Monday, October 4, 2010

Great Conference

Hey there,
I am going to answer some of your questions first. Well first off conference. As many of you I am sure thought and wondered. Yes, me and elder hastings were the only ones there for the first saturday sessions. Then Priesthood we had 5 people including us. Our bishop wasnt even there. Then sunday morning we had just us to. We went over to a less actives house for sunday afternoon though. So, that was good. But yes, our ward is in for a rebuking. We have missionaries in gillette who said that they saw are elders quorm president and alot of members up there. Not cool!!! DONT THEY UNDERSTAND??!! We get to hear from our beloved prophet!!!. How can we learn when we dont listen and watch. For those of you who dont think that conference is important. You are dead wrong. One of these days you will miss something very important. Watch conference!!!!! But it was AMAZING. I will get into that later in my "soapbox" But I took 19 pages of notes. I love it. Elder Hastings fell asleep. Dang Kid. He was rebuked.

Well this week was amazing. We had exchanged. The DL came to wright to be with me and hastings went to newcastle to be there. With the DL and me. We got down to work!! This area has NEVER had more than 15 lessons a week. But guess what!!! We had 19!! We had an amazing week. Basically they were sent to see what was wrong with the area before I got here and they found out that the area was plagued with quiet missionaries But, not anymore! All with hear my voice and my testimony of this divine work. I have been called to serve. I will serve dangit!! :)

Well This week I did very good on mail. Elder Bowers (DL) was very jealous. I got my missionary pillowcase from the ward. And the package from whitney and kirk. Love the shirt by the way. Awesome.

Rachel got in touch with me. Guess what!!! She has a calling in her ward at BYU. SHe got her patriatichal blessing. She has her temple recommend to go and do baptisims. My gosh I am so proud of her. She is doing amazing. She is awesome. Man! Her family is coming around. What an amzing story. So far the highlight of my mission has been rachel. Im being sent a picture we took in sioux falls. Me, her and dalton. So I will send it for sure!! So happy!

Well, transfers are this saturday. From what I hear from my DL we think that Hastings could be transferred but maybe not.

Okay wow awesome story this week. Glynis Williams. Less Active. About late 40's Been convicted of dealing and using Meth, Coke, Speed, Marijuana, Prescripitons and Heroine. So, Needless to say a crazy life. She has spent alot of time in jail. She is actually from Globe, AZ. So alot of trouble. Not one missionary has been able to crack her. But the spirit was with me 100% so we were talking about her troubled past. Her concern was how could there be a modern day prophet. I brought up the prophet joseph and she looked at me and asked me "why was joseph smith killed?" without thinking i said: "why was jesus christ killed" She sat there and looked at me and said: you are the only missionary who has ever answered that the way I think. We had an awesome discussion. And cleared up alot of her concerns about the gospel. But for every one even if I didnt know the answer, the spirit did and told me what to say. Many times I have been led what to say but this is the time I have felt it most prevelant. I am so gratetful to be led to know what to say.

Basically alot of this week me and elder bowers spent rebuking less actives. One in particular was Timothy Gerritt. Dang guy has said well, members have hurt me in the past. I basically told him, "what do members have to do with going to church?" He said well they are there. I said well they arent the church. The church is the church the members are accountable for themselves not to the church. He is coming to church next week. He better or elder rudd will be on his tail. I have been sick and tired of members using the mine as there excuse. it is no excuse. They need to be at church. Yes if they work that day come to night sacrament. But there is no excuse to not come to atleast one. It is making me quite mad. Me and the bishop have really been on the same page with this. I have asked to speak in the ward and will be coming up soon. The ward needs to be helped. If they do not they will be humbled again. Another tornado will come through or maybe worse. If they do not hearken to the counsel of the prophets.

Speaking of the counsel of the prophets. Soapbox time

"Slow down!!!!" Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
"there is more to life then increasing speed"

My counsel to you at this time is to slow down. Pay attention to your surroundings. Life is to precious to work and not pay attention to the small things. Have an attitude of grattitude. Be thankful for all things!!! Heavenly father has given us all things. Give thanks.

Listen to the words of the prophets!!! When you get a chance read the talks!!! Please! It is additional scripture!! Read and apply.

I love it! Well I am glad you guys and ryan had a good time. When I get some time. I will send letters to all those who email. Chelsey has one on the way. The perry family from sheridan are coming down to visit me in wright. Im am so excited for that!!

Mom you do have wonderful kids. They are awesome.

I love you all!!
Keep it up!!

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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