Monday, September 19, 2011

Email 9.19.11


Well let me tell ya a little story of awesomeness. It has been a great couple of days. The lord has continued to pour out the blessings of heaven upon the missionary work.

First off the stake had to rent the Cam-Plex its a huge event center in our area where alot of rodeo's and junk are. They had to rent Energy Hall. The Stake Center is TINY! So, they had about 1300 seats set up but just about 10 minutes before it began the set up probably another 500 chairs. It was awesome. The turn out was wonderful in all we had about 8 investigators and 5 less actives there. It was fantastic.

Stake Conference was amazing. Elder Russel M. Nelson is so amazing. The spirit was so strong I love it all so much. He gave all of us an Apostolic Blessing. He taught and testified so strong. What a beautiful spirit that was there that we all felt and I was so grateful to be there yesterday and to be in the midst of an apostle. I am so grateful for that feeling. During his talk he asked for all the missionaries to stand up and he told us "thank you you unsung heroes who labor in the lords vineyard, President Monson loves you, I love you, The Lord would have me say He Loves You and thanks you for representing him." Then he had us sit back down! Holy Moly! It was so good. Afterwards we got to go shake his hand. He shook the hands of about 1500 People in the stake. Thats ALOT of hands. But we all lined up and I got to be the first to shake his hand. I shook his hand and he looked me in the eyes. Didnt even look at my nametag and said: "elder rudd thank you for your service, I know that the lord knows you and I know he loves you. I know you are an obedient servant of the lord and that you are nearing the end of your full time mission, Be strong and Be faithful and the lord will Bless you and Your family." HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just in awe..... Right after Elder Nelson, I shook Elder Reall's (70) hand and he said "Elder Rudd (He did look at the tag) thank you for your service, the lord loves his missionaries, especially ones that have a glow about them." I was like HOLY BUCKETS! It was so cool. I loved yesterday. Funny Story about Elder Nelson real quick. He was in a press conference in Florida and the reporter asked:

Q: Do Latter Day Saints believe in the bible?

A: Of course, Our members wrote it!!!!

Holy Buckets... How cool is that. He said that because the restored church is the same church that the disciples and that jesus christ were apart of. I loved that remark!! :)

Another great story. We were not able to go to priesthood or the adult meeting but he told a story... He was at a stake conference in louisana and was sitting and watching the meeting and he kept seeing this lady and was feeling prompted to talk to her and call on her when he was to talk. So he asked the stake president who she was and the president said: "oh dont call on her she is less active and a little bit crazy." So Elder Nelson thought nothing of it and then he got up there to talk and the spirit was yelling at him to talk to her and call her up. So being a apostle he could not say no. He called her up and asked her what was her name and when she was baptized. She said her name and told him when she was baptized and then he asked who baptized you. She said: "Well you did" It turned out that this lady was a nurse in the army when he was a surgeon and elder nelson had baptized her and her husband 40 years previous and this lady had fallen away and had heard that Elder Russell M. Nelson was coming so she wanted to come see if it was him. HOW COOL! Holy Buckets!

We had a baptism yesterday. Tommy Mills in wright got baptized!!!! It was so sweet! He was so excited. After the baptism was over he had me ask to turn the time over to him. (I was conducting the baptism) He Proposed to his Girlfriend!!! It was awesome! I started teaching him when I was in wright and then came back and saw him get baptized. When I left wright I told Elder Hammond that I felt that I was not done yet in wright. I didnt realize why until I saw Tommy get Baptized. During the baptism he called me up and thanked me for my spirit and the conviction I had when I was working with him. He said my testimony always worked on him and wanted him to be better.

I am very glad that you liked the Salt and Pepper shakers. I love them too. I have had them forever. Momma I have been keeping track of all these old vintage stores and craft stores that you would absolutely fall in love with! So, you can see all of them. Yeah the other shirt was for whoever. i want to get everyone a shirt but, I couldnt afford it.

I got a call from Elder Hammond today. He is doing way good. I love him.

By the way Elder Foulger (Chad Foulger) Will probably be calling or coming over. I told him to go get some grub at the house. He is skin and bones I told him Momma Rudd will take care of that. So, He wants to come over. So yeah :)

Just so you know. I bought some Cowboy boots. The ones I wanted were on sale. When the credit card bill comes its more than usual. Im sorry. We have made plans this next month. We will no longer be eating out for district meetings. So since we go to three of them a week my money goes fast. But! We have some good plans. :)

OH MY GOSH! I do not like hearing that. People are asking me how much time i have left. It is so weird!!!! Yikes! I am now one of the oldest in the mission. It is just bizzare! I am still a greenie! I can not believe that Greg is almost home! HOLY BUCKETS!

The lord has continued to pour out blessings on us all. Remember your blessings and DO NOT forget them.

I love you all so much.

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

Zone Leader, Gillette Zone

South Dakota Rapid City Mission

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