Monday, July 11, 2011

Email 7.11.11

Greetings from SHERIDAN, WYOMING!!! I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!
I am so excited to be in sheridan. We drove through Buffalo wyoming. Picked up two elders and kept going to sheridan. About a two hour drive towards montana.But as we were approaching, I started getting so excited!!! I am so happy to be here. There has been alot of drama recently between the Elders and Sisters up here. So we are going to put a cabosh on that right now. HOLY BUCKETS we are servants of the lord for heavens sake! It is just ridiculous! But wow, I really do love it here. It is so awesome. I started singing when I got into town. Elder Dahl is in the 2nd ward. So I get to see my MTC comp and all.
So amazing experiences this week. ZLC was amazing. I was receiving so much revelation I could not even write fast enough. Me and Elder Barker got a new car 2011 Ford Fushion. I think I wrote about that last email but oh well. I have been converted by Elder Barker to chewing Sun FLower Seeds!! BBQ and Salsa flavor holy moly so good. I told him I played baseball for ever and I never spit seeds. But since we travel so much, spitting seeds. But I am down to my last bag and I am quitting.
So awesome news on September 17th & 18th is the Gillette, Wyoming Stake Conference and we have a visitor.... ELDER RUSSEL M. NELSON!!!! And! He wants to meet with me and Elder Barker! ahh!!!! Crazy!!!! I think he is going to do heart surgery on me!! :) But we are so pumped. We met with President Tew the stake pres on saturday (every saturday we meet at his house for breakfast and talking about the zone) But yeah holy buckets!!!!
Adrian Munoz & Amber Tollentino. They have been living together for a while. Amber is a member, she has two girls Acacia (10) and JAden (9) He called us on Wednesday and was like ummm.. can you marry us tomorrow?? We said uhh.. sure. So we called our bishop and he was leaving town so there is only one more person who could marry them. President Tew!!! So the stake president married our two investigators on thursday!! It was such a cool ceremony. I will send pics next week! It was awesome! They came to church on sunday and loved it. They are going to be good for July 30th!! We are so pumped. The whole reason that they wanted to get married to is because Adrian heard that he couldnt get baptized with them living together so he was like shoot lets do it. He is such an awesome guy though! The most solid I have ever taught! :)
I am glad that Kymber liked her present though. That is a really cool Idea! I hope that she had a good bday!
Yeah we go non stop we dont ever stop. We usually wake up at 530 on pdays and get going doin stuff. We dont ever sleep. The only time that I slept on PDay was when I was in wright, when there was nothing to do AT ALL!
That would be awesome if I could have chelseys desk. The white one? That would be way cool. I have so much crap. Its funny. I will bring home and send home alot from the mission. I have decided that wherever we go as a family. I am going to wear my jeans, boots, belt & belt buckle and my cowboy hat and always have a toothpick. I cant wait to embarass all of you :) I might bring a rope and rope everyone :)
Larry Taylor- Less active guy who we have been working with is from SLC. Loves the church is just really down right now. But I really like this guy. Is just looking for his purpose in life! But he came to church on sunday and we invited him to dinner with us and Bishop Heatons house and he just loved it. We all talked football and construction and all the good stuff! But holy moly. So many good things are happening in our area and throughout our zone!
It seems like all we can find is families!! WHICH IS SO AWESOME! It is going to be way cool! We are teaching probably like 10 families right now that are progressing pretty well. It has been real real humid but real real awesome. Gillette is really growing on me.
Our ward mission leader is a 350 pound Man from Hawaii. Brother Naumu (NAH OOO MOO) He has like 5 kids and him and his wife live in a trailer park and run the trailer park and it is kinda all by its lonesome so we call it NAUMUVILLE. So, we are going to make a sign and put it in their front yard! :)
I really enjoy the ward and of course Wright. We will be going on a tour of Black Thunder Mine next PDay. it will be way fun!
We just got a bunch of furniture! Brand new couches from a family in 2nd ward. Kinda like the living room couches. Kitchen table and wow. Our place is way legit! I love it.
So I cant believe that whole dust storm thing. Its crazy! But woah! Holy Buckets that was weird looking. Dad was right something straight out of the mummy!!!
I love you all so much!
Remember to Be strong, and most of all Believe!
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Zone Leader, Gillette Zone
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

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