Saturday, April 24, 2010


Hey Mi Familia,

Well the topic of this email is somewhat bitter sweet and prob should be weird that you get an email from me on a saturday but Elder Anderson is getting transfered to Casper, WY he will be a zone leader until the end of his mission. Man, i will miss him alot! Dang. So sad!!

But thats not the only news......... Elder Michael Corey Rudd is also being transfered. President Layton is WHITE WASHING SHERIDAN FIRST WARD!!!!!! How crazy! I have been in Sheridan for a month and I am already being transfered. Its pretty crazy. Everyone is 1st ward is really mad. They have called the mission office. They are really ticked. Me and Elder Anderson are really sad. But these people are really mad. They are whitwashing the area (taking both elders out of the area) and bringing sister missionaries into the Sheridan 1st Ward. Really weird because the 1st ward is the best performing ward but they whitewash us??! Whatever. The lord needs me in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. So there will i go! If you have sent some letters to Sheridan for me, the elders will send them to me. But i am pretty sad myself. I just am getting comfortable. Just met all the ward and now sent out. But its okay.

Sioux Falls, SD is the biggest city in the entire mission it has 175,000 people there. In my patriatichal blessing it states. "You will have an influence over many people, even though you might not visit there particular land." also it states "You will be given the gift of tongues, as you communicate with people not of your culture" Sioux Falls has has Swahili people there, Mexican, African Americans, Peruvian, Guatemalan (Dad!!) and Brazilian, Its a huge cultural melting pot. So here is my chance to maybe fulfill that promise from my heavenly father. Great people. There are two wards there. I will be serving in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota 1st Ward. So i am staying with the whole first ward thing :). You will be happy to know as am I. Arizona is taking over the mission. My new companion is from Prescott, Arizona!!! His name is Elder Dalton. He leaves the same time Elder Anderson does. But he is awesome. I met him when I was in Rapid City. An awesome guy. So I will probably be in Sioux Falls for a while. Crazy I Know!! But the lord has need of me in SIoux Falls and to Sioux Falls I will go. Oh yeah by the way. They whitewashed Sioux Falls First Ward as well. So we are both going in cold to an area we have no idea about!! It will be hard but it will be good!! :)

I am called to serve the lord for the next 22 months. Happy two month mark today. It seems like so much longer. I love the lord. I love you sooo much. I know this will probably come as a big shock. But no worries I am where i need to be. Tell Kymber & Ryan I am mucho dissapointed in the letter flow. Shannon gets a thank you. She sent me a letter and raegan sent me a letter too. I am loving the mission. I am really going to miss sheridan. Amazing people. We had 4 Baptisms planned and they will all go to the sisters!!! Bummer huh!! Oh well, we helped them along there journey.

Heavenly Father loves each and every one of you so much. He knows your name individually and wants to talk to you. Please talk to him. Always keep that bond between you and him. Nothing is more powerful.

"Be steadfast and immovable, ALWAYS abounding in good works!" (Mos 5:15)

I have scripture study for all of you to do!! :) yay!!

Jeremiah 29:13, Alma 32, Alma 37, Helaman 5:12, DC 82, DC 123

Keep those letters coming people, COME ON!

Psalms 25:25 : As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country."

New Address

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
3008 Louise Apt. 304
Sioux Falls. SD 57106

May the lord bless you each day of your life. May you have a strength and a bond with him that can never be broken. I promise you as you do these things in your life, you will be strengthened and will grow so much. The lord is the way and the only way that things can be done. All things are possible through him! I love you

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Sioux Falls, SD!!

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