Monday, July 25, 2011

Email 7.25.11

Hello Mi Familia,

How are all ya'll out there in the dessert. Wyoming is very beautiful but this past week was real real hot. It hit 105 degrees!!! :( Not cool! With humidity!!! President picked a horrible week for walk week. So we parked all our cars in the whole mission so that we could save some miles and all. And.. it was one of the hottest weeks in wyoming history. It was so hot. I really got burnt good one day but oh well. It was really good though. I loved walking. I keep asking President if I can ride and always is the same answer... No... Darn!

But wow another great week in wyoming! We had NINE INVESTIGATORS at sacrament. I have never had nine ever!!! It was awesome!!! :) Such an awesome week. We had eight in gillette and one in Wright. :) It was awesome.

Alot of really fun stories to tell you this week it was a crazy week.

So we started off the week just awesome.

One day we were on exchanges and I was with Bro. Averrett. He is the guy who fixed our car in wright when the whole under carriage flew out from under us. That was crazy. So I had a bad taste in my mouth for him because he fixed our car with zip ties. But I love the guy. We drove around in him really really fast camaro! We went 130 mph!!! It was nuts!! Insane! But it was awesome!

On that splits night with Bro. Averrett we went to go and teach Demy. Dont know her last name but she keeps coming up to members of the ward at mutual and at church and saying "I want to be baptized" So, we thought after the second time we would meet with her. So, we went over there and I hard invited her for august 6th!! :) The only problem is she lives in the fourth ward half the time and then the third ward half the time. So we are figuring out where to baptize her. Boundaries just are a bummer. So that is a work in progress. But she is way stoked.

Okay one word.. Fainting goats!!!!! Have you ever heard of fainting goats!! I havent!! We have a part member we are teaching who have fainting goats!!!! What you do is you step inside the cage with them and just scare the crap out of them and their whole body tenses up and the veins constrict and they fall over. HAHAHAHAHA! Its so funny. So you can imagine I spent about 45 minutes making the goats tip over!! :) This one time I hid on the side of the house and it was coming towards me and I jumped out and chased it and it fainted like 5 times because I got it so good. My camera was dead but I will take pics and get a video to send home for sure. Its just so funny.

I am feeling a whole lot better than last time. I am feeling good. Just been getting alot of rest and taking some medications but I am back to about 100% I would say.

National High School Rodeo Finals in Gillette, Wyoming. There was about 6000 people living out on the fairgrounds in our area. It is the biggest rodeo in the world. Over 2000 contestants. The fairgrounds are called the Cam-Plex and it was noted at the 18th largest city in wyoming. Number 19 is wright!! Oh yah!

Elder Barker is such a good guy. I have learned alot about him that has just made me love him so much more and appreciate him. His dad passed away a month before he came out on his mission from a heart attack and still came out. He is just a really great guy.

I am really really really making a good effort at writing in my journal I have not been the best always at writing but I really really am trying as hard as I can. I want my children to have something to read and look back through and say "this was the day that..." So I am really working hard on every night writing!

I am not going to lie I really look good as a cowboy. :)

Well, I am really really excited to have another nephew. Start putting those darn chastity belts on my sisters!! No more before I get home! I cant wait to see pics!! It will be awesome. That is one of the hardest things for me being out here is none of my buddies! But it will be okay.

I am getting your letters momma. I am sorry I dont tell you about them. I really do love them though. Thank you! :) I love you momma! :)

The work continues to explode her in gillette. Me and Elder tract maybe once a week now. We have so many appointments. We have just been so crazy busy.

News on minot. The whole east side of the mission got called into minot to help with the devestation. The water is still about 7 feet about the main floor. Its crazy! So much stuff going on up there. I hope that we get to go up soon. But I dont know. They really need to get going before september get it all done because holy buckets! it is going to freeze!!!

Well, it is about that time where I need to wrap up and get going. But I love you all so much.

WE will have pics of a baptism on saturday of adrian, acacia , jaden munoz!!! Oh yeah!!! :)

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

-- Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Zone Leader, Gillette Zone
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

Monday, July 18, 2011

Visit to Tongue River Canyon

Watching the rapids

Elder Barker & Elder Cowboy

Cowboys & Indians (me & Elder Lund)

Tongue River Canyon

Look at dat dere tree

Email 7.18.11


How are you all? I hope that your week was good even great! This week started out great. Sheridan was awesome. I loved being back there and being able to see and do things that I loved. I hadnt been back to sheridan for more than a year. It brought back so many memories of my greenie days. I felt like such a greenie again. It was awesome.

I am very excited to meet Elder Russell M. Nelson. So that will be awesome. We got word this week that Elder Porter of the quorm of the seventy is coming to do a mission tour. So on august 11 we will have a tri-zone conference and go to rapid to see him. Then the next week we have a Gillette Zone Conference. Then September 17th & 18th is when Elder Russell M. Nelson will be in gillette for a stake conference. Just his past weekend President Ogusthorpe (sunday school general president and former SDRCM mission president) was in gillette for a special teaching conference. We werent allowed to go!! So dumb!! So needless to say we have been greatly blessed!

Minot, ND is still under water. Everytime I talk to Elder Hardwick or Elder Hilbun it is just getting worse. The Gillette Stake is sending up 20 people this coming weekend to work for a week to tear down houses. We have to get this done before september because thats when the cold front will come in fierce up there. It will be real cold. We keep pleading with President Layton to send us up there but he wont do it. Bummer! :(
Well this past week I have had something in common with riley and whitney....sickness.... it is not fun. I was up in Buffalo, Wy on an exchange with another elder and he was getting something and he passed it on to me. So, I have been under the weather for a couple days but I am getting better. Cant be sick on PDAY!!

Last PDay we went up to the Tongue River Canyon. That was beautiful. I will send pics. It is awesome!!

Yesterday we have six people at church!! SIX investigators!!! It was awesome!!! They all loved it too!! :)

The work is going so great here. I love you all so much.


Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Zone Leader, Gillette Zone
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

Monday, July 11, 2011

Pictures 7.11.11

One good looking cowboy

Me and Elder Barker in our outfits

Email 7.11.11

Greetings from SHERIDAN, WYOMING!!! I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!
I am so excited to be in sheridan. We drove through Buffalo wyoming. Picked up two elders and kept going to sheridan. About a two hour drive towards montana.But as we were approaching, I started getting so excited!!! I am so happy to be here. There has been alot of drama recently between the Elders and Sisters up here. So we are going to put a cabosh on that right now. HOLY BUCKETS we are servants of the lord for heavens sake! It is just ridiculous! But wow, I really do love it here. It is so awesome. I started singing when I got into town. Elder Dahl is in the 2nd ward. So I get to see my MTC comp and all.
So amazing experiences this week. ZLC was amazing. I was receiving so much revelation I could not even write fast enough. Me and Elder Barker got a new car 2011 Ford Fushion. I think I wrote about that last email but oh well. I have been converted by Elder Barker to chewing Sun FLower Seeds!! BBQ and Salsa flavor holy moly so good. I told him I played baseball for ever and I never spit seeds. But since we travel so much, spitting seeds. But I am down to my last bag and I am quitting.
So awesome news on September 17th & 18th is the Gillette, Wyoming Stake Conference and we have a visitor.... ELDER RUSSEL M. NELSON!!!! And! He wants to meet with me and Elder Barker! ahh!!!! Crazy!!!! I think he is going to do heart surgery on me!! :) But we are so pumped. We met with President Tew the stake pres on saturday (every saturday we meet at his house for breakfast and talking about the zone) But yeah holy buckets!!!!
Adrian Munoz & Amber Tollentino. They have been living together for a while. Amber is a member, she has two girls Acacia (10) and JAden (9) He called us on Wednesday and was like ummm.. can you marry us tomorrow?? We said uhh.. sure. So we called our bishop and he was leaving town so there is only one more person who could marry them. President Tew!!! So the stake president married our two investigators on thursday!! It was such a cool ceremony. I will send pics next week! It was awesome! They came to church on sunday and loved it. They are going to be good for July 30th!! We are so pumped. The whole reason that they wanted to get married to is because Adrian heard that he couldnt get baptized with them living together so he was like shoot lets do it. He is such an awesome guy though! The most solid I have ever taught! :)
I am glad that Kymber liked her present though. That is a really cool Idea! I hope that she had a good bday!
Yeah we go non stop we dont ever stop. We usually wake up at 530 on pdays and get going doin stuff. We dont ever sleep. The only time that I slept on PDay was when I was in wright, when there was nothing to do AT ALL!
That would be awesome if I could have chelseys desk. The white one? That would be way cool. I have so much crap. Its funny. I will bring home and send home alot from the mission. I have decided that wherever we go as a family. I am going to wear my jeans, boots, belt & belt buckle and my cowboy hat and always have a toothpick. I cant wait to embarass all of you :) I might bring a rope and rope everyone :)
Larry Taylor- Less active guy who we have been working with is from SLC. Loves the church is just really down right now. But I really like this guy. Is just looking for his purpose in life! But he came to church on sunday and we invited him to dinner with us and Bishop Heatons house and he just loved it. We all talked football and construction and all the good stuff! But holy moly. So many good things are happening in our area and throughout our zone!
It seems like all we can find is families!! WHICH IS SO AWESOME! It is going to be way cool! We are teaching probably like 10 families right now that are progressing pretty well. It has been real real humid but real real awesome. Gillette is really growing on me.
Our ward mission leader is a 350 pound Man from Hawaii. Brother Naumu (NAH OOO MOO) He has like 5 kids and him and his wife live in a trailer park and run the trailer park and it is kinda all by its lonesome so we call it NAUMUVILLE. So, we are going to make a sign and put it in their front yard! :)
I really enjoy the ward and of course Wright. We will be going on a tour of Black Thunder Mine next PDay. it will be way fun!
We just got a bunch of furniture! Brand new couches from a family in 2nd ward. Kinda like the living room couches. Kitchen table and wow. Our place is way legit! I love it.
So I cant believe that whole dust storm thing. Its crazy! But woah! Holy Buckets that was weird looking. Dad was right something straight out of the mummy!!!
I love you all so much!
Remember to Be strong, and most of all Believe!
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Zone Leader, Gillette Zone
South Dakota Rapid City Mission


My home Wyoming

South Dakota

The sisters were coming over so we decided to dress up
Our sign on our door
Only in Wyoming do you see this...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Email 7.6.11

uenos Noches!!! Mi amigos in the dessert! How are you?!
Happy Fourth of July. Happy Birthday Kymber. Happy everything everyone!!!! What a party!

Just got back from Rapid City at about 8 last night. We ended up not going to Mount Rushmore. We got done to late. But the Mission Home is on top of Canyon Mountain which overlooks Canyon Lake. So we started a fire and sat outside and watched the fireworks all over Rapid City. Pretty Cool HUh?!! Lots of fun. But Rapid was lots of fun as usual. So much is happening throughout the entire world. The church just bought all of us. I mean all 53,000 missionaries portable DVD players. Well one for every companionship. So about 26,000 portable DVD players. So that we can study in the morning by watching the Preach my Gospel DVD's and learn and grow. The church is definitly not shying away from technology. They are embracing and going for it!! :) President Layton said it is a matter of time before we all have laptops! Crazy!!

But so much is in store for us these days. We are doing so awesome. Our mission is on fire. We now have a goal from July-December to have 180 baptisms in the missions. Some missions do that WEEKLY!!!! We are shooting for a six month period!!! :) Gotta love the Plains. But if we were going to do that we would of had 330 total for 2011!!!! :)

I liked my shirt. I wore it on monday! :) President just started laughing. But it is good stuff.

Great news. So Brother Zabel (2nd Counselor in the bishopbric) gave us a referral for this family the tolentino family. I cant remember if I told you about them last week or not. Amber is the mom. (member) Adrian is the dad. Acacia is 10, Jaden is 9. Adrian, JAden, Acacia are not members. We went over there and taught them and the spirit was so strong. There was a pause after I had shared the first vision with them and adrian started to cry. I told him. How do you feel? He said that story has never touched me before like that. I told him that the the holy ghost is speaking to him right now and for him not to fight it and accept it. About two minutes later we invited Him, Acacia and Jaden to be baptized!!! They are on date for July 30th!!! :) Oh yeah!!! Such a powerhouse lesson!

Gillette is growing on me. We are having such a good time. The lord will bless us so much. We are doing awesome.

We have alot of meetings today. All of the west side of the mission is coming to gillette to Leadership meeting. All of the trainers, DL's, ZL's and the AP's of the west side come to it. Its really a good meeting. I love it!! :)

Remember my love for you. I love you all!

Elder Michael Corey Rudd