Monday, December 6, 2010

Black Dots and Blessings

Hey there,

Elder Rudd here.

What a crazy week. I went on my exchange to gillette and we walked about 12 miles a day. I loved it. I love walking areas. They are alot of fun. Oh yeah news to start off with. Elder Rich our vehicle cordinator called me this week. I have received the glorious "Black Dot" I am no longer allowed to drive a church vehicle. Unless they take it away. I know dumb but oh well atleast I went out in style. If I was going to get black dotted. I am going to get black dotted dangit! So, yes Elder Hammond is excited to drive. He says well I know how to drive in the snow. So his name is chauncey. Honestly I LOVE not driving. He is starting to understand why I didnt like it. We have to drive for three hours today. But, Elder Rudd here is just the navigator and passanger. Oh man I am excited. But the black dot can be taken away but we will see. I am fine. But its all good in the wright.

Bishop Bertanogle that man and his family have soooooo much on their plate. He just had another brother pass away and the day he passed he came out with us on splits and fed us dinner. I swear that man needs to slow down. But I love that man and am so thankful for him.

Yesterday I got up to bear my testimony and looked out into the congregation and saw all my ward family looking back at me. I broke down. I told them you would think being away from home at christmas would be a bummer huh? I love it here so much. It looks like I will be transferred at the end of the month from what I hear from president. But I hope that I stay as long as the lord lets me. I love wright, wyoming and all the people here. Something I Have been trying to teach elder hammond more than anything is what my parents both taught me. Love, My mom shows more love than anyone I know. and I know she has taught me that. Service, Something my dad is a professional at. I know dad I was always the kid. Come on dad I want to sleep. I dont want to help them move. ( my whole family is nodding their heads right now ) But that is something the lord has taught me so much.

Cody Charon- We had a lesson with her. She is randy charons daughter. She is a felon she was in jail for drugs and dealing. But she wants to find a church so I said hello my name is elder rudd. We taught her the restoration. It was alot to take in for her but it seems like she understood so it went well. I was happy for that. We have a lesson with her on friday at 3. It will be great. I gave her chelseys book of mormon. Thank you chels.

Tommy Mills- My man tommy. Mr. Redneck. Way cool guy. It is so hard to get him to understand what we believe. He is always fighting with us about pentecostalism. Man, I have had to do some re search but alot of what we believe is very similiar so it has been pretty good. But if their is something he doesnt agree with he is after us. But I gave him marks book of mormon. Mark I really appreciated your testimony it was awesome. I pray to which book of mormon I should give someone. I always tell them. This is very important to me, you are very important to me so I place it and it has helped so much for them to read those words of my family and not to take either of our words for it.

Gatenbeins- I am almost going to cry when I am typing this. The gatenbeins snubbed us for the 5th time in a row. We had to take them off of our focus board because of their behavior. It was really really sad. But, They just dont want to change. So, we arent going to make them........We had so much hope so much faith in them but, it hasnt come to fruition. Very hard but the lord will prepare a way....

Zack- The zack attack. He is so awesome. He promised us to be at church on sunday so we are hoping he will be their. I love that guy. I know how much the gospel can bless his life. I want him to understand that.

Fryes- Canceled on us again.

Josie- We finally met josie last night. We were over at the daltons for tanners bday. Josie (Kalli Daltons Friend) She wants to be a member but her mom wants her to go to a christian church. But we plan on going over there and sharing the gospel with them hopefully her mom lets us in.

My knee is ok. I am not going to talk about it anymore. its just fine. I'll just deal with it.

Wow mom sounds like you are way way way busy. I cant imagine how much work you are putting into the work. I am so poud of all you do. Keep up the good work

We are emailing right now and then in about twenty minutes we have to drive up to gillette and then pick up the sheridan 2nd elders and then drive back thru wright on our way to casper. So yeah, it will be fun. I am very excited to go to martins cove. Tuesday is when I start my exchange with Newcastle. They have moved intoa members house so they are no longer in their mansion. So that will be good. I come back friday morning and then friday night is the ward christmas party. It will be fun

The high light of my week has to be at night sacrament last night. Sis. Nancy Ohara. The oharas have been here for 15 years in wright for ten of those years they havent been coming to church. Nancy got in a car accident about three weeks ago that almost took her life. We have been working with them the whole time I have been here. But, I was sitting there at the sacrament table ready to bless the bread and here come nancy and dan ohara with her cane walking up to the stand and sitting down. I broke down in tears. As we were bearing our testimonies. She got up and beared her testimony saying how thankful she was to her heavenly father for saving her life. But, she said I am ahsamed of myself in not following him and being an "idiot" and not coming to church for so long. We will be better. It brought me to tears.

On PEC on thursday we brought down the hammer and are trying to get people at church We had a list of 15 people. 7 of them were at church. I was very emotional all day long. The lord is blessing my life.

I love this work and I love being a missionary. Thank you for your prayers. i love you all.

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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