Monday, February 14, 2011

Elder Rudd's Birthday

dont know what the hubaloo is about who's bday?!!
Its mine!
I cant believe i am 20 years old. Its really weird. Me & Elder Hilbun opened presents this morning. I love them all. Oh my it was fantastic. It has been a really busy day so far.
Saturday was transfer calls elder hilbun has one more here in casper so nothing got changed. Elder Callister from douglas left elder ryan from 4th ward left and elder bowers is going home and sis. erickson is going home.
Our zone looks like this now
1- elder rudd & hilbun
2- elder drabant & greenie
3- vinneagas & woffinden
4- elder clinger & ardnt
5- sis. addison & hetling
6- elder hansen (DL) & nielson
8- sis wedd & monson
douglas- elder hall & hatch
it will be awesome. Me & elder hilbun got a interesting call this morning from elder rich the office elder he was telling me well elder rudd i will be putting an extra 80 dollars in your credit card every two weeks. I was like score!!! Wait why? Me and elder hilbun will be training a missionary. He is on his way to brazil but doesnt have his visa. So he could be here for 2 months 2 weeks 2 days we dont know. But his name is elder loughberg I think. I cant remember. Dont know much about it. All I know is that we are training again. It was really weird and funny. But we are excited!!
Melissa Henricks!!!!!!! Melissa was invited to be baptized this week and she accepted. Melissa is getting baptized on march 12th!!! First baptism of someone i have taught that I will see!!!!! We are very excited. Melissa is 36. Her ex-husband/ boyfriend is a member. Yeah I know its weird. its wyoming. But still he has been very abusive but is not in the picture anymore. She wanted to change her life, so we told her we know the way how. She is so excited!! she calls us and asks us what she should read and everything. She has invited 30 people to her baptism. She is so excited!. we told her she had to give up smoking, so she gave me her cigarettes and we burned them in a fire. She is so solid. I have never seen someone this solid. She came to a baptism on saturday and then came to church and brought her two boys. One of her boys can get baptized in april! we are very excited. She is doing awesome.
Charly- Charly is a tough one. he just hates commitment so much! I dont know why. Its so weird. But he is progressing. We are working with him to get to church. He knows the church is true just doesnt want to do anything about it. But the big challenge we are working on is for him just to be able to make steps with his anxiety. Missionaries double as therapists!
Lana- Seventh Day Adventist, wow last night we had a lesson with her wow! It got heated me and elder hilbun had to end it. She believes everything to be true but the sabbath and if one thing is off than all things are. The adventists dont honor the ressurection of jesus. So yeah. Its a struggle. But we are working with her.
Goffs- The goffs are so awesome they are a less active family and are now working towards the temple. He is the head person for schwans here in casper we get so much free food. By the way schwans is fantastic!!! I love the stuff!! But they are awesome very nice dean and michelle goff. we are working with them to get to the temple and become active. Love em.
Watkins- ugh!!!!!!! they are our next door neighbors they are a less active family with kids who are 10 and 9 but the parents will not bring them to church!!! So dumb! We plan on making a ton of noise when we get ready in the morning and bang on our pots and pans and get them up and over to church. Its so sad! The kids want to be baptized so bad! They tell their dad we want to go to church we want to be baptized but they just wont take them its really really sad! But we are still working with them.
So my dj skills have made it to casper. Every dinner appointment everyone wants me to do my voice, I already have been asked to do the elder quorm party newlywed game and the talent show. HAHAHA its funny how fast the news spreads. someone in wright told their brother and their brother told the whole ward!
I was sitting at a baptism on saturday for cayden bertanogle and guess who showed up the bertanogles from wright they all gave me a hug it was weird getting a hug from a 23 year old girl and a mom. I was like ummm hi. Awkward. But yeah, i love all those bertanogles.
Sis. Brummond told me she emailed you. I love her she is the missionary momma. She has records and info about every missionary who has served in the 1st ward. You have to feel out a paper and take a pic when you go over. I love them though. She is awesome. So nice. She is a referral machine too.
The weather is BEAUTIFUL it is 45 degrees right now the sun is shining i love it. NO SNOW!
The presents were awesome. Thank you so much. The sweaters were beautiful. I love them! Very nice. New garments! Very much needed! I love it. I honestly think my favorite was the pictures of all the fam. I was in tears. I miss those two so much. I miss my buddy. Cayden is growing up wayyy too quick!! But he is soooo cute!
tell staci her present was awesome and that she will be getting a picture of me and the beanie. Just been going like crazy.
Its funny how I know when bad weather is coming because of my knee. elder hilbun likes it because we never had to check the weather. its quite funny.
I am so glad I have a chance to bear my testimony. I havent for a whole.
Whenever we are on the road I get to think alot about my savior and all he has done for me. I get to think things through and understand what life is all about. Being a missionary has given me the opportunity to understand what the lord wants of me. This life is a beautiful thing. I am so blessed to be here in wyoming. Everyone asks me well thats a bummer you got sent here. I tell them what a privilge I have to serve the lord period. I love it. I will never have this closeness to my savior jesus christ. I am part of the lords army. I am so grateful to know my heavenly father on a personal level.
Everyday is a gift DO NOT WASTE IT not a second. We have the opportunity to share our happiness with the world. Dont be standing in the supermarket line and upon leaving think oh wow i should of shared with them about the gospel dont think, DO!
The lord can not do this alone. Please share the gospel. Please please please. President monson encouraged in the last two ensigns MORE MISSIONARIES MORE MISSIONARIES! Not just full time!!!! Everyone needs to be a missonary! I cant urge this enough. Members do the finding, we do the teaching. All you have to do is invite the people over so the missioanries have an opportunity to teach them.
I leave you with my solemn witness that jesus is the christ and he lives. We are apart of the most beautiful thing on this earth.
I love you all so much! Thank you for your love and support. Happy Valentines day! Happy Elder Rudd's Bday!
Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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