Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Email 9.6.11

Mi Familia,
The news..... Elder Rudd..... Gillette, Wyoming for ANOTHER TRANSFER! Yes! I love Gillette. Companion.... Elder Barker!!! We beat another transfer!! Yes! How cool is that. This is now mine and Elder Barkers third transfer together. We are way excited and the work is just going to take off. We were both looking forward to a change but are still going good. Sometimes it is just good to get a change. Its nothing on the companion but it just gives fresh blood and new ideas and things go off.

Gillette Zone

Gillette 1st Sister Hunt (6 Transfers) & Sister Blackburn (3 Transfers) & Sister Jensen (Greenie)
Gillette 2nd- Elder Thomas (DL) (4 Transfers) & Elder Goldtooth (2 transfers)
Gillette 3rd- Elder Rudd (3 Transfers) & Elder Barker (4 Transfers)
Gillette 4th- Elder Holmstead (6 Transfers) & Elder Hastings (1st Transfer here)
Gillette Spanish- Elder Roller (DL) (6 Transfers) & Elder Ardnt (4 Transfers)
Newcastle- Elder Johnson (2 Transfers) & Elder Ellingson (1st transfer here)
Buffalo- Elder Lund (DL) (4 transfers) & Elder Foster (2 Transfers)
Sheridan 1st- Sister Adison (4 Transfers) & Sister Hetling (3 Transfers)
Sheridan 2nd- Elder Dahl (4 Transfers) & Elder Hooker (1st transfer here)
Sheridan 3rd- Elder Holmes (4 transfers) & Elder Vennegas (1st Transfer Here)

The districts are this:

Gillette 2nd- Elder Thomas (DL)
Gillette 4th

Gillette Spanish- Elder Roller (DL)
Gillette 1st Sisters
Gillette 3rd ZL

Buffalo- Elder Lund (DL)
Sheridan 1st Sisters
Sheridan 2nd
Sheridan 3rd

So we have a ton of the same people. In a mission it is soooooooo rare to be in a area for 5 transfers and to be in a area for 6 transfers is just unheard of and we have three of them. We were there and no transfer calls came we are just like what in tarnation!!! But we are excited for this next transfer it will be a way good one. Alot happening. We have Stake Conference in two weeks with Elder Nelson!!! Yay!! We are so excited!! It will be awesome. They cant fit all the people in one building!! So, they have to move it to a huge arena in gillette! It will be so cool. I know people will be coming from all over and people will try and poach from different stakes and all. But no way! :) We have a specialized training next week that we will be giving for the gillette zone and just the onwards of the business. We have a leadership meeting coming and then zlc and then we do it all over again.

The weather is getting cold. The past couple mornings it has been about 35 in the morning. No snow yet but super awesome weather. I love it. I am looking forward to the winter. It is always cold but its a lot of fun. I dont know where I will be for the heart of winter. Winter will just be ending when I come home so we will see how I adjust to the heat. :) I know I am going to fry!

What a beautiful world we live in. I love being a member of the lord true church and to stand as witness of the truthfulness of the gospel and am looking forward to the day of the lords coming to rule and reign upon the world. But it is up to us to prepare the way. We are only delaying his coming by not preparing our friends. It is our responsibility to find for the missionaries. I bet alot of ask ourselves what can we do to help the elders. Find someone for them to teach. The Elders HAVE to tract because we are not doing our job as a member missionary! We made a covenant. A promise with out heavenly father that we would do this. Missionary work does not have to be hard. We just make it that way. Open your mouth and serve the lord.

I can not believe that whitney and kirk are moving. How crazy is that. My room is back. Holy buckets. I was thinking you know how we decorated ryans room when he came back. I was thinking like getting a haybell in the corner and a horse in the closet and sleeping on a sleeping bag on the ground. With a full time banjo player. Just a couple ideas. :) I love Wyoming. I have a ton of stuff to send home. I am waiting for someone to head down to Arizona so they can take it for me. The Abrahams here in Gillette are going to be heading down to visit Elder Foulger so they want to take it for me. I have had gifts for everyone for ever. But it is just too dang expensive to ship things home.

Momma Be strong. I know that they are moving out but it will be okay.

I cant believe that Caleb got blessed. I really dont like this whol being on a mission when these things happen! Not cool! :)

I am way jealous. I am always dreaming of my bed and how comfy it is. Its just so awesome! :) But wow.

We had a cool opporunity the other night. Our district had such a cool bonding moment. We were just getting ready for bed. Usually as soon as we come in the door my tie is off and I am in my Pajamas are on. But this night me and Elder Barker got alot of work done and were in our clothes for the entire night. We got a call from Elder Roller telling us sister blackburn needed a blessing so we got together with the spanish elders at 1045 and went over to one of the buidlings and gave sister blackburn a blessing. One of her cousins was killed on her mission in New York got in a car accident and died. So she was really torn up. I got to show her Elder Ferrins obituary and show her his name of the back of my name tag. We had a really good talk and got to comfort her and grow as a district. It was a really good blessing. Elder Barker gave the blessing and afterward that night he told me she is okay. Her cousin is in the arms of heavenly father now. It has been so amazing to me to be able to feel the love of the godhead for these people we teach how beautiful the plan of happiness and how perfect our loving heavenly father is. I am so grateful for my upbringing and the truth that was taught in our home. What are the chances of me being born into a LDS family and in that Fact and Active LDS Family and for the knowing the truth I know it is so amazing to me to think about that But I know that Heavenly Father has a plan I know that was his plan for me. Many dont know what we know. Go on a mission serve the lord. Share the gospel to all the world. I love this gospel. I know that it is the true church of living christ. The gospel is true what else matters. Open your heart to this message. Open your heart to the love and the blessings that are meant for you but you wont receive. I love you all.

I love you all so much.

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Zone Leader, Gillette Zone
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

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