Monday, January 16, 2012

Email 1.15.11

Wow. Thats literally all I have to say best weekend of my mission for sure. It has been such an amazing roller coaster we have been on and the tracks keep going the work moves forward.
The baptisms were amazing. I baptized Wendy. Elder Pape baptized Ron and Brother Blackhurst our ward mission leader baptized connor. Elder Pape baptized Kassi. It was such an awesome day the spirit was so strong and so many people came in support of them. We started the baptisms at 11 with Ron, Wendy & Connor and then We had a huge potluck lunch we probably had about 100 people there. The ward came out in support. We pushed so hard to get a ton of people there and were glad with the turn out. It made me feel so good to look back and see so many people. President & Sister Layton came too. It was amazing. Has been the highlight of my mission. Kassi Blue's mom came too. Her mom was the big hold up in the whole baptism and now she is the one who came to support her. It was so awesome. :) WOW. The Beaumonts daughter Jodan knows now so you can tell her congrats or whatever if you want. :)
The Lord blessed us so much with the opportunity to meet Kassi & The Beaumonts :) Ron was pretty ticked when we told him he had a wait a year to go to the temple. :) But he understands now. He was really hoping to be sealed to wendy as soon as possible :)
Today I had the privilige of Confirming Ron & Kassi. What a special blessing Heavenly Father had for both of them. People came up to me and said that was a very special blessing for both of them good job. I had to inform a couple of people I didnt do anything at all.
Since Elder Pape is going home... I do need a new companion and his name is Elder Ellefsen from Kaysvile, Utah. He will be officailly my last companion... really weird to say that. On monday we started Transfer Boards so I am the first one to know Presidents choice. That is the only transfer I have no say in. Other than that We sit down with President and Sister Layton and do the rest of the Transfers for the rest of the mission.
I report the 22nd huh. Alright whatever works for them. Why not the 15th? Just curious but whatever works.
Thats great that the No talking DJ can do some gigs. Nice work.
I have not heard from sister langford for ever I have sent a couple letters but never heard back.
Just so you know for the most part when I get home I just want to relax and hang out with the family. I am looking forward to the trip to WY & SD but I would really enjoy our usual hanging out playing cards and all that fun stuff. We dont have to plan everything. My schedule has been booked for almost two years. But whatever works. I would just enjoy to relax more than anything. Thanks :)
I havent really thought of anything for birthday. I really dont need anything honestly. But I will try and think but not much is coming to mind.
Elder Pape is outta here on thursday but the work moves on. Tomorrow new missionaries come in and we train them all day and tuesday transfers start and we do it all over again. Oh yeah. :) I have never been so tired and I have never been so happy. I love you all so very much. I love you :)
I love you :)
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Assistant to the President
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

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