is so sad. I feel really bad for these people.

About the gillette gazzette. It was awesome huh? But president shut it down... Because we are the only zone who is doing it. When a missionary gets transferred he doesnt want them to complain that their new zone doesnt do it. I was pretty upset. I know this would of helped our zone. But oh well..

Tri Zone conference was two weeks ago. Remember we went to tri-zone then we went up to minot? It was way awesome. With Elder Bruce D. Porter. I mentioned it in last weeks email.

Oh how disgusting how did they let you win. They are making me sad. Tell Kirk he is out of the band! Man! how sad. But dont worry. I will win in cowboy pictionary! Sounds Like a ton of fun. Those always are way fun.

But we have had some cool experiences this week. Tommy Mills is definitly getting baptized next month we went over last night to Bishop Bertanogles house in Wright and taught him he is doing way good. Oh yeah. Yesterday we got to go to Wright for Church. It was awesome to see everyone. I was coming back home. Everyone was saying how does it feel to be home? It happened to be Dakota Daltons Farewell too! He is going to Johanasburg, South Africa. Cool Huh?! He flies from casper to denver and from denver to new york, from new york to london to South Africa. Like a 26 hour flight! Crazy!

We were contacting a Former investigator. She wasnt home but Piper happened to be home. Piper's ex husband was a member and was horrible. but she doesnt have any bad feelings towards the church. So good. But, she invited us right in and we sat down and talked with her and she wants to be taught and she had been living with this former investigator for a week. I told her that it was not by chance that we came in contact with her! She is so awesome. We are going over tomorrow with a member. It will be awesome! :)

The work continues to go forth. Our biggest struggle has been the zone. Its just not happening. We will continue to fast and to work through this but its a struggle in gillette right now.

I love you all so very much

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Zone Leader, Gillette Zone
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

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