Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 2 in Wright!

Hey There,
Another week! Back in action seems like nothing ever happened. Still having pains in the knee. But whatever the lord needs me to do I will do. I am excited to be back. I love it. ELDER CORREA IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!! That is so crazy. Man! What a stud. So awesome. Wright is an awesome little town.

The work here is alot of re-activation. Lots of less active. The mine is a troubled place. Lots of chew. Lots of alchohol. Lots of drugs. Tracting is also very tough because everyone is gone, asleep or in gillete. Every sunday night after night sacrament we head to gillete and stay with the ZL's and then have fun with the elders in gillete. It is a much needed break. Wright is a wonderful area, but the area has been plagued with quiet missionaries for quite a while and gosh dangit I am not quiet and I will not be quiet. I am shouting from the rooftops. Last week we spent alot of the week teaching members and working with them. The key to any area is the members but getting them to do missionary work is the key!!! We have a great ward here but, they are comfortable and dont want to go out of their comfort zone. Basically its another Sioux Falls it might take a while but the land will prosper! The field is white and already to harvest.

The Ott Family. Bro & Sis Ott (Josh 18, Matt 17, Sarah 16)
Awesome family. really great. Bro and sis ott were sealed in the Mesa Temple and are just awesome people. A little rough around the edges but still very awesome. Josh is very troubled. He is into drugs, alcohol, smokes and chew. He is a very outstanding kid. But needs some direction in his life! On saturday we started a fast for him with his family. So, we want to let them know of our love for them and josh. It went very well. Sometime this week we are thinking about having an intervention with Josh with his family to show him how much he hurts them and himself. Matt, basically a saint. Such an awesome kid. He cant wait to serve a mission. He is so excited and so ready. He is probably the best missionary in the ward. Doing a great job inviting people to church and doing awesome. Sarah is cool too. I decided to write a letter to every seminary student and put it in their cubby and just telling them to stay strong. Went well. We even got some letters back which was nice.

Hanson Family
Elderly couple who we helped roof with. They are in charge of the schools drama program. They have won 13 state championships. Very into the whole drama deal. Huge M&M collector. Very nice people. The first night I was there she made an amazing potatoes, beef stake and gravy. Oh man! The big thing in wyoming in antelope steak.

I got to talk to clair and she is sending me my shirts finally! Next week is stake conference and guess who is in our stake??????? SHERIDAN!!!! I will get to see all my sheridan people. Man! I am so excited. They are all excited to see me too.

There are alot more people here in wright to tell you about. But, I cant think of what to say.
The business cards look awesome by the way and thanks for the ice pack much needed. I think I left one of my books at home. If by chance could you find it and send it to me. It was a red cover and it was the one you send to me. Little Missionary book of inspirational stories.

I want you all to know that I love you. I want you to know of your heavenly fathers love for you. Dont let life get you down. If you say its not possible oh it is! It is possible! Be strong! Stand up to it and say I'm better than this. I am happy. To know what we know to see what we have seen. Why wouldnt we be happy. Stand strong in this latter day the lord needs his army. We are all here and all ready. I want to carry around a box to stand on and proclaim the gospel. I am here. You are there. But! We are all in for the same work. WE HAVE TO DO MISSIONARY WORK. OPEN YOUR MOUTHS! SHARE THE GOSPEL. Please I beg of you. Bless the lives with those around you. DO NOT BE AFRAID! I love you so much. How blessed the day when we meet them in the afterlife and with tears rolling down their cheeks they thank you with open arms for you sharing the gospel with them. I love you so much.

DC 18: 10; 15-16
"The worth of souls is great in the sight of god." EVERY SOUL

Let Riley and Cayden know how much I love them. I miss them lots. They have a letter coming. I love those two little midgets :) I miss those hugs.

Stand Strong
I love you all very much,
Your Missionary
Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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  1. How funny that my son is the ZL in Gillette...He says you are a great missionary and they are glad that you are back..