Monday, February 7, 2011

Birthday Week!

Well Hello Hello Hello!

I am in gillette wright now. We are driving to rapid city again today for Zone Leader Council for two days. We drove up last night the roads were so bad so I came up with an idea, STOP AND STAY IN WRIGHT!!!! Oh yeah! So we spent the night with elder hammond and elder garrard. It was alot of fun. It was hard to see elder hammond without me. It was like he was an ex-girlfriend. It has never been that way before but since I trained the guy it was actually hard! hahaha! I was like why isnt he talking about the good times we had! HAHAHAHA! I was laughing at my self that I thought that way though. It was funny. Elder Hammond is doing an awesome job though. I am so proud of him.

The weather.... last week we spent two days inside the weather was below -30 the lowest it got was about -45 so not too bad but its cold. Our tempature gauge on the car couldnt read any lower. But yeah! Needless to say its cold. I have really gotten used to the weather out here in wyoming. The wind chill is what really kills you though. Our missionaries are strong and with the lord we are even stronger and warmer.

So last week me and elder hilbun spoke in church as you know, the rudds in the ward came to church and looked on the programm and were like "what?!!!" did you prepare something?" It was hilarious they came up to me yesterday and were like we had no idea. I really do love the casper first ward. Its a blast.

Well this week me and elder hilbun taught 22 lessons and found some new people to teach and made alot of progress with the people who we have been teaching. I love it. This is such a beautiful thing.

Charly Unegsk- Charly is so awesome. he has been taught for a while. But, charly is afraid of commitments he doesnt like them AT ALL. He has crazy anxiety. We are working with him on that. He is living with his girlfriend (who is brother romeros sister in the 1st ward, Bro Romero's wife passed away whose twin sister is Sis. Bertanogle in wright) Crazy I know! But, I have alot of connections. we are working with charly on a baptisimal date so we can work with him about his anxiety though.

Bunns- We dont know what is going to have to happen with the bunns. I love their family so much, but they dont see a need for the gospel in their life. Sometimes I want to hit people with a hammer and be like COME ON!!!!!!!! But we are working with them and hopefully get them to church again.

Cheri- cheri is crazy. She has so many health problems. But she is so drugged up so much that she cant think. She wants to be baptized but is holding onto catholism. She still does the lords prayer and prays to mary and all. But we are working with her.

Lana- New Investigator.... Seventh Day Adventist. The Adventists belief is not too far off from ours. They believe they had a woman prophet and all but still. I have taught alot on my mission, they can believe alot of things but when it comes to the sabbath on sunday no way no how and absoultely not. Basically that is the difference in there religion. We try to explain it to them and it goes into bashing so its pointless. But we gave her a chapter in the book of mormon to read and are meeting with her on friday @ 7.

I could not believe that article mom!!! EVIT RADIO GOES LIVE!!! I WAS SO BUMMED!!!!! OH MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS AWESOME!!! I PLAN TO CALL IN AND REQUEST MOTAB!!!! But that is so exciting. Elder Hilbun didnt understand why I was so bummed. I was like that is my baby!!! :) But I cant wait to hear how it goes!!!

I love it in Casper. This is the last week of the transfer though. Elder Hilbun could be getting transferred too. Which is crazy. But it can and might happen. I got a letter from Elder Mack Daddy the other day. Still need to write him. But it is so good getting letters. please encourage the ward to write to us. it means sooooooooooooo much. But make sure they send one to wyoming before anywhere else!!!!

I cant believe I am going to be 20 in a week. Isnt that so crazy. I am too old. I need to stop this business.

Me and Elder Hilbun have gone through a campaign throughout the zone. 100% obedience no questions asked. If you have to ask us about it. DONT DO IT. We made magnets, casper zone goals and all. I love it so much. It is a great work. I really enjoy being a zone leader. I love being able to help the elders and sisters. We have three new elders and two new sisters coming. One sister from Mesa. But it will be good. We should get some in casper for sure.

I am glad DR. Rudd is getting settled in. Thats just creepy! No way should there be a Dr in front of our last name thats scary stuff!

The johnsons in 1st ward their little girl was the one who got hit and died. The mom is getting better, she has been moved to denver for rehab. She is doing well. She has been told about her daughter and it was hard at first but the family is doing well.

What a beautiful thing that we have in the church. Charly told us this week that why do you guys handle things so well why are you happy, why why why. The gospel is true, we have a prophet and Jesus Christ lives.

Yesterday we had a baby blessing in the ward and about 15 priesthood holders stood in that circle so tight and compact and squished but wow the priesthood of god was so powerful that day. It was amazing. That showed me how powerful that priesthood was, admist all that happens in the world, heavenly father has given us his authority. We will be protected and we will be safe as long as we are following the prophet.

Many of you have heard me quote my favorite yellowcard song "believe" But Brothers and Sisters "be strong and believe" I have a wristband an investigator gave me and it says "believe" on it. The gospel is true. Learn it, Live it & Love it.

I hope that you all have a fantastic valentines day and Elder Rudd Bday.

I want you to know of my love for all of you. Its true. Dont ever doubt it! Love this work! Your father in heaven loves you sooo much.

Be strong and Believe

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

180 Columbine
Casper, Wyoming 82604

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