Monday, October 11, 2010

A Green Transfer

Hey Mi Familia,

Well on saturday I received a call from president layton. Hence the transfer calls. Elder Hastings is going to Huron, SD about 150 miles from Sioux Falls. In the sioux falls zone. But I am allowed to stay in Wright. My companion will be coming straight from the Provo Missionary Training Center. He should be in Rapid about now. I get to have a greenie. We have some fun things planned for him. He has to wear a green "Elder Rudd's Greenie" Medalion. I will send pictures. I dont know who he is yet. I think I will get called tonight. He finds out tonight that I am his trainer and all. Also, I have been called as District Leader over my district. It will be fun to work in leadership and help those in my district progress in the work of the lord. I am over the Newcastle Elders, Gillette Fourth Elders and Wright. So that will be fun. I am excited to take another step in missionary work. I am excited. President was very awesome. He said that the area is doing good and that we have completely turned it around. The area hasnt ever had twenty lessons ever. And for the last two weeks we have had 20 lessons or more. This week we had 23 lessons it was great! I am so excited to get my greenie. He will be mine on wednesday. But, our car took a bad turn. We were driving home from gillette last p-day and the under carriage ripped all the way from the middle of the grill to the top of the left wheel well. I was pretty mad. What happened was about three months ago we had a hit and run in the apartment parking lot and the member in gillette who owned the shop basically zip tied it up and called it good. So, needless to say wasnt fixed. So i called Elder Rich. Our vehicle cordinator and lets just say he was not very happy at all. So, the guy has to pay out of pocket for the damages. Not fun. But hopefully it will be done by wednesday. There is so much work to be done. I will spend the time in Gillette with ZL Oborn. It will be fun. the same oborn who was in pipestone when i was in Sioux Falls.

Oh YA! I bought my first Cowboy Hat! I have pictures I will send them next week sorry. I forgot my camera. its awesome though! So much fun. I wear it alot of places. We were doing laundry the other day at a members house and I wore my hat. I have been in wyoming for the most of my mission I just cant get a cowboy hat come on now!

So Chris Mott, referral from gillette spanish he is pretty golden so we have been meeting with him. Me and Elder Bowers had a lesson with him thought it went real well. But, he thought we didnt care about him. he didnt like elder bowers and thought that we didnt care about him. It broke my heart. If he were to know how much I do love him. I have so much love for everyone I teach. It made me cry. I kid you not. It was so sad. But we have got it back on track. It will be okay. I talked to him. We are meeting with him on thursday. :)

Michelle Gantenbein- Awesome part member family. Justin the dad and the two boys and one girl are members. Justin and michelle smoke and are working to stop that. Me and Elder Hastings were teaching them the first lesson and she loved it basically gobbled it all up. I looked into her eyes and started to bear my testimony from the bottom of my heart and I saw her eyes start to water and I was done for, I was in tears, justin was in tears, elder hastings was in tears. It was awesome. The restoration is such a sweet thing. I know that joseph smith was a prophet and he sealed his testimony in blood. What a wonderful thing to share. So share it!!!

I heard about the tornados in flagstaff that is crazy! I hope that all is well with all of you. You are all in my prayers and the lord will protect you all. I promise. What a wonderful knowledge we have. You have no need fear. Love the lord. Stay strong and know that he can do all things. I am happy for rex and emily they will make a great couple. I am sad I wont be able to see them together for a while.

The snow is on its way for good. We had a crazy rain storm for about 3 days in wright. I love it there. Yes, its small but the people, my gosh they are awesome. So wonderful. I love the members in wyoming. They are so humble. It is so different. I love it. I know mom you prob dont like that I feel more at home in wyoming that in mesa but its true. I am excited to share the lords gospel and teach those around me. I cant wait to get back to work in Wright. Many many to see, much to do. Proclaim the gospel.

Stand strong! Love all. I dont know if I asked about the hoodie just a pull over hoody of some sort would be awesome. I will look for one too.But I know alot of people ask what can I get him? Walmart Gift cards would be awesome. and, a hoodie. I love you all so much. Until, next week i love you all so much. P.S. I dont know my greenies name jsut to let you know.

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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