Monday, April 19, 2010


We had a great week today. Worked alot. Didnt make any progress with either Manuel or Mary so we just have the Becklunds still on date but they still arent coming to church. So, they cant get baptized unless they do come to church, So that is a tough one. Here in sheridan there is the VA Hospital and we cover it in the area so we get about 10 referrals a week from there. Its crazy. And they all want to be taught. They are all really different and all suffer from some disease or distraction. It is tough to teach them but most of them come to church and all. So they are really liking church and all.

Wednesday- The youth MTC. We had our whole district there. 2 buffalo elders. 6 sheridan elders. 5 Gillete Elders. I taught the restoration all the youth liked my class the best. :) The group is really awesome here. The ward is awesome. HOW COME NO ONE TOLD ME DAD WAS THE NEW WARD MISSION LEADER!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!! Really cool. I am so excited for him. Please tell him to write me and tell me even though he is the best writer. :) I am way excited for him.

Tuesday- We got a call from one of our investigators who works at the girls school out of town its for troubled young woman and all. But she gave our number to a woman who wanted us to give a blessing to her 16 year old grand daughter (The woman is a member, the grand daughter is a member but not active.) Our church doesnt come up to the school but, her grandma wanted her to have a blessing. So we got a call and set up an appointment at bro anderson's house (ward mission leader) and the young woman just poured her heart out to us. She is involved with Heroine, Cocaine, Anphetatmines, Smoking, Alcohol, Choking herself, sex, everything you can think of she did. The girl told us these things and it was just killing me. But, we cleared up alot of her issues and she has had just an amazing cleansing go through her and its awesome to see. You can see it in her spiritual being. She is a great young woman and have cleared alot of things up with her. Me and Elder Anderson gave her the blessing and everything went good. She seems to be doing better but she will be coming to church every sunday now. We have arranged a ride for her and all. So, she is doing good. She is on the right path.

Saturday- We went branding!!!!! Bro Trembath, (Bro. Wessels Grandpa-in-law?) He has a ranch about 30 miles out of town. We had alot of fun. Our whole district headed out there at about 8 in the morning we got pretty red. But what happens with branding. Is there are the small calfs and they are in the pen and you go in and pull one out and another missionary is waiting to flip it over and stabalize it so it wont go anywhere. Then the missionary who pulled in out would hold on to both legs and sit and lay on its legs so it couldnt get loose. Then, someone would give it a shot, then they would castrate it, then they would apply the brand. We did about 150 calf. It was a huge workout. I am still so sore. But it was fun. (Pictures are being sent)

Sunday- I spoke in sacrament meeting without elder anderson just myself and I spoke on Joseph Smiths first prayer. It went really well i thought but. I enjoyed it. The ward is great here. Its going great.

We will be spending a little more time in ranchester so that we can get to know the people a little more. But the work is going really well. Transfers are at the end of this week and Elder Anderson could be leaving or could be not. He is almost back to about 100 percent. So, I am glad we are a little more mobile. But its still limited.

We now have a booth at sheridan college the sheridan elders do. We each spend time there and answer alot of questions so its good. We also will be showing a movie here in the sheridan movie theater so that will be fun and exciting. We are either thinking Joseph Smith: Prophet Of The Restoration or The Testaments. We arent sure.

But, All is going well. Nothing can stop the work from progressing. Persecutions may rage, mobs may combine. Armies may assemble, calumny may defame but the truth of god will go forth boldly, nobly and independent. Til it has penetrated every land. Swept every country and sounded in every ear. Til the purposes of god shall be accomplished. The great Jehovah shall say the work is done.

Sorry this one is a short one. But everything is going really well. enjoying the work alot.

I love you all so much. Mom I am glad you enjoyed the rose and the name tag. My name tag got trashed because of my recliner. It slid in there and got ate up.

Happy Almost B-day Kirk.

I love you guys so much, I miss you lots.

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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