Monday, October 3, 2011

Email 10.3.11

Buenos Noches,
They have transferred me to the spanish area! :) I am a little loopy today sorry about that! :) But what a wonderful day to wake up and see the sun shining when you step outside and see your breath and get a chance to say "Good Morning to your father in heaven and being able to commune with him and asking his help and his guidance this day to guide you and to help you in all you do. What a blessing we have, if you dont have a relationship with heavenly father, GET ONE! NOW!

Well I have buckets of news!

First off, Elder Rudd and Elder Barker have been called as trainers to train Elder Oxborrow from Kent, WA who is waiting to go to Brazil on his mission. I dont know what it is with Elder Rudd and these out of country boys. They just steal my heart. So today me and elder barker are here emailing early so that we can take off to Rapid City right now. Tomorrow we will take Elder Oxborrow home to Gillette. But on the way to gillette, Elder Rudd is getting dropped off in Newcastle, Wyoming. Those newcastle Elders are struggling super bad. Elder Rudd is heading over there for 2 1/2 Days to Pump them up and to get the ball rolling. Since I was DL over Newcastle I know some people that we can go try and talk too. It will be really good and a chance to work on their efforts. But yeah! Another Brazillian! :) :)

Second Off, We are getting another NEW CAR! We had to drive to Sheridan this past week (Two Hours) to drop off our car and to pick up another car so that we could retire it in Rapid. We are hoping for a camaro! :)

Third off, HOLY BUCKETS WYOMING! THE SECOND COMING IS AROUND THE CORNER! It was so funny there were actually alot of people there at the stake center watching it and you heard this "WOAH............" It was awesome. But Star Valley is like 5 hours from here. None the less way cool. We believe that the next temple in wyoming will be in either CODY, WY or LOVELL, WY. I loved what president monson said: "Star Valley, WY, I think I will dedicate that one, there is really good fishing there!" What a character! The funny thing is that Star Valley is not an actually city the valley just goes on and on for about 150 miles. But we are thinking that it will be in Afton, Wy. and yes momma, RAPID CITY, SD IS NEXT!

I am VERY excited to hear how the campaign goes in AZ. Promote! Promote! Promote!

Momma I am so happy for you and finding a job that you enjoy. He answers prayers! I know he answers prayers. I have had so many prayers answered!

And no things are not slowing down, if anything they are speeding up and going even faster. I am holding on to the train though. Lots of ups and downs in the districts and in the zone. We will continue onward, the work of the lord does not stop nor rest.

HOLY BUCKETS HE'S HOME! all I have to say is WOW

My favorite talk in Conference was Elder Robert D. Hales. He put it in such a way that hit me so strong. They are waiting on us. I remember a quote from President Boyd K. Packer, "We all wonder when the savior will come. We wonder when, where and how. But we delay his arrival when we dont fulfill our abrahamic covenant of missionary work" Another quote from Brother Craig Abraham (Gillette 3rd Ward) "If Latter Day Saints were as motivated with missionary work as the Jehovah's Witnesses the Savior would already be here." Too much of our time as members we rely on the Full-Time Missionaries. We are all Full-Time Missionaries. Open Your mouth and share what you know. But Elder Hales was my favorite. Next would have been Tad R. Callister. I loved that one too. The book of mormon is the word of god! :)

We had a couple people come to conference with us too so it was awesome. I love being a missionary so much. On Ocotober 22nd is transfer calls and either me or Elder Barker could go so we will see.

I love you all. Know that I know that Jesus Christ is my savior and redeemer! He Loves me and you. Be Strong, Believe!

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Zone Leader, Gillette Zone
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

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