Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Email 7.6.11

uenos Noches!!! Mi amigos in the dessert! How are you?!
Happy Fourth of July. Happy Birthday Kymber. Happy everything everyone!!!! What a party!

Just got back from Rapid City at about 8 last night. We ended up not going to Mount Rushmore. We got done to late. But the Mission Home is on top of Canyon Mountain which overlooks Canyon Lake. So we started a fire and sat outside and watched the fireworks all over Rapid City. Pretty Cool HUh?!! Lots of fun. But Rapid was lots of fun as usual. So much is happening throughout the entire world. The church just bought all of us. I mean all 53,000 missionaries portable DVD players. Well one for every companionship. So about 26,000 portable DVD players. So that we can study in the morning by watching the Preach my Gospel DVD's and learn and grow. The church is definitly not shying away from technology. They are embracing and going for it!! :) President Layton said it is a matter of time before we all have laptops! Crazy!!

But so much is in store for us these days. We are doing so awesome. Our mission is on fire. We now have a goal from July-December to have 180 baptisms in the missions. Some missions do that WEEKLY!!!! We are shooting for a six month period!!! :) Gotta love the Plains. But if we were going to do that we would of had 330 total for 2011!!!! :)

I liked my shirt. I wore it on monday! :) President just started laughing. But it is good stuff.

Great news. So Brother Zabel (2nd Counselor in the bishopbric) gave us a referral for this family the tolentino family. I cant remember if I told you about them last week or not. Amber is the mom. (member) Adrian is the dad. Acacia is 10, Jaden is 9. Adrian, JAden, Acacia are not members. We went over there and taught them and the spirit was so strong. There was a pause after I had shared the first vision with them and adrian started to cry. I told him. How do you feel? He said that story has never touched me before like that. I told him that the the holy ghost is speaking to him right now and for him not to fight it and accept it. About two minutes later we invited Him, Acacia and Jaden to be baptized!!! They are on date for July 30th!!! :) Oh yeah!!! Such a powerhouse lesson!

Gillette is growing on me. We are having such a good time. The lord will bless us so much. We are doing awesome.

We have alot of meetings today. All of the west side of the mission is coming to gillette to Leadership meeting. All of the trainers, DL's, ZL's and the AP's of the west side come to it. Its really a good meeting. I love it!! :)

Remember my love for you. I love you all!

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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