Monday, September 26, 2011

Email 9.26.11

Mi Familia,

Well what a crazy week this week. We were running ourselves ragged....

This week the sister missionaries had to move apartments so, us and the spanish elders moved them from the 3rd story of one apartment building to the 3rd story of another apartment building. But when we got their they had told another guy moving in that we would help him too. He had a huge uhaul full of couches and chairs and holy buckets! We were so sore. Then we get a call from Gene & Nancy Hanson that night... "Hey our daughter is moving we need help, I'll make you dinner @ grandma egans." You all know I am a sucker for good food. So all of saturday we helped them move their Daughter Amber who is less active and know she is moving right next to the sister missionaries so the sisters will be sicked on her :) By the time sunday morning rolled around HOLY BUCKETS I was so sore. Still am.

Me and Elder Barker have been so frustrated of late. Our zone is so complacent and it seems like they just do not care about their calling. So, There is not much else we can do. We have only one more thing that we can do. EXCHANGES. So we are going to let our area suffer for the next two week and blitz all the struggling areas. First stop, Gillette 2nd ward. . They just cant seem to get the hang of it. They are not doing what the lord would have them do. For the last four months they have taught 7 lessons to investigators every week. Nothing has changed. We have preached, We have taught we have spoon fed them. We have done everything we can do. The last thing we are to do is to Blitz the area where me and Elder Barker go on splits for atleast two days and teach and find like crazy since they dont know how to do it themselves. Since Elder is a District Leader his district follows after him. So newcastle is in one of the biggest slumps I have ever seen. These Elders just dont know how to find people to teach so next week after ZLC. We are heading to newcastle for 4 days to blitz newcastle. Missionaries have just let these areas continue to struggle and be content with what they do. Newcastle has not had one investigator to church this entire year. Neither 2nd ward or Newcastle has had a baptism this year. it is so sad to see that. I remember when I was the district leader over newcastle they were doing so good! We will go in and make it happen. Basically we are like the SWAT team for Missionaries. Special Forces! :)

We found Six new investigators this week. it was a great week. I love Gillette. if I had it my way I would finish out here! :) News Tommy Mills & Laura Hansen will be Married in November. He wants me to be one of his Groomsmen. We are all wearing Cowboy Hats, Flannel Shirts, Jeans and Cowboy Boots. :) How awesome! ;) If I dont get transferred I will for sure do it and send pictures! ;) I love wright! I love Gillette. I just Love Wyoming.

Elder Nelson was so great. I loved it. All of our investigators loved it so much. They thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. Way Cool.

Well Darn! I didnt know that the house phone is done for. We have had that number for years. Dang! Someone just asked me too when I gave them a card are you sure this number will always be in use, I said of course we have had it forever! :) Oh Well. I guess I will have to make some new cards.

I love that another baby is almost here But tell them to stop with this baby business! NOT COOL when I am not home! Way cool though. If it is a halloween baby it will come out super scary :)

So you think that you can beat a Wyoming Cowboy do ya. I reckon that you gonna lose Iron Chef Momma. Theres a new Cowboy in town and that Kitchen aint Big enough for the two of us.

Holy Moly, I cant believe that Jenny passed away. How sad is that. She never seemed happy though. I am so sad I loved Brother Cardon. Man Alive. How sad is this. But how nice for them.

I love you all very much. Know that heavenly father loves you. Know that. I love you

Elder Rudd

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Zone Leader, Gillette Zone
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

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