Monday, January 24, 2011

Eventful Week

Hello hello

Well another week among the masses in the busy city of casper, wyoming. To start off for most of the week I received a visit from the flu bug. Me and elder hilbun both caught it from elder bowers. third time elder bowers has gotten me sick. I am glad he is going home!!!! Wow! But i am feeling alot alot better.

Well to start off. I wrote down things to talk about I am being very efficent these days let me tell ya!

Trina Birones- Her husband is david briones. David is literally crazy!!! He is not a member. Trina is. We have been working with david and all. But we found out that david got off his loopy pills and when he gets off his loopy pills, david goes NUTS he would go down to there attic crawl space and think that trina is hiding guys that she is having an affair with down there and now two days ago we found out that david thinks she is having an affair with us. This guy is way nuts!!!So needless to say trina needs to get out of there and we told bishop linford all about this and he is taking care of it but still it was hilarious to hear all this stuff this guy is thinking. But yeah, So david calls the cops all the time and says that there is someone in the house basically this guy it skitso. And the cops took him to the hospital and now he is been taken to treatment and now its trina's chance to pick up and just leave. And she plans on doing so. It will be good for her and all. She will be moving back to Nebraska. So david cant find her and be such an idiot. But yeah.

Jason Wallace- JAson is such an awesome guy. Our top investigator. We tracted into jason in about -15 degree weather he opened the door and said hey can you come back tomorrow. I'll be here so, we were kinda bummed but we did in turn come back and there he was and he said I was starting to think you boys were not going to show up! Since than jason has kept every commitment we have left him. He described to us in detail what happens in 3rd nephi 11. I have never had ANY ONE do that. he met us at the church to give him a tour and he will be coming to church on sunday! Yes!!! He is very very close!!!

The sanchez family- I love this family they are so awesome. Katrina is the mom. They have three daughters: 17, 15, 9 and Tony is not the member. But oh my so close with him. I love my man tony. He has been coming to church pretty much every week. loves the church but he thinks his baptism in the catholic church is fine. But I let them borrow my copy of Jospeh Smith: Prophet of the restoration and katrina came up to me on sunday and was like oh my gosh it totally changed tonys whole perceptive of joseph smith. She told me that tony was watching the part when jospeh was getting tarred and feathered and he started to cry and say did they really do that to him. They are keeping it another couple days to finish the whole disk. But tony is on the way!!

Me and elder hilbun met with the stake president President Hopkins. What an awesome guy. I love him. He is way nice and very very loving. Me, Elder Hilbun, President Layton and President Hopkins are thinking that its time to open up the town of Glenrock. Its a town of about 2700 people. It was so funny. everyone was asking well is glenrock too small. Last week we went to glenrock. HOLY MOLY compared to wright this is a hopin place. I was baffled why there isnt missionaries there now! But there will be.

Also in glenrock there is another food challenge!!!!! Hamburger! four 1/2 patties with 8 slices of amerian cheese, four strips of bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a thing of fries. There is about 15 missionaries pictures on the wall. Guess whos next!!!! :) I am so excited. I am getting way excited for it. Also, its owned by members but it will be alot of fun. Dalton is on the wall.

Tomorrow we head to gillette for leadership. We take our two district leaders and ourselves and head to learn more and more. :) It will be a good time. Lots of driving. But oh well. I am used to it. P.S. President wants to un black dot me soon. Muahahaha. I could realy care less though.

I am thinking about birthday. Definitly ties. Stamps and yeah. I am thinking.

I love you all so much. Happy almost birthday dad!! Your card is in the mail. I love you dad! I love you mom! I love you everyone!

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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