Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Email 2.22


Yes mom there has been some knee issues and all but nothing to worry about. The main reason I called sister layton was to just keep her up to date and she had me cal Dr. Amit. Chelsea my physical therapist called me back and we chatted for a while and nothing severe just been having a bone stick out of my knee. They think it is just swelling maybe scar tissue but its way too hard to be that I think. But we will see. Nothing big though. I wear a brace on it every day and regardless of how much I do it always swells up and I always ice it. So we are doing okay here. Sheridan is not in my zone. That is in the gillette zone but I am sure someone here in casper does it if I need it. But nothing big.

Today was zone conference in Casper we had about 60 or so elders and sisters come from gillette and casper. So we had alot of fun. I conducted the meeting. President & Sister Layton instructed. Me and Elder Hilbun instructed. It was alot of fun. By the way I dont know if I ever told you all but I know how to do balloon animals!! So me and elder hilbun used it as an object lesson. It was lots of fun! I had a blast. Elder Laufenberg (our greenie going to brazil) Hates all the meetings that we have to go to and be apart of. But Elder Laufenberg is from Grangevile, Idaho up by cordalaine. He is an awesome elder. He is a very hard worker and loves to be here. We would love to keep him here.

Well news with Melissa last night President interviewed her for baptism and she is all ready for march 12. She just has to give up smoking and move out of the place she is living with her ex husband/ boyfriends family. So yeah. Weird. But she is down to 2 cigararettes a day compared to two packs!! So that is always good. But she is on her way we might need to reschedule the baptism to a weekend back. But we will see hopefully not.

We also have three more on date for baptism. Kelly (Mom) Kane (Son) Sierra (Daughter) they are on date for march 26th. But she will either need to move out or get married to her boyfriend of 9 years. It bugs me that whole law of chastity deal. I really wish that people would realize what is going on!!! But yes! They are awesome though I love them. They are making alot of progress. The lord will prepare a way. And of course SHE SMOKES!!!!!!!!

Curtis Cameron- Curtis has been taught forever and really good friends with elder pugmire. But, somewhere along the road he didnt know that we believe in a modern day prophet he just thought that we were talking about joseph smith. So yeah! We made a major break through. I love the work we have to do its so awesome.

We just got a sister from Mesa! Sister Hunt she went to Mesa High!!!!!!!!! ugh!!!!!!!! I met her today. She is cousins to the sabins Kristen, Amy and all. She looked exactly like kristen but blonde. I was like hmmm. But she is really nice and me, elder foulger and elder garrard are all toros so we gave her a hard time. But elder garrard replaced me in wright. We go home together now because of the knee surgery. Nice guy.

Didnt get to go to olive garden. Havent used it yet. Its on the other side of town so havent been able to. Been crazy busy. In two weeks we head back to rapid city for zone leader council and then in a week after that we are on our way to gillette for leadership training. By the way this summer there will be an apostle coming to th SDRCM!! But you have to be on the east side of the mission to see him! So I am hoping I go to rapid city!!!!! It would be soooo cool! But yes! No idea who elder simpson is elder hilbun didnt train him. But yeah. We have to head across town soon so I better get going. I am sorry for always sending short letters. Leadership is always going going going. I am so grateful to you all.

Remember the words of my hero: "the church is true, what else matters!" We have the whole and complete church of jesus christ on the earth. Rejoice and count your many blessings and see what god has done!!! You will be amazed at the blessings that are ready for you to recieve and enjoy.

I love you!!!!

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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