Monday, November 29, 2010


Buenos Noches,
Elder Rudd reporting from Gillette, Wyoming the weather is snowy as can be. We drove up last night and the roads were perfect. I drove behind a semi the entire way. Me and Elder Hammond jammed to christmas music the whole way. It was lots of fun. I love being an elder. The weather right now is about ten degrees outside. The low for today is 1 degree. Usually I see two zeros after that one. Not in Wyoming.
I have not heard any more about my driving priviliges. i dont think they will be taken away though. We will see. But elder hammond will definitly be chauncey and have to wear a top hat. I will sit in the back and eat some bon bons.
So guess what two weeks ago me and elder oborn made a "missionary cribs" of our place in wright. Funny huh? I love it. Its funny. OF course I am the one giving the tour. Okay so I plan on sending it to you guys but take it with a grain of salt our apartment is funny. Especially our monkey in the bathroom. I think I told you about that. Sarah Ott in the ward was making a stuffed animal for mutual and put the monkeys tail on backwards. So yeah.... its now hanging in our bathroom. I think you will enjoy it though and all my craziness. But We had alot of fun making it.
Okay mom you will never believe what I heard how to make. A cake.... But wait for it. Cooked in the microwave!!!!!!!!!!!! So elder hardwick our ZL baked this cake but! He mixed together the cake mix and milk and eggs and just plopped down a whole thing of frosting right in the middle and put it on for 8 minutes in the microwave!!!! Me and elder hammond made a red velvet cake with chocolate frosting. It was the most moist cake I had ever had. Man it was good. But I could not believe it. You just mix the cake mix with its ingredients, milk butter and that jazz then you just dump a thing of frosting in the middle and put it on heat for 8 minutes. Then let it cool off for atleast 10 to 15 minutes then use a cookie sheet and flip it over and the cake will be in the shape of whatever bowl you make it in. make sure its microwavable off course. But wow!!! Amazing. I am a huge fan! I reminded me alot of chocolate molten lava cake from chili's. You can put whatever cake mixture or frosting you want. I sliced some strawberries and threw them on top. We cut a slice and took it to sis. ott on her bday on saturday. She loved it! It was bomb! Try it. Its way good.
Everyone is addicted to my chocolate covered sun flower seeds. I love them. Way good. I can only eat them so often because as you know I am not too crazy about the chocolate. But thats okay. I like them.
I went package crazy this week. Got a big box from you guys and the lewis's and great letters. Thank you for your support. It really means alot to me. It makes the day go so much better. please continue to send letters. They mean everything.
But this week we got to help a part member family remodel build walls for rooms in their basement. Way cool. We built three walls. I hate screwing nails into the studs. I am horrible at it. It would always strip on me. I am like fine! Give me some duct tape and I will take care of it! Dont you worry. But we had alot of fun. Gaylin Porter was the family that we were helping the porters are awesome people. Brenda is a member from Riverton, Wy and Gaylin grew up in nebraska. But has had the elders come over but has never really read and prayed about much so we will change that. I really like the family. But they hold alot of grudges. Their son got hit by Taylor Nicholls if you remember ernie who went to costa rica. And the Porters are taking Ernie and Taylor to court. Taylor is 18 and completely did it on accident. But the porters dont think so. Oren the porter kid who got hit didnt have one thing wrong with him. They think he had a torn acl but doesnt. Didnt have to have surgery. They make him wear a brace even though the doctors dont want him to just incase he hurts it again and cant use it in court. It really makes me mad to see someone do that. I loved the nicholls so much and to see them make that choice killed me. I wish these people in write would forgive. "I the lord will forgive, whom I will forgive, but to you it is required that you forgive all men!" It is a concept that the members in wright, wyoming need to understand.
Jeff Fritz- A less active member that we have been on the hunt for. MUahahaha we found him. I swear we are the best PI's in the world. We have the best system. He was like how did you find me. I said well the lord put us here on this door step because of that reason. We invited him in and had a great lesson with him, we hope for him to come back to church but we will see how he and his family are doing.
Cody Charon- Cody is a felon. She is our dear friend Randy Charon's daughter. She got out of jail about two years ago. Not sure what she did. But she has accepted to take the missionary lessons and we have a lesson with her next week. I am very excited about cody.
Guess what next monday is........ MARTINS COVE TRIP!!!!!! I am so excited. I cant wait. YEs!!!! So much fun. All the Rapid, Gillette and Casper zones will be heading their. Elder Dahl got transferred to Rapid City so I will get to see my skinny mtc comp. I hope he has gained some weight. I love it. Cant wait.
Do you remember Dani Litaba that I told you we were teaching and is matt ott's friend and we got a crazy call on tuesday night about 11:30 pm. Dani ran away. On monday night at 9:30 we were sitting right by her at the drama play. But she took off in the middle of the night on monday night. Crazy.. She is now in custody of the police in CHICAGO!!!!! She traveled all the way through S.D. and through minnesotta then down through wisconsin down to illinois and got in a fender bender in south chicago (yikes) so the cops ran her name and BAM! She was put in a juvenille delinquite center in south chicago. i can only imagine the kids that were in their. No one knows exactly why she went but she is safe now. On her way back from chicago with her parents. Crazy Crazy Crazy!
Turkey Day! On turkey day we went with Gene and Nancy Hanson. They took us to Gillette to eat dinner with their family. So good. i love sweet potatoe cassorole. Oh man!! So good. We had turkey, ham, gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoe cassorole. green bean cassorole, homeade rolls, about 15 desserts and so much fun. They rolled me and elder hammond out of there. The next night me and elder hammond came over to Lance Mowers house and ate with Jason and Angie jensen and lance's sister jennifer and her daughter chelsea. YEah that chelsea girl is crazy a little too flirty. Yikes. Since we do laundry at lances house chelsea is always there so we can only do it when lance is home now. They just moved in. We are not very happy. :(
We have eaten so much food. Me and Elder Hammond are sooooooo full. Its crazy. Oh yeah. Gene an Nancy bought us a blender too. They are so nice.
So we started gospel principles yesterday. It was awesome I loved it. I taught the lesson starting right from the beginning. I love teaching the gospel. it is my greatest joy in the world.
Josie-- Josie is Kalli Daltons friend who is interested in the church but doesnt know how to tell her mom because her mom doesnt want to have her listen but the lord will prepare a way. yesterday me and elder hammond fasted for her. I am excited for this next month of december.
Today I start my exchange with Gillette Fourth ward and Elder Richardson. In two weeks I start my exchange with Elder Boehme in Newcastle.Cant flip this time dont worry. Neither areas have a car so we will be doing alot of walking.
I have been recruited by the ward to host a Married Couples game night! It will be fun. I get to be my DJ again. Also, there are five churches in wright, LDS Church, Episcopal Church, Catholic, Baptist and Pentecostal. We are hosting a huge well "wright huge" christmas concert where all the congregations are invited to the building and I have been asked to host the event. it will be a great missionary opportunity. We are really excited to get people into the church and show them what it is.
I can not believe you guys went and did that black friday stuff. Holy Moly. Its insane, we had people in the ward leave to capser and left two days early just to get in line. Its crazy!!! Last year a guy was trampled to death. But I am glad you guys all had fun though. You crazy people.
Guess what I am definitly turning into Dad. I am not saying thats a bad thing dad I love you! But, I was telling someone the other day this happened and it happened two months ago!!! OH NO! I have grown to 5'11" though for sure! I cant wait to break 6' Ryan my friend you better watch out my friend.
It sounds like you guys had a great time at thanksgiving. Yes its true Derek couldnt of done a better job than elder rudd. Its impossible. Just saying. But I am glad you guys had a good time on thanksgiving. I am so thankful for so many things in my life.
Mom I am so proud of you and the missionary work you do. You are doing such a wonderful job. Keep it up. Dont ever give up!! I love you so very much!!
Dad, I am becoming like you and I would have it no other way. I love it. Thank you for all you insights and love and the long letters. I know that your father in heaven is very pleased with you and the way you have raised our family.
Whit and Chels- Thank you for having an email every monday for me I really appreciate all you do. Remember to not give into temptation. Raise your families in the gospel no other choice. Keep it up and let kirk and mark know how much I miss them and let them know how much I admire them. Whitney please give cayden and riley a big hug and kiss for me. I love them so much, Tell them I miss them and love them.
The kingdom of god or nothing. Sometimes it might be easier to not but please instill in their minds the gospel. We have been blessed with parents that have done that for us. We have been entrusted with the care of these little ones and families. Raise a generation. The lord needs them. They are here on earth for a reason. I can promise you something, the world will get even worse. But I can promise you something even better, the church will continue to get even stronger, will we be on board? Think aboout that for a while
Ryan and Shannon- I am so proud of you two and your efforts to raise your family to go to school to do all your work. Its alot of work I know but you are doing such a great job. Thank you for all you do for me. Tell raegan I love her.
Staci & Reed and girls- I really appreciated the books of mormon you sent me. I loved your testimonies and want to let you know how much i love you.
I want all my siblings to know how much i love them. Staci, April, Becky, Christian, Cami, Whitney and Chelsey and that guy named Ryan. I am so thankful for all of you and growing up with all of you and all of the great memories. For thanksgiving that is what I am most thankful for. My family my parents who taught me what I needed to, so that I could be out here in the S.D.R.C.M. to teach and preach and serve. I am thankful for my dad and brother and sister christian for their desire to serve a mission and to be the example to me to go.
One last thing I am thankful for is my lord and savior jesus christ. I would not be able to have an eternal family without him. I love you all so much.
Remember to never give up. Life gets sad and down. But the lord is always there. DO NOT GIVE UP OR GIVE IN.
I love you all soooo much.
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
DL, Wright District
Gillette ZOne

The concentration!!!

Walking through the snow in the wind.

Bridge call with the AP's. Kickin in my chair.

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