Sunday, January 22, 2012

Email 1.22.11

Buenos Tardes,
I am super tired on the Sunday night. With it being Ellefsens first night on numbers we will be here a while..... But oh well. Its all good.
Elder Pape is officially not a full time missionary anymore. He is now Tyler Pape from Merridian, Idaho. Cool story. Elder Pape already found a new investigator when he went home. His mom committed to take the lessons and go with him to church every week. Its only a matter of time before she and her husband are dunked. :) So glad to hear that.
Yesterday, we took down all the Christmas Lights at a place called story book Island. Its a huge ole theme park playground. Usually the staff at Story Book Island puts them up and takes them down all by theirselves and it takes them usually about 4 months to do all of it. But since The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is so legit. We did it both in one day. It was so much fun. :) I was running around the park with a light spool and dominating the walkway lights. Me and Elder Kidman did them all ourselves. We must of done a couple million lights. So sweet. My arms are soooo tired. I crashed last night at 9:45. I loved it. Yeah, thats right the old Night owl cant do it no more. :)
The Beaumonts are doing so well. Today they had the whole Bishopbric over for dinner. How sweet is that. Ron and Wendy and Connor are so awesome. I can not wait for you to meet them personally you guys are going to love them so much. My favorite family of my whole mission. They loved Elder Pape they bought him a Kindle Fire for his going home Present. It was insane. I was like HOLY BUCKETS. But they are so amazing. I have met so many good people out here. I love the plains. :) This place is so foreign. I love it :)
Kassi Blue is doing so well. She is doing so awesome. She has a calling and all and so ready to roll :) She is so happy at church. Her family is doing well and nothing has changed and doing well.
Just so you know April 12th is my return date. Just so we are all clear. Because I thought I might have said the 13th on Christmas.
Tomorrow we take of for the glorious city of Gillette, Wyoming. Then on Tuesday we are off to Fargo, ND and we just keep rolling with this work. Nothing can stop this work from Progressing its so crazy. We are on the move. Next week is another Zone Leader Council. So that will be really good. Then in February are Zone Conferences. :( I love it. Whenever a missionary calls and asks me a question my respone is "I have not thought that far ahead" They are like oh okay.. Oh well. One day at a time.
Elder Hammond is now a District Leader. He is on his way up the chain. He has 6 transfers left though. its crazy. :) I told him my little boy is growing up so fast its crazy :)

So I am happy. I am great. I love this Work so much. I love being able to serve my heavenly father so much. I love him and he loves us never forget it :)
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Assistant to the President
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

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