Monday, November 1, 2010

Busy Week

Hey There,

My conferences dont start til one o' clock. So, I have time to email. Me and Elder Hammond drove up this morning from wright. We have too many in town so we decided to stay in wright and sleep on our own beds. :) Last night was kinda a bummer. We had to be in at five o' clock because of halloween. It was sad. We couldnt open our door to pass out candy either. We basically just hung out. Haha. Elder Hammond seems to be doing better. But is really tense and nervous all the time. I keep telling him to just relax and have fun. i think he is forgetting to have fun. But he is doing good. This week was hectic and this next week will be even more. Having tri-zone in rapid really slowed things down. But thats okay! It was still good. This next week having leadership meeting & another tri-zone will be kinda crazy. But it will be fun. The transfer ends on november 15th. It was a short transfer because of thanksgiving. The elders go home on november 18th because they cant fly them out on thanksgiving that would be crazy expensive. So they go home a week early. Oh well. But I hope me and elder hammond stay together one more transfer at least. That is usually how it happens. So it should be okay. But we will see. Wherever the lord needs us.

This past wednesday we had the ward halloween party. Of course, we cant dress up. But we totally wanted to be sister missionaries! But oh well. But the halloween costumes were so cute. We had to cowleys in the ward, there are like 4 sets of cowleys. But one set dressed their boy up as bam bam and one other as pebbles. It was way cute. The cowleys are lots of fun. But the halloween party was fun. They had a pie eating contest. it was pudding pie with whip cream. ME vs elder hammond vs sarah ott (15) vs dakota dalton (18) Oh I smoked them. They were licking it. I told everyone you had to slurp it. I had it down in five seconds. Haha. It was fun. But the ward is so great. So awesome.

Ericksons- They are a couple from rapid city who is investigating the church and has had alot of good questions. But the missionaries stopped going over because they had anti material. So dumb! Thats when you need to go over. But they have been really awesome. We have just got in with them to start teaching them. They are very nice people. Lots and lots of potential. He is from rapid and she is from belle fouche.

Stacey Frye- Stacey frye is a member she has four kids. Erik, 9 austin, 6 emily, 4 and aaron, 2. Way cute kids. She is a member erik hasnt been baptized and her husband is not a member either. But they want to learn and want to get back into the church. I am very excited to continue the teaching with them. Lots of potential there too.

Justin and Michelle gatenbein, just makes me very sad to talk about them. Michelle if she doesnt quit smoking she is on the way to lung cancer the doctor has told them that. if that is not enough to get me to quit smoking thats crazy. Bro. Tefteller in the ward was talking to me last night at night sacrament and said yeah all these people who say yeah im on this to stop smoking and this and that. You dont need that crap. You have to put your mind to it to actually quit. Its all mental. I one hundred percent agree with him too. You can quit at anytime. You have to just QUIT. But we are not giving up on justin and michelle.

Zack- Wow, zack. Zack is such an awesome guy. He has been divorced twice. The last one just left him like 6 months ago. He has a nine year old daughter Cierra. Such an awesome guy. He is a little rough around the edges. But he is good. He actually went to embry riddle in prescott. He loves AZ. I told him to move back. He has a tobaccy problem and smoking and drinking. So he is going to be hard one. But so much potential there. So close to coming to church too.

Bro. Fred Farnsworth and his wife- Members of the church. Health problems make them less active. But we go and see them every sunday. Fred pitched in the major leagues!!!! HE played for the phillies. He tells me these stories meeting bob feller, whitey ford. Ted williams, all these people. I feel like the kid from sandlot. :) Man, can you say kid in a candy store. :) I love it. But we are always there to help them and just listen and know the ward still cares.

But the work is going so great here. Elder Hammond is such a stud. Wow, I am amazed with him. He is a great teacher. I am excited to hear how he is doing. I am so proud of my boy. :) He is doing great. Having hard time getting peoples names and all that.

Wow, the signs of the times tithing settlement alone. :) That is pretty crazy. Sounds like fun. :)

Oh man! CHICKEN GNOCHI! hOW DARE YOU CHEAT ON ME! (tEAR...) Hey speaking of food, can you maybe send some homeade salsa, elder rudd loves his salsa :) Also, maybe can you know that I love you all :) (aww moment)

Hey awesome idea!!! I was reading a talk by president ezra taft benson for tri zone and he was talking about this awesome idea.

Okay so you get a book of mormon and a family picture and write your families testimony in it and send it to missionaries and they give them out. Guess what! I am a missionary!! Wait let me check (checking.....) yup! I am! So, in retrospect of the thesis and hypothesis that I had just set up over the graph which in line with the linear and obtuse parallellagram. In turn means we should do it. Will you get families in the ward, you whoever. Dad maybe this can be part of the ward missionary program. Also, do you have a family mission plan? If not I will send you one. Have one! Do it! But I love the book of mormon idea. I want to share my families testimony with the people i teach. Who knows who can benefit. Let me know.

So, you guys are going to have some awesome pictures. ME and elder hammond were picture crazy. i wish I could of shot a video of him chasing about twenty antelope. :) it was priceless. He wants to catch one and keep it as a pet. Me and him make up our own music. We jam all the time. Oh yeah. I am a little bit hyper today.

Yesterday when we went over to the farnsworths they asked us how we were and we said "to know what we know and not be happy!!" I am so happy. I took Nick's obituary and put it in my white bible. Me and Elder Hammond decided to get stickers and write his name on it and stick it on the back of our name tags. He didnt get to complete his mission for the lord in oregon. But he is going to finish it in Rapid City South Dakota. :) I wrote them a letter and sent it. My bro has a letter coming too. :) I love my brother.

After zone conference I stay in gillette and start my exchange with elder wilkinson in fourth ward. Then next week I start my exchange to newcastle and their 8 bedroom house. :) haha. That should be fun.

I just want to let everyone know. To smile, enjoy life and simply "Be still and KNOW that I am god" know that heavenly father lives. He loves us. He wants us to be happy. Its called the plan of happiness for heavens sakes. We all have trials. We all do. But dont dwell, excell. Overcome those hurdles and be strong. The church is so true. The plan is perfect. The gospel is the most amazing thing in the world. We have the priesthood on the earth. The authority to act in gods name. He needs us all. Stand up today and recommit to serve him.

I enjoy the letters every one. They are wonderful. Do a marvelous work and a wonder, by sending me some letters. They will be marvelous! I love you all. Happy be lated halloween!!

Elder Michael Corey Rudd
District Leader, Wright District
Gillette Zone
Rapid City South Dakota Mission!
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
P.O. Box 701
Wright, Wy 82732 you know you want to :)

Picture Time....

The Ghosts The Tisdale's sent us.

Self explanatory....WOW!!!

The Walking pic. Yes I am wearing my cowboy hat....I am a Cowboy!!!

Jason Jensen's food he made. Collard greens, black eyed peas, corn bread, smoked roast. Oh Man! Oh Man! Oh man!

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