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Email 6.27.11

Good Morning!

Greetings from Gillette, Wyoming! "The nations energy capital" Half of the worlds coal comes from Cambell County (i.e. Wright & Gillette) It is the richest county in the nation. It is so crazy! All of the community buildings are just HUGE! They have the nicest stuff ever. But oh well! Only in Cambell County! I really am enjoying Gillette. Definitly not the Promise Land of Capser. But it is still a great town. We cover the Gillette 3rd Ward, Wright Ward & YSA Branch. On sunday we spoke in the YSA Branch there was 7 people there. It was hilarious. But I kinda had a vision!! I looked out at the audience and saw it full. It was the coolest thing ever. So, We got the work cut out for us!! We are going to take off!!
Last night was AWESOME! We drove to wright (about a 45 minute drive to the south towards casper) We visited a couple families and drove out to the bertanogles house half way to newcastle and had an awesome lesson with Tommy Mills. I taught tommy when I was in wright. He is doing awesome!! He is ready for baptism! All he needs to do is quit chew. So he is doing pretty good! He is on fire! He is having a hard time on how he is going to break it to his family that he is going to be baptized but he will do good! He has so much faith! He will do awesome!!! We are way way excited for that! So we have another appointment this thursday with him. I miss wright!

Next week is ZLC on July 4th and I have pretty much convinced president to go to Mount Rushmore for Fireworks! How cool would that be!!!! So we should be going to that. :) So we will have casper drive up sunday night and on monday hop on the I-90 and head to Rapid City, SD!!! :) I am really looking forward to Zone Leader Council. I love being with all the Zone Leaders. The Elders in Minot, ND Elder Hardwick and Elder Hilbun are there right now and they had to be evacuated I believe they are in Bismark, ND where the temple is. That is so cool that Candice and her family are there. Minot is such a cool town. I have been there once! Its way way cool. I really hope I get to go there. It would be such a party. Tell them they should totally come visit me!!! :) That would be awesome!! But If I am heading in that direction I will for sure try and see them! Minot has so so so so so much work. Guys are making about 25 to 40 dollars an hour. They make about 20,000 dollars a month. Its all oil field work. Tough Work but let me tell ya its great money. A ton of guys in casper would go to minot and all.

In two weeks guess where we are going. SHERIDAN!!! oH YEAH! I am so excited to head back to the promised land!!! :) We are going to drive up on sunday night and spend P-day with them and go on splits and Catch a District Meeting. I cant believe that I get to go back!! Yes!!!
I totally did get the package! The mr. big bar was melted but I threw it in the fridge and it wasnt too bad. When it was good. I have everyone try it. They fell in love like me! :) But I enjoy the socks. They work okay. if you get a chance. pomeroys sell some awesome brown socks that are gold toes. But if you get a chance. They are just a little bit thicker so the sweat doesnt go through so much.

No more Sisters. Yeah, that was real real quick. Any particular reason for the switch? Sister Blackburn was Boise, Idaho (from aunt betty's ward) is sitting right next to me. Her greenie area is Gillette, Wyoming. Her trainer is Sister Marinda Hunt (Mesa) So it was pretty cool. She has no idea who aunt betty is by the way. :) SHe asked me what her last name is. I said i have no idea. I just know her as Aunt Betty. :)

Well good news from Casper. Cherie Brantley got baptized!!! I was not able to go to the baptism. President would not let us drive our car so we tried to get a ride but couldnt. So Elder Horrocks baptized her. I was bummed but I am just glad that she got baptized! They are bringing me pics and a program! So that is good.

Yeah I am starting to think I have Legal Problems in Wyoming that I dont know about and they wont let me get transferred outside of the state! Crazy Crazy Crazy! I hope next time I get transferred I get to go somewhere else. But we will see! ( Next time I get transferred will be my last!!!! Yikes!!!!)

I seriously can not wait to show you all of the places I have been. It will be so much fun. it will be an easy trip really. We will be in WYOMING THE WHOLE TIME!!! :)

Story... We were tracting and knock on this trailer door and the lady comes to the door and stumbles out (as wasted as I have seen anyone) she starts yelling "I AM A LAMANITE, I AM A LAMANITE!! EVERYONE HEAR ME ROAR!!" she said that about three times and passed out on her porch so we just walked away and wrote her a note.

Story... Knocking doors again and this guy comes out in nothing but whitey tities and steel towed boots. He says "Elders, I am a drunk, I have been baptized! Come Pray with me!! We pray with him and during the prayer he falls asleep. So again we leave him a note. (drunk native)

Good times. I have alot of stories that I need to start sharing. :)

Well things are going so so good. I love being an Missionary. I love doing what I do. Simply I know this church is true. And no one or nothing can ever take that from me.

I love you all very much!!

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
1102 Stanley Ave #3
Gillette, Wyoming 82716

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