Monday, August 29, 2011

Email 8.29.11

Familia & Friends,
Well we have had a busy week this week. Been walking all over the town of gillette. Been really busy and loving the work. We have yet another busy week ahead of us. In a couple of hours we will head to Rapid City for Zone Leader Council and we will get back tuesday night from that and then Wednesday Afternoon we take off for Sheridan for an Exchange and their District Meeting. Then we get back from Sheridan Friday night and Saturday Morning are Transfer Calls either me or elder barker could be getting transferred. Who Knows?!

The cold is starting in parts of our mission. It is pouring down rain here in Gillette Right now but, it is humid. About Mid-October is when the snow and the cold will hit hard. But we are looking forward to the cold so much. The heat has been killing us! Momma, I dont want to move anywhere stay in Mesa. It is such a safe haven. I love it there. Sorry about the picture. I didnt even think about that.

Typical dad about moving all the junk out of the primary closet and all that junk. I am such a pack rat. I am waiting to hear someone traveling to mesa so they can take like ten boxes home for me. I have a ton to send home. I have been carrying around gifts and stuff for a while. It is so dang expensive to ship stuff home though. That is way cool about the new door instead of the pocket door. I hated that pocket door.

I continue to say the hardest part of being away is when my neices and nephews are bordn and I do not know them! :( I am excied for the blessing though. Dont let mark freak out. Just let the lord speak.

I have full confidence in my leadership capabilities and all but the problem is if others follow it. Me and Elder Barker just cant get areas to step up to the plate and work. So it has been a tough transfer but we have been seeing small brights of success. Certain areas are giving me more grey hair. I have a pretty good patch on the top of my head. :(

I have started to make my own salsa. A couple weeks ago when president and sister layton came through for interviews. The missionaries in gillette had a mexican lunch for them. I made Carne and Pollo Asada and lots of other things others made. Then I made some homeade salsa kinda like yours except I added jalapenos and lime and sugar. It was awesome. Very chuncky and just awesome.

I am way happy for mateo and happy for him to start his mission. Its the greatest calling in the world. I love being a missionary so much. I am going to be so sad when I go home.

I am glad that you and aunt patty are happy with working together. I am sure that it is a huge blessing in her life to have a steady job.

I love you all so much. Have to hit the road.

Whom the lord loves he chastens. Love the lord with all of your heart and know that he loves you and is always their for you.

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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