Monday, October 18, 2010

New Companion

Como Estas?

But how is my wonderful family and the wonderful friends? I am very happy to hear from all you. I love you all very much. Well before I get to anything else. News...

On friday night me and "my greenie" (cant tell you his name yet) were teaching Michelle Gatenbein and her less active husband justin we have been over teaching them and have alot of success in teaching them, So! She accepted the whole lesson and we invited her to baptism and guess what she said....? YES!!! so awesome. We are so excited!! So wonderful. She needs to come to church and quit smoking but we are on track with both of those right now, AWESOME HUH?!! Very exciting. The work is going so awesome.

Well in other news, I do have a new companion. He is fresh out of the provo missionary training center. His name is Elder Hammond, from Centerville, Utah. He is a stud. My gosh. He is doing awesome. He reminds me alot of myself. So, I pull up on wednesday to pick him up from the stake center and head to wright and guess what? He has a huge box that he is going to carry throughout the mission, sound like someone you know? (me and my rockband box just to let you know) He is so my son. Its so awesome, I love it!! :) He is an awesome kid. played football in high school. Pictures are on the way today. Its awesome. Me and him will have alot of success. Lots more to come with the saga of rudd and hammond. He is an awesome guy though. We have been working very hard. In my letter from president guess what?! We had a record for lessons in wright last week!! :) The work will continue!!! We are hoping for 25 lessons this week! We want to work our tails off and we will! :)

We went and visited Mike and Lynn Hansen last wednesday and Mike has MS and is very limited in mobility and we had a great talk with them and they invited us over and told us about their daughters boyfriend Tommy Mills, his family has been in wright since it was established. Big farm boy. He grew up pentecostal and is awesome. But if him and their daughter laura get married which looks like it, laura told him no way no how will I go to another church, so he said their is no way I will split my family up anyway so he wants to learn. Saturday night we were invited over for dinner and to teach tommy. First off dinner. OH MY GOSH! It was challenging the southern meal! Crazy huh! Well, bro hansen fixed Prime Rib! Oh my gosh. I died and went to heaven the piece was as big as my plate, and it was a big plate. I really didnt say much at dinner. Sis Hansen made baked potatoes with onions, sour cream and garlic all baked inside, oh my goly! He says he will make it again for us! YAY! Awesome! But back to the lesson! :) Tommy had so many questions! It was fantastic and we invited him to read and pray which he plans to do! So it will be wonderful. Tommy is a great guy and cant wait to work hard with him. He is so right on track with everything we teach he believes the same things. Its awesome. I love it!

On saturday morning we got to go to a wedding!!! Nick and Thea Gusman are awesome. Nick made some stupid choices and they had to get divorced. But! He has let the atonement of Jesus Christ work in his life and is a new man. So awesome. So proud of him and their family. They have worked through so many struggles and have showed the true love they have for eachother, LET THE ATONEMENT WORK IN YOUR LIFE! But they were married at 10 at the ward building me and elder hammond went and it was beautiful, I was crying everyone was crying. Man! I hate weddings. I got to use some of my catering and wedding skills and help with the reception, momma you'd be proud :) I wore my apron too! :) It was awesome! But it was a beautiful wedding. Her mom is the episcopal preacher in town and vowed she would never set foot in an lds chapel. But! She has about ten times :) Very open to the gospel and loves to chat with us. :)

That is so wonderful to hear about dallas's family and I love it! Great idea. Wes, is a great guy and I am sure he would love to talk about things. I am excited to see how he reacts to alot that he will be taught! Thats funny he asked "who sent you now" I love it! :) Great idea! I hope I get a letter from her, I miss her. She has been a great friend. I have much faith in the elders there they are wonderful, tell elder valentine much love from Wyoming.

Mom there is no possible way the elders can get sick of you. Come on!!! How come everything happens when I'm gone. You decide to do something about the play house. I have been alive for almost 20 years now! Come on! I am a liscened carpenter here in wyoming now. I have done it all. I have branded, built an addition, poured cement, painted, moved and done it all.

So gene and nancy hanson, they are the drama teachers here in wright they have been doing drama for 13 years and out of those 13 years they have won state 10 times. They are amazing. On saturday we got to help set up one of their plays on Oct 25th "Doo Wop Wed Widing Hood" All Doo Wop songs but its Red Riding Hood. So cool! They have done over 100 plays now. And last year they did "Savior of The World" for a youth conference for the stake and the whole youth participated and they are the only group EVER to take it on the road. They performed it in Sheridan one night, next night in gillete and the third night in Newcastle. So amazing! They made the Church News and everything. It was very impressive. They drove around every mutual night for 7 months to practice with each unit. So amazing! Quite impressive. But setting up the play they perform them in the town hall in wright and they have atleast 100 students show up for drama every year, the most in the state!! Amazing they are quite talented. But I got to set up ALL the audio for the play Gene put me in charge of that. :) I was a kid in a candy store. I loved it!! But unfortuantely we wont be able to see the play...........

The play is on october 25th and 26th. On october 24th we drive to newcastle, pick up those elders and then drive to Rapid City, South Dakota. For Tri-Zone Conference. Elder Jay Gibbons of the quorm of the seventy will be there and we will be taught and instructed by him and President Layon & Sis layton. It will be awesome. We are excited. So I will be driving quite a while. :( But it will be lots of fun. Then in November we have zone conference in Gillette then in December we have another tri-zone in Casper (Martins Cove) If I am still in Wright! Which I hope to be. This transfer is a short one and ends November 18th. But I will be in my third transfer in Wright then. So we will see. But it will be great.

Mom, I love you very much. Thank you for the efforts and things that you have taught me throughout my life and I know because of your faith and love to me, I have learned so much. Just like the stripling warriors it was because of the faith of their mothers they were kept safe. Mom, you are fantastic, I love you so much. Thank you!

Dad, What an example you are to me and for the way yuo serve in the church I have learned how to be a worthy and honorable priesthood holder from you. I am thankful for your guidance and counsel to me always. You have a letter in the making.

Whit- letter in the working.

Mom, keep sending elder kleiners letters i love them.

Things are getting very very cold here. Last night in Gillete in got to 15 degrees there was frost all over are cars. it was awesome. Elder Hammond is not looking forward to the cold. I CANT WAIT! I LOVE THE SNOW! BRING IT ON!!!

Awesome to hear about shannnon, my brother wrote me and I wrote back and I am glad to hear from them and hear that all is well. What an awesome thing. The lord is blessing them tremendously. What a beautiful thing.

This week we taught alot about miracles and shared some that christ performed and some that happen in this modern day, there are miracles all around us. Open our eyes and see what the gospel has in store for us. Believe in miracles. A key part of faith is hope. We have to have hope to have faith. The gospel of jesus christ has blessed my life so much. I am so excited ti share that message with those around me and everyone I see. The gospel blesses families. SO MUCH! I dont know where our familiy would be without the church because of what is taught and what we know. We know Wright(Get it wright not right) from wrong and our core principles all our geared towards the family. I love my family!!

Stay strong and "Be still and know that I am god", "if you are prepared ye shall not fear", "Peace Be unto you" Know in all things that heavenly father knows you and loves you and knows what is in store for you. Pray and study and learn from him.

I love you all very very much. So thankful for the gospel in my life and the opportunity to be a missionary. I love you all!!!!!!

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

P.O. Box 701
Wright, Wy 82732 I cant never have enough letters :) Please!!!!

Picture time...

Me & Elder Hammond

My many many many ties. I can never have enough!
We wanted to ride the drillig rig but it wasn't moving so yes the pumping unit picture.

My Greenie Elder Hammond

Left to Right Elder Crawford trained by Elder Beatty (my brother and new AP) then me and Elder Hammond (Posterity Picture)

Cowboy Elder Rudd

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