Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Email 10.17.11


Alot going on as always. Let me just tell you that I am looking forward to transfers. I have never been with a companion for more than 3 months. almost 5 months is way too much! I have been going crazy this last week. Elder Oxborrow is awesome a really great guy. I really enjoy him alot. He is just a wonderful Elder. He has such a sweet spirit. Last P-day his family gave him a referral for some lady here in Gillette. Some girl his family knows used to live here and her mom still lives here and the girl said she was 75% sure that she would meet with us. We knock on the door and she slams the door in our face. :) It was so funny. But Elder Oxborrow being the stud he is Knocked again. She opened it up and said I am not interested but elder oxborrow basically commanded her: "Wait a second mam, I have a written testimony and a book of mormon from your daughter telling you what she believes and what has changed her life, so read it and we will come back next week and talk about it." It was awesome. We were like GREENIE FIRE!!!!!It was great he was so pumped. Every day he is like. lets go see her. But he is great. Cant find anyone in Gillette who Speaks Portuguese though.

So I have a little bit of bad news. i have been talking with Sister Layton the last couple of nights. We think I might have apenddicitous. :((((( So no news yet. But I have not been feeling too hot. So we will see how the battle goes. I will make sure that she calls you though whatever happens.

I have had so many experiences like the ones I had last week. God is a god of miracles. We are limiting his power when we do not ask him for help. Stupid if you ask me.

It has been a cold one here of recent. The tons of snow should hit us this week. It is pouring down rain right now and its about 30 degrees. So its coming. Elder Oxborrow is so cold like ALL the time.

I am happy that you are liking your job momma. You do such a great job in everything you do. If you put your mind to it it will happen. Keep up the good work. Be obedient and miracles will happen :) Enjoy what you do. If you dont have a good attitude it will be miserable....

Gillette 1st- Sister Hunt (9 Months), Sister Blackburn (4 1/2 Months), Sister Jensen (3 Months)
Gillette 2nd- Elder Thomas- DL (6 months), Elder Goldtooth (3 months)
Gillette 3rd- Elder Barker (6 months), Elder Rudd (4 1/2 MOnths), Elder Oxborrow (3 weeks)
Gillette 4th- Elder Holmstead (9 Months), Elder Hastings (1 1/2 Months)
Gillette Spanish- Elder Roller (9 Months), Elder Ardnt (6 Months)
Newcastle- Elder Johnson (3 Months), Elder Ellefson (1 1/2 Months)
Buffalo- Elder Lund (6 months), Elder Foster (3 Months)
Sheridan 1st- Sister Addison (Going Home), Sister Hetling (Going Home) *These new sisters will probably be pinkwashing newcastle*
Sheridan 2nd- Elder Dahl (6 Months), Elder Hooker (1 1/2 Months)
Sheridan 3rd- Elder Holmes (6 Months), Elder Vennegas (1 1/2 Months)

Today we take off for Buffalo for an exchange with Elder Lund & Elder Foster. Then tomorrow we will head to Sheridan for their District Meeting and see how that goes. :) I love to see Sheridan. I cant wait to show you my treasures.

Well I love you all very very very very much. The lord loves you very very very very very very much. I know because I feel everyday the love he has for his brothers and sisters. I stand as a personal representative of him and in his name I promise you blessings with all of that you stand in need of. May god bless you this week and for the many to come and may you look to the lord and know that he is watching, he cares and most of all he lives. in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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