Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Pics from 10.24.11

Me and Mason Odowd (Right) Ethan Dooley (Left)

Gillette District
Part of the Gillette Zone

Monday, October 24, 2011

Email 10.24.11

H-O-L-Y B-U-C-K-E-T-S!!!

That is all I have to say is HOLY BUCKETS. This week has been so crazy. I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off and dont worry I had to stay in the whole week though. But I have never been so tired before in my entire life.

So, Surgery went well. I feel great. Went and got my staples out today. I have 12 staples in me. I found more. :) I have healed really well. I have 5 scars on my stomach right now. Not going to look to great. But oh well. :) But all the missionaries took really good care of me and watched me and helped me. I slept alot and to be honest it was really needed. I really think it was stress induced because of the last little while but the sleep and the rest was wonderful! I loved the sleep. I definitly had some cabin fever. I was on percosats. I didnt have any reaction it was good. I was fine. President Layton came by and saw me tuesday morning so that was awesome. He is such a great guy. But surgery is good its done I feel good. Still will take it easy but the work must go on! :)

Well transfers.....

they were crazy.... Elder Barker and Elder Oxborrow and the spanish elders went to breakfast at President Tews house and all the Elders came over and had transfer calls with me. So Elder Barker had our phone so Elder Thomas gave me his phone with President Layton on the other end.....

Elder Rudd: Hey President! How are you?
President: Good Elder Rudd we got a change for you.
Elder Rudd: Great! Who is my next companion?
President: Elder Pape
Elder Rudd: Sweet Elder Pape is being released.
President: No, We are bringing you to Rapid City to be my new Assistant.
(Elder Rudd Puking)
President: You are going to do wonderful. You have been a Zone Leader for quite some time and have been prepared for this calling for quite sometime. I know the lord has called you to this calling and he will support you.
Elder Rudd: Umm.. Thanks President.
President: Recover and see you in Rapid City.

HOLY BUCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well thats the news. Elder Rudd is getting out of Wyoming for good. He is being transferred to Rapid City, South Dakota to be an Assistant to the President. YIKES!!!

So all mail can be sent to:

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
2525 W. Main Street. Ste. 311
Rapid City, SD 57702

Because, I am going to be there EVERYDAY. holy buckets

So yes. Needles to Say it has been the weirdest week of my ENTIRE life. Start off the week with Surgery and End the week moving to Rapid City. WOW.

Definitly feel overwhelmed. Move from stewardship from 20 missionaries to 150!!! HOLY CANOLY.

So for these next seven months I will be serving is Rapid City. My last area.. ...

Other News.... Elder Rudd and BLACK DOT will never be put together again. As of this wednesday when I get to Rapid City. I am UN-Blackdotted.

Thats Basically my news to be honest. Everyone in gillette got transferred though its crazy.

Basically we drive around this mission and go EVERYWHERE. Next week we will take off to Fargo for a conference up there and the Whirlwind goes on. HOLY BUCKETS. The one thing I hope doesnt happen is that an apostle or a seventy comes that we have to drive around. Yikes!

I love you all so much. I am definitly going to need your prayers. I love you all.

If there is anything you could do for me. Walmart gift cards are awesome. Ties. Socks, (Brown and Black) Thats all. I love you all so much.

Be Strong Believe. (I am working on It)

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

Pictures 10.24.11

Kim and the girls, me, Elder Barker and Oxborrow

Me and Kim & the girls
Me and Elder Hastings.

Me and (left to right) Sis. Hunt. Sis Blackburn. Sis Jensen
me and the camps
Me and the Demonjas
me and the abrahams and friend
me and the melinkovichs

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another Surgery!!!!

Elder Rudd had an emergency appendictomy on Monday, October 17th. As you can read in the following post, he hadn't been feeling well but really didn't have the BIG signs of something being wrong. But, he felt something was wrong so Sister Layton sent him to the emergency room and lo and behold he needed them out NOW!!!! I got to talk to him before and after surgery(which was awesome). He is doing well and on the road to full recovery. I am grateful he listened to the spirit and didn't go to Buffalo afterall and was where he could get good medical care immediately. Thanks for all the prayers you offered and please keep them coming for him. He has certainly been through it in the time he has been out. (written my Mom)

Email 10.17.11


Alot going on as always. Let me just tell you that I am looking forward to transfers. I have never been with a companion for more than 3 months. almost 5 months is way too much! I have been going crazy this last week. Elder Oxborrow is awesome a really great guy. I really enjoy him alot. He is just a wonderful Elder. He has such a sweet spirit. Last P-day his family gave him a referral for some lady here in Gillette. Some girl his family knows used to live here and her mom still lives here and the girl said she was 75% sure that she would meet with us. We knock on the door and she slams the door in our face. :) It was so funny. But Elder Oxborrow being the stud he is Knocked again. She opened it up and said I am not interested but elder oxborrow basically commanded her: "Wait a second mam, I have a written testimony and a book of mormon from your daughter telling you what she believes and what has changed her life, so read it and we will come back next week and talk about it." It was awesome. We were like GREENIE FIRE!!!!!It was great he was so pumped. Every day he is like. lets go see her. But he is great. Cant find anyone in Gillette who Speaks Portuguese though.

So I have a little bit of bad news. i have been talking with Sister Layton the last couple of nights. We think I might have apenddicitous. :((((( So no news yet. But I have not been feeling too hot. So we will see how the battle goes. I will make sure that she calls you though whatever happens.

I have had so many experiences like the ones I had last week. God is a god of miracles. We are limiting his power when we do not ask him for help. Stupid if you ask me.

It has been a cold one here of recent. The tons of snow should hit us this week. It is pouring down rain right now and its about 30 degrees. So its coming. Elder Oxborrow is so cold like ALL the time.

I am happy that you are liking your job momma. You do such a great job in everything you do. If you put your mind to it it will happen. Keep up the good work. Be obedient and miracles will happen :) Enjoy what you do. If you dont have a good attitude it will be miserable....

Gillette 1st- Sister Hunt (9 Months), Sister Blackburn (4 1/2 Months), Sister Jensen (3 Months)
Gillette 2nd- Elder Thomas- DL (6 months), Elder Goldtooth (3 months)
Gillette 3rd- Elder Barker (6 months), Elder Rudd (4 1/2 MOnths), Elder Oxborrow (3 weeks)
Gillette 4th- Elder Holmstead (9 Months), Elder Hastings (1 1/2 Months)
Gillette Spanish- Elder Roller (9 Months), Elder Ardnt (6 Months)
Newcastle- Elder Johnson (3 Months), Elder Ellefson (1 1/2 Months)
Buffalo- Elder Lund (6 months), Elder Foster (3 Months)
Sheridan 1st- Sister Addison (Going Home), Sister Hetling (Going Home) *These new sisters will probably be pinkwashing newcastle*
Sheridan 2nd- Elder Dahl (6 Months), Elder Hooker (1 1/2 Months)
Sheridan 3rd- Elder Holmes (6 Months), Elder Vennegas (1 1/2 Months)

Today we take off for Buffalo for an exchange with Elder Lund & Elder Foster. Then tomorrow we will head to Sheridan for their District Meeting and see how that goes. :) I love to see Sheridan. I cant wait to show you my treasures.

Well I love you all very very very very much. The lord loves you very very very very very very much. I know because I feel everyday the love he has for his brothers and sisters. I stand as a personal representative of him and in his name I promise you blessings with all of that you stand in need of. May god bless you this week and for the many to come and may you look to the lord and know that he is watching, he cares and most of all he lives. in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pictures 10.10.11

Cleaning Day
Coal Train. I thought this was a way cool pic though
how sweet is this!!!
funny wyoming houses

Monday, October 10, 2011

Email 10.10.11

Holy Buckets!
well let me tell you a story of a crazy week. I am so exhausted.

Zone Leader Council was great like always President Layton and Sister Layton are just wonderful I love being with them and feeling their spirit. President made the remark that he has been thinking about releasing a couple Zone Leaders to become trainers again. Dont be a district leader, no stewardship just you and a greenie. All of the zone leaders are praying for the opportunity to train now. :) It has been a long time that I have been a zone leader. So I would absolutely love that opportunity. :) We drove into rapid early monday morning and looked up all the thrift stores in Rapid City and went to all of them. It was wonderful. Guess What one of the stores was called "Pack Rat Palace" I said HOLY BUCKETS THAT IS MY TEMPLE!!!! It was a really cool store I really enjoyed it there. Rapid has a ton of cool places. We even went to Sonic. Have not been to sonic FOR EVER!

We picked up Elder Oxborrow from Rapid. He is a really great Elder he is alot of fun. I am really enjoying him. At first I was really worried. He is a Pretty Boy Tree Hugger. We make fun of him all the time for that though. We went to walmart last week and got some things and he wanted to recycle every grocery bag and all the water bottles. I looked at him and said "my friend Wyoming aint heard no recyclin!" He was shocked. But I really like him. He was a cross country runner and all he looked and me and barker and was like "hey do you want to go running in the morning?" We both looked at him and laughed.

The Craft weekend sounded like a lot of fun. Always good when you are with family and doing something you enjoy.

We had a weird fast and testimony meeting oh my. I have to tell you I tell you mormons drive me up the wall. One lady got up and said.. "When I shook Elder Nelson's hand I wouldnt touch anyones hand or anything I just went home and went to my children and grabbed their hands and said: "these hands touched an apostle and my daughter took her hands and rubbed them all over the walls and now our house is blessed by an apostle. I was like OH MY GOSH. So dumb! Dang Mormons! We are Latter Day Saints!!!! ;) Sorry had to vent some steam!

Well on monday night we received revelation that we shouldnt go to Newcastle but we need to teach their DL before we teach them. Because "You can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink" If we dont teach their district leader how to handle the situation in Newcastle then it will continue to struggle and nothing will ever change because Elder Thomas will always look to us to fix the problem instead of handling it on his own. So we got back Tuesday night about seven and then we woke up wednesday morning and took Elder Thomas to newcastle and then drove over to wright (about three hours driving time) and taught some people in wright. Then we came home and were home about 9:20. LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNG DAAAAYYY!!! Then the next day I went on an exchange in Gillette 2nd ward. Basically all of Elder Thomas's district is struggling so I went to 2nd Ward and He went to newcastle and elder barker and oxborrow stayed in 3rd Ward.

The exchange with Elder Goldtooth was basically I was training him to Become a missionary but. two cool experiences...

Experience #1
Me and Elder Goldtooth just got back from Dinner with a family and decided to head out walking to try a potential investigator about an hour walk. Then mother nature came. The wind was blowing 50 mph and the rain was going sideways and the tempature dropped to about 35 degrees. It was really chilly and we were not prepared we just had our suitcoats on (Mind you I had miscolored coat and pants. It was funny) But, It was relentless HOLY BUCKETS! We got to her house and we were like yelling trying to talk to her because she would not let us in. So, she finally said... "Dont ever come back" So we took that as a sign that we should probably leave so that is what we did. On the way home, We had the idea to try Leilani one of their most promising Investigators. They have not been able to get in with her for like a month and we were picked up by one of their investigators and dropped off at Leilani's house and applying what we learned from conference we decided that we needed to pray and "Look Up for help" And I said the prayer I was basically yelling so that Elder Goldtooth could hear the prayer and I prayed simply and fervently that the lord will bless her to know what we will tell her is true and that she will be home. I finish the prayer and knock on the door and bam there she is. And let me tell you me and Elder Goldtooth look like we are two stray dogs and no place to stay (Leilani has cancer too so she is so hard to get ahold of. She is always in Casper, Rapid or Denver.) But! She was there!!! So we talked with her and got a chance to testify to her and to teach her and she said.. " I know what you are telling me is true" That is why I told my church that I want to come to your church!" It was so awesome!! Elder Goldtooth was pumped! We left their with a commitment from her to pray about baptism because she would not accept my invitation but we were so happy. Great Night!

Experience #2
So me and Elder Goldtooth were so pumped about the night before that we were ready to take on the world But the turn out was not going good. We walked about an hour away and we went to try another Potential Investigator. We were really looking forward to seeing her and we got to the door and she was said:..."Elders I really love the book of mormon and I believe its true BUT DONT EVER COME BACK" (Then she slammed the door of course) We were like WHAAAAAATTTTTT! I have never heard that! I was going crazy! I knocked again but she didnt come to the door. Oh well.. But we were super bummed and we decided well we better start tracting so we were in this driveway and we both Knelt down and offered a prayer. Elder Goldtooth said the prayer and he finished the prayer so quick I didnt understand why I look up and he points with his head to the car now parked in the driveway with the driver looking at us. :) He gets out we get up and we start to talk and he is just amazing. He is really looking for the gospel and an opportunity to learn. He went to the LDS church in the military and loved it but never knew the teachings they will be going back on thursday. How cool is that. Elder Goldtooth was way pumped again. We were late for an appointment too and we were booking it across town and I said a prayer that a member would see us and give us a ride. Thats exactly what happened a member from the 3rd ward picked us up and she actually gave us a referral for her boyfriend (older lady) who is R.L.D.S. he was actually an equivilant of a Bishop in the R.L.D.S. church. So Me, Barker and Oxborrow are meeting this week with him. :)

Brothers and Sisters LOOK UP! MOVE FORWARD! Jesus Christ has taken upon himself everything that YOU go through. HE loves YOU. Let HIM help YOU! Give it Up! Do not let it happen! It is so easy!!!

I miss my nieces and nephews! So much. Tell them I love them and miss them.

For Halloween we will be at the Ward Party.

I dont know what is going to happen on transfers but they are in two weeks from today! So they are coming FAST!

The gospel is true. Do not let satan come into your life. Jesus Christ Lives. The Book of Mormon is the word of god and We can be together forever. That is my simple testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN!

I love you!

Elder Michael Rudd

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pictures 10.3.11

Our epic name plates

Epic Stake President Pose
Missionary Dry Cleaning... :)

Email 10.3.11

Buenos Noches,
They have transferred me to the spanish area! :) I am a little loopy today sorry about that! :) But what a wonderful day to wake up and see the sun shining when you step outside and see your breath and get a chance to say "Good Morning to your father in heaven and being able to commune with him and asking his help and his guidance this day to guide you and to help you in all you do. What a blessing we have, if you dont have a relationship with heavenly father, GET ONE! NOW!

Well I have buckets of news!

First off, Elder Rudd and Elder Barker have been called as trainers to train Elder Oxborrow from Kent, WA who is waiting to go to Brazil on his mission. I dont know what it is with Elder Rudd and these out of country boys. They just steal my heart. So today me and elder barker are here emailing early so that we can take off to Rapid City right now. Tomorrow we will take Elder Oxborrow home to Gillette. But on the way to gillette, Elder Rudd is getting dropped off in Newcastle, Wyoming. Those newcastle Elders are struggling super bad. Elder Rudd is heading over there for 2 1/2 Days to Pump them up and to get the ball rolling. Since I was DL over Newcastle I know some people that we can go try and talk too. It will be really good and a chance to work on their efforts. But yeah! Another Brazillian! :) :)

Second Off, We are getting another NEW CAR! We had to drive to Sheridan this past week (Two Hours) to drop off our car and to pick up another car so that we could retire it in Rapid. We are hoping for a camaro! :)

Third off, HOLY BUCKETS WYOMING! THE SECOND COMING IS AROUND THE CORNER! It was so funny there were actually alot of people there at the stake center watching it and you heard this "WOAH............" It was awesome. But Star Valley is like 5 hours from here. None the less way cool. We believe that the next temple in wyoming will be in either CODY, WY or LOVELL, WY. I loved what president monson said: "Star Valley, WY, I think I will dedicate that one, there is really good fishing there!" What a character! The funny thing is that Star Valley is not an actually city the valley just goes on and on for about 150 miles. But we are thinking that it will be in Afton, Wy. and yes momma, RAPID CITY, SD IS NEXT!

I am VERY excited to hear how the Mormon.org campaign goes in AZ. Promote! Promote! Promote!

Momma I am so happy for you and finding a job that you enjoy. He answers prayers! I know he answers prayers. I have had so many prayers answered!

And no things are not slowing down, if anything they are speeding up and going even faster. I am holding on to the train though. Lots of ups and downs in the districts and in the zone. We will continue onward, the work of the lord does not stop nor rest.

HOLY BUCKETS HE'S HOME! all I have to say is WOW

My favorite talk in Conference was Elder Robert D. Hales. He put it in such a way that hit me so strong. They are waiting on us. I remember a quote from President Boyd K. Packer, "We all wonder when the savior will come. We wonder when, where and how. But we delay his arrival when we dont fulfill our abrahamic covenant of missionary work" Another quote from Brother Craig Abraham (Gillette 3rd Ward) "If Latter Day Saints were as motivated with missionary work as the Jehovah's Witnesses the Savior would already be here." Too much of our time as members we rely on the Full-Time Missionaries. We are all Full-Time Missionaries. Open Your mouth and share what you know. But Elder Hales was my favorite. Next would have been Tad R. Callister. I loved that one too. The book of mormon is the word of god! :)

We had a couple people come to conference with us too so it was awesome. I love being a missionary so much. On Ocotober 22nd is transfer calls and either me or Elder Barker could go so we will see.

I love you all. Know that I know that Jesus Christ is my savior and redeemer! He Loves me and you. Be Strong, Believe!

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Zone Leader, Gillette Zone
South Dakota Rapid City Mission