Monday, September 12, 2011

Email 9.12.11

Familia & Friends

How are you all doing. I am so happy to hear good news from everyone. The Bit of news that I hear from home is good. I love getting letters and love having emails. So keep it up.

Well another busy busy week. We are so busy. I seriously cant even stop to think.. This past week me and elder barker taught 22 lessons and our crazy crazy week. We taught 9 lessons with a member. 5 other lessons to investigators. We have been just on fire. Our areas are still struggling and it is driving us crazy! We want so bad for them to have the success that we have been having but week after week after week they keep struggling. Me and Elder Barker have came to the conclusion that there is not much else we can do. These Elders and Sisters have to do it for themselves. We can only do so much. The elders in newcastle are really really struggling. Elder Thomas and his district are really really struggling. It is such a bummer! Our district is on fire. Us, The Gillette 1st Sisters and Spanish taught 20 lessons and it was awesome. But the rest of the zone is just plumunting. Its so sad. We are doing every thing we possibly can but still nothing....

Tomorrow at 10 am. We will have a specialized training for the whole zone. We will have everyone from the zone here in Gillette. It will basically be a pep rally. We are going to put some numbers up that are really going to shock alot of people. Its going to be really good. We just cant sit back and let this happen but then again we also cant do everything for them. It is just so stupid. The work continues to go on and the lord will continue to bless us in every way. The windows of heaven continue to be opened up and we recieve a blessing that we do not have room enough to receive. :) The lord will bless us and I know he loves us so much. I love the work, I love the missionaries but this whole free agency thing is ticking me off. :)

This weekend is going to be awesome. Elder Russell M. Nelson of the quorm of the twelve apostles. The only other apostle I have seen was when L. Tom Perry came to our stake conference in mesa. We are just so pumped. :) We are only allowed to go to the stake conference not the adult meeting or the priesthood meeting. All of our missionaries are so sad that they cant go and called us and begged. But had to put our foot down hard! :) It will be an awesome meeting. We should have about 10 investigators there. We are so hoping so!!!!

How was our stake conference in Mesa? How is good ole president wright doing?

Well about time I get my room back. Now I can come back for another Knee Surgery and sleep in my room. :) Just kidding. But I am really happy for them to be out in the new house. I know it will be very good for them. They can really start to grow as a family without having everyone by them. It will be way good. :)

I got told that I looked 37!!! Holy moly. Its all my grey hair! Gosh dang!!! :( But wow. I would not be surprised if my hair was all grey by the time I got home. :)

If anyone wants to send me anything. Walmart Gift Cards are my favorite. I also need more stamps if anyone wants to send me more stamps.

Yes. Me & Elder Barker are together again. It will be fun. Elder Hilbun is the new A.P. He leaves after this transfer so they will have to call yet another and all of us zone leaders pray it is not us...

I am excited for you all to have quiet time at the house. How cool is that! I know it will be different but I bet it will be fun and quiet. I bet you will read a million books now. :)

I really dont know what else to write. I am sending a package home today for you mom and dad.

I love you

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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